Obviously, the answer makes many people pale.

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They’ll be blown to pieces!
Such a contemporary is absolutely qualified to win the list of heavenly roads. It’s too detached!
Boom! Man’s war has been killed in the depths from the demon army, crushed and dried up in the mountains, torn away in the open sea, and directly fought out from the demon area and came to the Eldar army!
This is a terrible picture. Seven killing stars kill one person, from the light clan to the demon clan and from the demon clan to the Eldar clan. Is it necessary to kill them all over again?
Some people can’t help but gasp. It’s a feat, just like a myth.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
In the big kill, Li Yuli attacked the hag. He punched one after another like a flash, moving too fast, hitting the hag’s arms, and the other party crustily skin of head to stop it, otherwise his body would be punctured!
As a result, this hundred punches caused his arm to twist and then burst into pieces.
At the same time, Li Yu triggered the secret blow of all words, cracked the sea of clouds and cracked his body directly.
He didn’t stop the attack from vanishing after all, and his head was grabbed by Li Yu.
Seven masters hunted and lost one person? !
The wild birds and the strong people of all ethnic groups are stunned, which is too scary
Fang Ling clan, those weapons of war, army, shock, have a spurge, a war spear, a bloody Excalibur, and a suspended furnace, all of which have been killed forward.
The masters of the six clans all raised their hands or held weapons or tied the law, and some people pierced Tianyu with black iron spears, shattering the heavens and the earth to nail Li Yu.
The sky were to fall. It rained cats and dogs in this place of amityville horror. It was crimson because it was blood and it cried.
"Is this heavenly recognition or crying? In any case, this is a feat! "
Some people are watching the war, and it is difficult for all living things to speak, and some others can whisper.
This war was so shocking that it was destined to go down in history, which was the glory of Terran and the shame of Yu Qi.
Boom! War even tianyi man shook the top six Li Yu, but he just stepped backwards out of the baizhang distance, and his body waved and crushed an ancient peak, which was still strong, and he rushed over with a loud roar.
The masters of all ethnic groups growled and started to fight. They were very afraid. It was really like a monster.
They fought out the Eldar army and came to the blood clan army array. In the war, people were constantly falling, and six people were constantly decreasing. They were almost transferred by Li Yu’s blow, and someone fell once in the battlefield.
When he was killed in the last Shura clan army, Li Yu was also scarred. Several creatures besieged and killed the last master and took his head off.
As he is also deeply trapped in the Shura clan, it is difficult to break free.
"Who can stop me!"
Li Yu, who has seven heads in his hand, is particularly fierce, and his black hair has been dyed red and killed alive in the hundreds of aliens of the seven armies.
At this time, he breathed out these four words again, which meant very different things, making all the foreigners silent.
And around more and more war troops gathered around the leaders of all ethnic groups and slowly got up and forced to come over to make moves!
Last man!
By this time, many people are sighing that it is not easy for Li Yu to get to this point. I am afraid it is difficult to persist, and maybe I really want to fall here.
At this moment, the world was silent, and many people looked at him silently, not underestimating, not sneering, but shocking.
Because he is alone against hundreds of troops!
The sight made everyone’s scalp numb.
"It’s done!"
The hundred people stationed in the rear mixed city shouted that the inscription of Li Yu entrusted to the law was completely connected to the city and mobilized some of the power!
"Good how can let people fight alone with me! Welcome back from seven kills! "
Ji Ling suddenly started the array pattern and instantly mixed with the sky. Thirty percent of the strength of generate Wanhong Glow was successfully mobilized, and the external source gods were linked into a whole.
Every one of the hundred-tribe cavalry was rushed out of the city gate led by Ji Ling, who was blessed by the force of the city and the pattern of the sky array.
"What? ! Are they crazy? The hundred people really rushed out? "
"Idiots are really a group of idiots. The battlefield is not a place to talk about friendship. Can they really save the seven killing stars?"
In the distance, people’s hearts trembled and there was a terrible surge. I never thought that the Terran would be so United. After the arrangement was completed, I didn’t want to rush to help directly.
That’s a hundred thousand people! How dare hundreds of cavalry charge?
They can’t figure it out and don’t want to believe that Terrans can do this?
"Keep my rivers and mountains! Kill! "
"Protect my frontier! Kill! "
"Protect my people! Kill! "
Hundreds of cavalry roared and the sound of war rushed to the sky, and the drum Ji Ling led the charge to kill it and inserted it into the alien army like a sharp knife.
How dare they?
How dare they!
The ethnic groups panicked. They were really afraid of the law. There were hundreds of people who were so fierce that they were not afraid of death and rushed to attract Hui people.
What sustains them?
"Li Wei!"
Ji Ling roared in the direction of the Shura clan and led away. At this time, the power of the mixed city was mobilized, and the entire large array was multiplied to divide the army into layers.
"My people!"
Looking back, Li Yu saw the hundred cavalry charging toward the hundred thousand troops!
He felt the strength from the blessing of thirty percent of the mixed city, and suddenly broke free from the shackles of thousands of people and went to kill the Shura clan army.
"Crazy! Terrans are crazy! Since you want to die, you will kill every one of them! "
The leader of the seven clans roared, but there was a trace of fear in his anger, and he was afraid.
Because they are afraid that they will finally become white terrans, they will fight and become powerful.
These are what they don’t have and what they fear!
The shura warriors are frightened and unable to retreat. They dare not stop the Terran Seven Killers. It seems that they are crazy, and their fighting power has doubled and they have been blessed. They have directly torn the war and left thousands of bones.
One husband is ten thousand husbands!