The space in front of Qin Chu collapsed instantly, emitting a strong suction. The transparent sound tide that hit immediately fell into the collapsed space, and through the void, it appeared in front of the dragon god Gaster.

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"How did you do that?" Gaster was really startled. Space turns back. It’s the secret of the dragon. Even those powerful space law gods can’t cast it out, but now it’s been cast out by Qin Chu. How not to surprise him?
"I will do more." Qin Chu sneered. He has now absorbed more than half of Hu Defu’s space laws. These space laws have been passed down from generation to generation. Compared with the laws controlled by the space law gods, Qin Chu absorbed the half of the space laws, and the field of space has reached an extremely high level.
Even Hu Defu, the dragon of space, has inherited so many laws of space, but because some laws of space need enough space to support them, Hu Defu can’t use some extremely powerful moves, but Qin Chu has a huge amount of space, which is almost inexhaustible, so he can also use many powerful tricks handed down by the dragon of space.
"Having absorbed so many laws of space, our understanding of space has reached an unimaginable level. Originally, because of the space pressure of the celestial world, my contact with the longevity circle is also weak, but now I actually feel that I can use the power of the longevity circle as before. "Qin Chu found that he could mobilize the power of the longevity circle again, and his heart was overjoyed.
"The previous understanding of space was really too shallow." Qin Chu will now get the laws of space with his previous method of using the power of space slightly contrast, immediately feel ashamed. Take the simplest example. Before Qin Chu used the force of space to launch teleport, the force of space needed to be consumed was ten, but after understanding these laws of space, Qin Chu only needed one force of space.
Efficiency has been greatly improved.
"I just don’t know, can I enter the eternal life from the celestial world? If I can find a solution from the space law inherited by the space dragon, I can enter the eternal world from the celestial world … Then I can also return to the original world and take over all my mother and Ai Lijie. "Qin Chu couldn’t help heating up at the thought of this." After solving this matter, I will hurry up and find a solution. "
As Qin Chu thought DianZhuan, the opposite dragon god Gaster has dissolved all the dragon growls, and at the same time played more powerful moves.
"Angry dragon three hits the dragon to heaven."
Lei Yin’s roar, endless, Gaster side bursts with countless milky strength, the milky strength winds up, and countless milky dragons emerge from the strength at the same time, pouncing on Qin Chu’s side.
Those ivory dragons, each lifelike, with a strong breath, bared his teeth, Rowen integrity, and these ivory dragons in the process of progress, actually merged, eight condensed into four, four condensed into two, two merged into one …
This process happened in an instant. Almost those milky white dragons came from the space channel to the natural god system, and the powerful breath they gave off has made the man of God who can’t achieve the level of true god instantly stunned. Even those masters of the true god level, if not the soul is particularly strong, face the overwhelming venting of the same breath, and feel that the strength in their bodies is firmly suppressed, and they can’t afford to fight back at all.
Rosette and others saw the blow, and their faces changed: "Gaster was really angry. The dragon ascended to heaven only in legend. I didn’t expect Gaster to use such a powerful move in order to deal with Qin Chu, thus Qin Chu would be seriously injured even if he didn’t die. What should I do? Is this the only way to watch? But we have no ability to save him. "
"God’s Lord, Dragon Ascension is the top three martial arts of the dragon. Once it is formed, it will be endless, and you can’t fight hard at all. Hurry up and avoid it." Rhine Haas below saw this scene and immediately opened his eyes and loudly reminded Qin Chu.
"Lord God?" When the Dragon King heard the sound of Rheinhas, he frowned and followed the sound. When he saw the familiar figure of Rheinhas in the crowd below, Gaster, the Dragon King, was first one leng, and immediately burst out laughing. "Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect to open the Diablo King and be a servant to a nobody. It’s really interesting."
"King of Diablo?" Rosette’s heart thumped, and it suddenly occurred to her why Rheinhas gave him a familiar feeling.
This humble middle-aged man is actually the King of Diablo, but why is his strength only cultivated by the man of God? Did he also fall?
Rosette thought lightning in her heart and secretly looked at Rhine Haas next to her, but Rhine Haas’ expression was not annoyed, but worried.
"What is this Qin Chu’s skill, which can actually make the dark god king open and be dead set on him?" Rosette can’t help wondering, how did Qin Chu do it, that he could make the Diablo king not be ashamed of his identity, but think of Qin Chu wholeheartedly and worry about Qin Chu.
Rosette naturally doesn’t know. Qin Chu’s way to recover the servant of God is different from the ordinary method, but by collecting the fairy pet and forcibly collecting it. The servant of God obtained in this way is absolutely loyal to his master, and he won’t have any disobedience at all, and he will always think of his master wholeheartedly.
Qin Chu heard Reinhardt’s words, but he didn’t listen to this advice.
"Such a powerful and mysterious attack, the space turns back, has no effect on it at all." Qin Chu’s eyebrows are locked, and the roaring ivory dragon across the street has reached the front. "The space law in the space dragon body has been pulled away at the critical time. It only takes a moment, and I can take out all the space laws in this guy’s body. Now I can’t empty my body at all. What should I do to pick up this recruit?"
Qin Chu’s mind all kinds of thoughts turn like lightning. At the same time, the laws of space in Hu Defu’s body are being pulled out by Qin Chu and rapidly. Suddenly, from the laws of space just learned, a message appears, which makes Qin Chu feel shocked.
"the magic of space magic"
Qin Chu quickly finished browsing the space magic handed down from the ancient space dragon, and his mind was suddenly shocked: "With this thing, you may be able to break this big move of the dragon king Gaster."
"Gaster, let you meet how I broke this recruit of yours." Qin Chu sneered, and his mind moved. The surrounding space controlled by Yuan God suddenly surged, and countless mysterious characters appeared in it, and there were countless voices of Long Yin coming from that space.
A rich and broad breath, transmitted from the surging space, is no less than the dragon ascended to heaven by Nagast. Moreover, between the broad breath, there is a mysterious breath.
"What’s that?" The following Rosette and others feel the mysterious breath transmitted between the void, only feel their own souls, as if they were attracted, and can’t help but feel very curious.
Hu Defu, who was caught by Qin Chu, felt the mysterious breath coming from around him and immediately screamed in horror: "How is it possible? How can you be wonderful? How can you display this powerful magic? Even if I am a dragon in space, it is impossible to display you … who are you?"
The uncanny workmanship of space magic is a powerful space occult technique founded by the Dragon God Department in ancient space. To display this magic technique, you need strong space control. The key point is that you also need vigorous space support, otherwise it is impossible to display it.
A huge transparent axe appeared in front of Qin Chu. Although the axe was transparent in color, it gave off a sharp breath, but it gave people a sense of terror. Crucially, on the blade of the transparent axe, there is a mysterious and mysterious breath coming constantly, and the whole axe gives people a broad and heavy feeling, as if the axe could split the world instantly when it was chopped down.
"The uncanny workmanship is great?" The following Rosette couldn’t help but be surprised.
"The legendary dragon god is the first space magic?" Rheinhaas was deeply moved. "Legend has it that the uncanny workmanship can instantly destroy everything that stands in front of him, and I don’t know if it is true or not."
"We’ll find out soon. Look, the axe has been chopped out," Rosette said.
Qin Chu in front, the huge transparent axe, thunderous, suddenly chopped down. Aggressive, give a person a kind of indomitable feeling, the oncoming countless powerful ivory dragon, seems to be locked by this huge axe in an instant.
Transparent huge axe, into the countless ivory dragon, and then issued a depressing sound, they only feel the sky shaking.
The milky dragon was chopped by the axe with a jerk, turned into milky strength, and danced in the air. The huge transparent axe has been chopping forward crazily, and wherever it goes, those powerful ivory dragons are all smashed into strength.
"Bad" Just then, Qin Chu suddenly found a change that he didn’t expect. After the split ivory dragon turned into strength, it didn’t dissipate, but merged together. Then countless ivory dragons flew out from the strength again, and continued to merge rapidly in mid-air.
"Ha ha, you don’t know, the uncanny workmanship is powerful, but it is not invincible in the dragon clan. In the dragon clan, the only move it can’t break is this" Dragon Ascension ".Gaster squints and sneers.
While speaking, the countless ivory dragons, but not as before, have been at Qin Chu. After the original dragon ascended to heaven and was split by the uncanny workmanship, the originally orderly ivory dragon instantly became a runaway wild horse, and immediately spread out after leaving the space channel.