Ten swordsmen heard that they were obedient and bowed to the gods, so they scattered and ran towards the temples.

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Looking at this scene, killing God finally heaved a sigh of relief and secretly relieved to walk back to the temple of killing God.
Looking at the "friendship double" plaque, his eyebrows are locked again.
Shen Jianing held Yu Xiaofei up and said with a light expression, "President, no matter what, I will take Yu Xiaofei to the regiment as soon as possible. We’ll leave now."
Killing God looked askance at Shen Jianing’s enchanting face with a hint of incomprehension.
It took a long time to say, "Look at what you just did. Do you know the heart?"
Shen Jianing acquiesced to nod.
Killing God means hurriedly saying, "If so, I hope you can introduce me."
"oh? Shouldn’t you ask the water mark first? "Shen Jianing asked in surprise.
Killing god is a face of essence and says, "Now is not the time. Sometimes spies can be turned against profits, right?"
Shen Jianing smell speech if you think nodded and smiled very readily and said, "When are you going to meet?"
"Right now, the sooner the better," said the god-killing eagerly.
Shen Jianing hesitated and said, "I don’t know where my heart lives."
"You can rest assured that I have already sent someone to find out."
As he spoke, he and Shen Jianing will help Yu Xiaofei out of the wolf cave together.
When I came to Shuijia Village, I found the building where my heart was easily.
At the moment, there is no sword in my heart, but I heard a knock at the door, and his tone was colder than a sword.
"Who is it!"
The cold tone shocked the doorman.
Killing God remained silent. Shen Jianing coughed, "It’s Shen Jianing."
Hearing this name, my heart immediately returned to nature and slowly got up and opened the door for Shen Jianing.
Seeing two other men outside the door, my heart was cold again.
"These two dresses seem to be Shen Jianing, a member of the Wolf clan guild. How did you get mixed up with them?"
Shen Jianing smell speech warm a smile "I what with them don’t you know?"
With that, Shen Jianing will help Yu Xiaofei into the living room with God-killing.
Not waiting to command Shen Jianing and Yu Xiaofei to take a seat.
The heart returned to its original position and sat quietly and said, "Is it because of your biological father that you are determined to be on the side of the Wolf clan guild?"
Shen Jianing ha ha a smile "shouldn’t I make such a choice?"
Heart smell speech stopped talking and looked at one side, still staring at God-killing eyes, sweeping God-killing left hand, thumb, Qinglong Banzhi lightly and said, "You came to see me specially, but what important things need my help?"
God-killing smell speech respectfully gave a gift to his heart and laughed heartily. "Maple Lord is really a frank person. To be honest, if we can get help from Maple Lord, everything will be much easier."
Heart smell speech face without the slightest hesitation readily stood up and said, "I just came to help you Wolf clan guild didn’t expect you to come to me for so long. Just say what you need."
"The original is to help our Wolf clan guild?"
Killing god smell speech a face of shock color more confused way "I don’t know is a kind of reason open maple city duke was willing to help my little Wolf clan guild?"
There is still no expression in my heart. Looking at the eyes of killing God, it is also a light color. The tone is flat and said, "I am also entrusted by Liang Ping. You don’t need to have too many doubts. If you need anything, just ask."
God-killing smell speech is also very generous and said, "The situation is complicated. The short-term Wolf clan guild won’t have much action. If the duke is willing to live in the main city of my Wolf Cave, it will be certain."
"You’re welcome, President. I’m used to living here. If there’s nothing else, you can leave now." Xin interrupted the myth of killing and didn’t intend to continue to communicate with killing God
Killing God is a face of gratitude and embarrassment.
Look left and right at the heart and then at Shen Jianing.
Shen Jianing suddenly warmed up and laughed. "Well, since we are all one of our own, let’s go our separate ways and get together when necessary."
Said is to hold the small from.
Killing God is no longer wordy and grateful, but also follows Shen Jianing’s footsteps after giving a gift to his heart.
It’s too early, but the sun is so poisonous that people’s skin bites and hurts.
Just out of the door, my heart suddenly said, "Do you want to get through this key robbery or Liang Ping?"
When I heard the name Liang Ping, I turned around and asked eagerly, "The duke was invited by Liang Ping, and I think the duke must know that Liang Ping fell."
Heart smell speech is shook his head, "Liang Ping whereabouts I don’t know, but I believe you must have the ability to find him"
God-killing smell speech just some excitement suddenly disappeared, but he was also grateful and said, "Thank you, Lord, for pointing out this matter. I still need to go back to the Wolf clan guild to discuss it before I can decide."
Heart smell speech no longer speak.
Killing God and Shen Jianing carefully helped Yu Xiaofei out of Shuijia Village and suddenly saw a white virtual shadow in the Wolf Cave.
Shen Jianing was surprised.