I looked around the intersection and found this … "

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Chapter 15 Palm Aquamarine ()
"I looked around the intersection and found this …"
The white old man took out a trumpet with a big horn pinned to his waist. Everyone saw that it was Ma Chao who was carrying it at that time.
"One side of the fork road leads to Qiutong School and the other side leads to Hutou Mountain. This hand goes to the grass beside Hutou Mountain. I wonder if your comrade has visited Hutou Mountain?"
Long Xiaofei frowned. "Well, it’s very likely that Ma Chao saw or heard something at that time. He temporarily decided that Ma Chao, a tiger’s head mountain, is bound to go. But there’s one thing I still want to ask that Bai Youxia said you broke the clan rules. I wonder if you can explain it clearly."
"hey!" Bai Youchun sighed and said, "We have such a frustrating rule in Qingyin that we can’t offend the mountain red moths. Although people are caught by those monsters every year as dry food, we just can’t resist and can’t talk about these things, let alone tell outsiders about the red moths. When I was young, I was a rebellious strongman. I secretly caught the red moths and crossed the mountains in the middle of the night to sell them outside."
"Sell the monster? It must have earned a lot of money. It’s a rare thing outside this monster. "Liu Qiang said with a sharp tongue.
"Where money is nothing to Qing Yin people’s roots, our transactions here are all physical exchange roots, and there is no concept of money. I am a red moths in exchange for something," the old man said flatly.
"What is it?" Li Ying scrambled to ask, after sleeping for so long, he was particularly energetic at this time.
"This is it …" The old man took out a silk scarf from his arms. Although the beautiful value of this silk scarf is certainly not comparable to that of the red moths, it has been nearly forty years since Bai Youchun was a young man with a passion but no wet experience. Only he could change the silk scarf.
"I used to like a girl who was the most beautiful girl in Qingyin County. I really wanted to send her such a silk scarf, but I thought that the precious fabric in Qingyin County matched this girl, so I caught the red moths and took them outside. Of course, all this was done secretly, but it attracted some outsiders’ attention. Since then, people have been visiting us in Qingyin County. Although most of them have been trapped outside the mountains, some people will still come to Qingyin County through hardships. They all come to Honge.
At first, no one knew that foreigners were attracted by me, and I didn’t dare to say anything. I liked that girl’s family and never agreed to our marriage. Later, she got married. When she returned the silk scarf to me that night, more than ten years passed. She died of illness at a young age.
Because of her death, I was in a particularly bad mood, so I drowned my sorrows by drinking too much. It is said that drinking is really a mistake. I actually told some friends that I caught Honge to sell things after drinking. My friends came to betray me. Before dawn, I was tied to the square column by my people. It is said that I will be sacrificed to Honge the next day.
At that time, my sister and brother-in-law just got married. How could they bear to watch me die before them? So one night, they secretly let me go. I escaped from the mountain and never came back. "The white old man talked about these things with a face of regret. Maybe he also regretted the past.
Long Xiaofei said with emotion, "I don’t know how long the life span of the red moths is. If you sell them, it is now dead or alive."
The old white horse replied, "Red moths can live for 40 or 50 years. I sold them when they were cubs and males. These red moths have a special feature. Their mothers look like beautiful women, and they have a flat face and a washbasin."
Long Xiaofei’s heart thumped. He instantly thought that some of the red moths in the cave did have big flat faces. At this time, what made him feel a meal was not what he saw in the cave, but he suddenly remembered something. At that time, when he was looking at Lin Xueyan’s attic, he and Lin Xueyan’s attic window saw a big flat face. His horse chased the roof, but he didn’t find a shadow. If he saw it at that time, it would be nothing strange. It must have flown. Now that I think about it, all this confirms one thing: Bai Youchun sold the red moths not only alive, but
Everyone in the room was silent. The lonely old man still had such a bitter past. It seems that he is a passionate person. He lost his beloved and chose celibacy.
"It’s already dawn, and the fog has dispersed. Let’s all eat some steamed bread to prepare for Hutou Mountain. Let’s find Ma Chao or visit the spring. We must act at once." Long Xiaofei said that he took the steamed bread brought by Bai Youchun and ate it.
Today is the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, that is, the off-year is the kitchen god’s day. It’s still deserted in Yinxian County, and even firecrackers have not been heard. Long Xiaofei and some of them are quietly eating white steamed bread, and the old white-headed man didn’t even give some pickles. If he doesn’t go to the big restaurant to eat at home, he must cook some good dishes and iron a pot of wine to drink. Now it’s good that the white steamed bread in the mountains and forests can eat to the full.
Looking at you guys eating so sweetly, Long Xiaofei couldn’t help feeling a little sour, but these days, they have suffered a lot. When you return to Yining City, you must invite you guys to have a good meal.
After eating steamed bread and drinking enough cold water, a few boys appeared in the courtyard alive and kicking. The white old man was really old. After these days of tossing, he was very tired. So he showed Long Xiaofei the way and they didn’t follow him. He wanted to keep Li Ying at home to keep fit, but Li Ying refused to do that anyway. Just like where will you go, Long Xiaofei had to join everyone and there was no way to take him with him.
Before he left, the white old man took out a short knife from his waist. This knife has been with him for more than 20 years. It is a sharp knife to seal the throat of blood. He gave the knife to Long Xiao Feilong. Xiao Fei refused, but he took the other waist. You know, Long Xiaofei also needs a self-defense guy at this time. He threw his own knife into the river when he struggled with the monster.
From a distance, the mountain of Hutou Mountain is really like a beautiful tiger. The mountain road is rugged and full of cliffs and broken walls. If you are not careful, you will fall into deep valleys, and those valleys are filled with thick fog, just like a gray cloud covering the mountainside, which adds mystery to the whole mountain.
Chapter 151 Hutou Mountain
Hutou Mountain is located in the northeast corner of Qingyin County. The mountain is as domineering as this name. It has been climbing up and down for a whole day until the moon hangs halfway up the mountain. Finally, it comes to a rocky hill that the old man said. According to the old man, you can go through this rocky hill to the spring of Hutou Mountain.
You guys sat on a rock, drank some water, and conveniently took out the steamed bread. These steamed buns have been dried to the dregs, and if you don’t drink water, you will stick to your throat. Don’t be so bad. These days, you have been accustomed to living like this, except Li Ying, who keeps complaining. Others are too lazy to say anything more.
Have a rest after dinner Long Xiaofei and the four of them started their journey again.
There is something strange about this rocky hill. It is full of dense pine forests along the way, and it suddenly becomes a bald mountain. There are gray and black rocks everywhere, and there is no trace of soil. These rocks are high and low, and all kinds of shapes are small, with fists and dozens of tons of black, which makes people feel depressed. It seems that even breathing is not smooth.
Walking in the rocky hills, the Zhongshan wind blew from the right. Hsiao Fei just wanted to brush his forehead to cover his eyes. The wind direction changed in vain. The oncoming wind blew the strand of hair from his forehead to the top of his head. Long Xiaofei couldn’t help but feel a heavy heart. The wind here is so strange that the direction has turned in an instant and no other ideas have come yet. Suddenly, the wind blows from behind. Suddenly, the hair has been twisted into a messy grass nest. Is this a whirlwind?
"My mom, what is the wind blowing here?" Liu Qiang has already started talking.
"This is the so-called east-west, north-south wind." Li Ying began to be full of address unknown.
"You play mahjong!" Liu Qiang used to be a chatterbox, and when he met Li Ying, it got worse.
"Shut up and listen to what’s in the wind!" Long Xiaofei said coldly that two people were silent at the same time.
Like a flute from far to near or blowing intermittently.
"Blare …" Everyone is listening to the sharp flute. Suddenly, a few people are ringing around, but there is no sign of it, including Long Xiaofei. Everyone’s heart is jumping wildly. Four people’s eyes are looking around.
"Boss, look at those rocks …" Han Baocheng’s small searchlight took a look at the rocks not far ahead, and sure enough, he carefully watched those rocks move slowly like feet.
"The rocks over there are also moving and moving very fast." Liu Qiang pointed to the right and the words just fell. He had rushed over and tried to touch the moving stones.
"Stop … it’s best not to touch anything in such a complicated environment!" Long Xiaofei’s warning is still too late. Liu Qiang has let out a scream and the whole person fell backwards.
Han Baocheng looked at him and ran to Liu Qiang in a few steps. He copied his armpit and dragged Liu Qiang back.
"How are you?" Long Xiaofei took a picture of his hand barrel. Liu Qiang saw Liu Qiang’s mouth grinning and stretched out a palm to show Long Xiaofei that the palm obviously burned several big blisters.
Long Xiaofei frowned. Is this stone hot? Actually, my hands are blistered, but if that’s the case, the temperature around here should be a few degrees higher. Since I stepped into Luanshigang, it seems to be colder than in the mountains.
"Xiao Fei, you see, the situation is not good. When we came, the road was gone. These dark, dusty and ugly stones surrounded us." Li Ying lowered his voice as if those stones were alive and they could understand Li Ying’s words
"Yes, are these stones manipulated?" Long Xiaofei murmured
"There’s a path over there. We’ll go there." Han Baocheng pointed to the rock on the left. Sure enough, two rocks have a gap less than one meter wide. Han Baocheng said that he was going to rush there.
Li Ying suddenly said in a low voice, "Stop. Don’t you think it’s a trap?"
Han Baocheng stopped to look back at Li Ying. At this time, Li Ying was suddenly a different person. His whole face was horribly serious. In this peaceful day, the contrast between Li Ying was so great that Han Baocheng couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning.
"Looking at the direction of these stones reminds me of watching some ancient times when I was a teenager. I remember that a thousand dragons array is somewhat similar to the situation here." Li Yingying solemnly said that people couldn’t help but believe it
"Master Li, what you said is hype. If this is really a dragon array, you will probably have some broken laws." Liu Qiang took a shirt from the inside to wrap his injured hand and quarreled with Li Ying in an ancient tone.
"It’s a pity that I can’t." Li Ying’s simple words made Liu Jiang frustrated.
"Why don’t you talk so much nonsense?" Liu Qiang was almost enraged.
"Do you have any other way to think about what to do?" Long Xiaofei asked anxiously
"Let me think about it again. I was thirteen or fourteen years old in ancient times, and now I have forgotten about it." Li Ying said that he actually sat down and kneeled up in a serious way, but his eyes were unusually bright and stared at the black stones around him
Long Xiaofei saw Li Ying sitting there motionless, no matter whether what he said was true or not, it was not good to disturb him again. So he took out a sapper shovel from his backpack and shoveled some gravel at the stone where Liu Qiang was injured. He also found a bag from his backpack and put the gravel in the bag. It seems that these stones are not very hot. Long Xiaofei took the stone to his eyes through the bag and observed it carefully.
These stones are not very hard in texture, and there are some small holes in the stones. It seems that for a moment, Long Xiaofei saw a whisker-like antenna sticking out of a small hole, but in the blink of an eye, those small tentacles were retracted into the stones as if they were bugs living in a stone hole.
Han Baocheng also leaned in at this time. He also saw the bug hiding in the stone, so he took out a toothpick from his pocket and handed it to Long Xiao Feilong Xiao Fei. He knowingly took the toothpick and leaned inside along the small hole in the stone.
A slender beard slowly stretched out, getting longer and bigger bit by bit, and then it was half the size of a soybean. Suddenly, the eyes were sharp, and Long Xiaofei and Han Baocheng were surprised to find that the sound came from Long Xiaofei’s hand. Was this stone those insects? This is really unscientific. It seems that something long and small can make such a loud sound.
As the flute sounded, the black stones suddenly scurried around like crazy, and Long Xiaofei secretly called out that it was not good to make the stones move. It was the bearded strange insects that lived in these stone holes.
Chapter 152 Thousand Dragon Array
The moon hid behind the clouds, and the mountain wind still blew wildly. Li Ying sat there like a statue. Liu Qiang bandaged his injured hand, and his mouth still secretly sucked the air-conditioning flute, shaking the valley with terror and stimulating the eardrum. The strange insect had finished drilling out the stone and stared at Long Xiaofei with blue eyes. The atmosphere here was so strange that Long Xiaofei didn’t know what to do at the moment.
"Shadow so scary flute you can’t hear? You’re not asleep, are you? You’d better tell me about how we should get out of this dragon array. "Liu Qiang touched his elbow next to Li Ying in silence.
"Long Xiaofei doesn’t know how to get out of this dragon array. How can the big mouth shadow know?" Han Baocheng suddenly said at this time, this guy doesn’t talk much to weekdays, but his head came quite quickly at this critical moment. He knew that Li Ying was most afraid that others would look down on him, so he dared.
"Who says I don’t know!" Li Ying did get "Don’t give you something to do. You really don’t know that your grandfather is terrible." Then Li Ying swished up from the ground. "As far as I know, this dragon array is a decoy array. This array has an exit, but if you run for this exit, you will definitely fall into a trap. We will turn our backs on this exit and walk away." Li Ying said that she has stepped to lead the way.
"Is that all right? Shadow you’re not bragging again, are you? "Liu Jiangzui said this without hesitation with Li Ying.
"Do you want to bet? If I can go out, will you call me grandpa Ying? " Li ying suddenly came to this sentence
"Good if you can’t walk out? If you can’t walk out, you have to call me Grandpa Liu. "Liu Jiangma answered.
Shadow nodded heavily and didn’t answer Liu Qiang again. He walked carefully and thought about something. Several people silently followed him to know how much data and information the shadow contained in his powerful head, although it was sometimes unreliable.
Seeing that there are rocky roots in front of us, there is no road shadow, and we almost hit the stone without hesitation. Suddenly, a flower step disappeared.
"Oh, my God, this is not a Thor’s cave. I thought he was wrong from a mountain. Just now, that posture was true. He could help us get out of this rocky pile. I didn’t expect him to dump us." Liu couldn’t help but want to call names.
"Who speaks ill of me? Didn’t you notice how I got around the dragon array? " As this sound Liu spent a moment Li Ying suddenly appeared in front of him.
"Why did you come out?" Liu Qiang opened his mouth in surprise.
"In front of these black stones, it’s a smoke screen. You can see my feet clearly and learn to do it." Say that finish, Liu Qiang was stupid on the spot because he didn’t see how the shadow went.