For Pang Xia, the food and drinks made by others are worse after all.

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In his opinion, it is worse to make food and drinks by yourself and be able to import them from others.
The old Lama looked at Pang Xia with his eyes open and said, "The donor’s blood gas is thick and he must have killed many people."
The benefactor knows that it is better to convert to my Buddha and share the bliss if you put a butcher knife and become a Buddha and fight in the world of mortals. "
After listening to the old Lama, Pang Xia directly turned his head and asked, "Do I need to obey the precepts when I mix with you?"
When the old Lama heard Pang Xia’s words, he nodded and said, "Discipline is to regulate us …"
"Master, you need to tell me if I need to keep the commandments?"
Pang Xia carefully looked at the old Lama and asked, and took a glass of wine.
Looking at Pang Xia, the old Lama took a smoke in the corner of his eye and nodded his head severely.
Seeing this, Pang Xia immediately turned his eyes and said, "In this case, we can’t talk."
With a sigh, the old Lama shook his head and continued to recite the scriptures silently with his eyes closed.
Pang Xia, who saw that the old Lama no longer allowed himself to be classified as a Buddhist, was also happy to continue drinking and eating side dishes quietly.
It’s getting calmer every day. In five-star restaurants, there is no change except an old Lama chanting in the lobby.
Five days after Pang Xia’s return, a group of ceremonial teams slowly came to the front of a five-star restaurant.
Then a tall, thin, pale and bearded old man walked into a five-star restaurant with an eagle’s eye.
Pangxia naturally saw the old man at the first sight, but before Pangxia could say anything, Grandfather Sun suddenly rushed out.
See father-in-law Sun quickly came to the front of the old man and bowed with fuels before he slowly spoke.
"Officer Sun Zhan has seen Lord Zhou. I don’t know that Lord Zhou didn’t wait on the emperor for this so-called thing?"
This week, my Lord is undoubtedly an eunuch, and he is the head of the eunuch who is close to the emperor.
But the top overlord in the eunuch is still a eunuch, but after all, he is a person of status.
But Sun Zhan followed too Zhao Hong. If there is no accident, then the first eunuch will be him in the future.
And there is no custom of near-minister martyrdom in DaSong. In the future, adult Zhou suspected that it would depend on Sun Zhan’s face.
Therefore, although Zhou’s adult status is higher than Sun Zhansun’s father-in-law, there is no fight at all.
Seeing that he smiled and gave a gift, he said, "I’m here this time to pick up Grandfather Tai Sun."
Want to know a month later is the birthday of the empress, too according to the rules is to go back to offer birthday felicitations. "
Hearing Duke Zhou’s words, Grandfather Sun’s face changed a little.
Not far from Sun’s father-in-law, Zhao Hongze looked very bad and said, "Duke of Zhou and I are not well yet."
This time, my father-in-law Sun will be demolished to give me a big gift, so there is no need for me to go back. "
Zhao Hong’s words made the Duke of Zhou’s face slightly change, and then he said again, "Let me tell Tai."
I didn’t give the queen a birthday last year. I must go back this time.
If it’s not bedridden, then the slave must take it back. "
When Zhao Hong, the Duke of Zhou, heard this, he would be furious when his face turned red.
At this time, however, Pang Xia suddenly touched Zhao Hong’s head and patted it.
When I saw Pang Xia touching Zhao Hong’s head, Duke Zhou jumped out of his eyes.
When he saw Pang Xia patting Zhao Hong’s head again, Duke Zhou almost exclaimed.
But after all, he is the old man around the emperor, and his ability to sense motive is very strong.
When he saw that he was touched by Pang Xia and then patted his head, Zhao Hong immediately quieted down.
Duke Zhou’s face suddenly changed from anger to a flattering smile.
Looking at the Duke of Zhou’s face-changing technology, Pang Xia was deeply impressed.
A master who is less than Grandfather Sun has no moral integrity, which directly refreshes Pang Xia’s three views.
You know, Grandfather Sun’s grandmaster is a royal slave, but he also has a grandmaster demeanor.
But this duke of Zhou, who also exudes a master’s breath and is stronger than Sun’s father-in-law, is a moral integrity.
To the duke of Zhou smiled PangXia directly mouth asked "I don’t know the duke of Zhou can tell in?
I, the master of Honger’s countryside, can be qualified to enter the palace with Honger?
After all, I am also treating Honger. Honger’s injury has not healed, so I naturally want to follow him. "
Hearing Pang Xia’s words, the Duke of Zhou said when his eyes were dim, "Of course, the good emperor also ordered me to take the cabinet into the palace."
Since it is the best of both worlds for the pavilion to follow too naturally, the official would also like to thank the pavilion for its profound sense of honor. "
Zhao Honglai Pang Xia spoke to keep himself, but he didn’t expect to accompany him back to the palace.
So Zhao Hong immediately wanted to say something to make Pang Xia change her mind.
But suddenly I saw Pang Xia’s slightly harsh eyes on the side as if he were pouting in anger.
Pang Xia smiled at this nai as if he had seen a grumpy child.
And father-in-law sun has long been accustomed to this scene and has no feeling.
But this is definitely different in the duke of Zhou’s view. No matter what you say, this is no ordinary person.
When the Duke of Zhou decided to do well with Pang Xia.
After all, today’s emperor is quite old and wants to live a family life and enjoy his family.
To say something disrespectful is too far away from the throne, in fact, it is not far away.
And if you can and PangXia this influence too people do a good job.
Duke of Zhou felt that he might not be unable to get a good job after the death of today’s emperor
For a eunuch obsessed with profit, this temptation is resisted by the duke of Zhou’s public law! ‘
Chapter 564 Secret meeting
Walk into the stone hall and pass through the narrow corridor
Taiya and Shen Yu stopped at the gate at the end of the corridor and met with other players on both sides.
And the ever-changing demon Ji pushed the door directly into the magnificent conference room.
Sitting in her own seat, the ever-changing enchantress didn’t say much about reposing.
At this time, eleven people have already sat in this conference room.
But there are thirteen benches ready, and obviously there are still two people who haven’t come to the meeting room yet.
The ever-changing demon Ji didn’t want to say much, but the drunken fat crane suddenly spoke to him.
"Hey, Ditto, I heard that you met a fat shrimp. How about telling me about him?"
Drunk and fat crane body three deputy heads-its position is one of the best in the first school of heaven.
Although people are usually very low-key and laughing and cursing are not conformal, their strength can’t even be seen by the head.