"Now that something is wrong, there is a way to solve it!"

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An Jinxiu won a small palm gun in her palm, turned it around and held it firmly in her hand.
This gun is to fire a special kind of bullet, a special gun.
The name of this bomb is called-barrier-breaking bomb!
Chapter 317 Fox away
The so-called barrier-breaking bomb, as its name implies, is to break the barrier-breaking bomb.
Although it is impossible to get shot in reality, this is in the game!
You can have whatever you want!
Although it is very rare because of special bombs and special guns, there is an engineering master and a gun god behind An Jinxiu
The two brothers are very willing to part with An Jinxiu.
Even if this kind of ammunition is rarely available, it is also very precious and rare. There are some here.
Look, it’s here now!
An Jinxiu’s small pistol in the palm of her hand fired a bomb that could sell at a sky-high price.
Of course, I didn’t shoot anywhere casually, but chose An Xiaoya to a place where there might be problems.
This soft pink bullet hit the target accurately, but it didn’t blow it up. Instead, it turned into a mass of pink smoke and enveloped the target.
Then it seems to be corroded, generally covered by pink smoke, and the target is reduced a little.
And that wall was Mel to reveal that real world behind it.
And built this false world that people can’t walk out of, and all the walls have been corroded a little bit!
An Jinxiu winks
She hasn’t played this barrier-breaking bomb yet. I didn’t expect it to be so good!
Although this thing is actually rare, it will be really cool when it arrives!
When I think about An Jinxiu, I think about Ollie and Orca’s other good things. However, at this time, the goblin brothers don’t know that the Queen is thinking about their property, otherwise they will definitely protect these things!
After the puzzle in front of them was corroded by the wrecker, the two sisters settled down and saw the fox who was languishing not far in front of them.
It’s a fox, not that kind of swearing that is too seductive.
In front of this faint humanoid creature, he wears this red fur and has long red and supple hair.
There are also fluffy red ears that can’t be covered up at a glance although the top of the head is the same color as the hair.
Behind him is a fluffy flaming big tail.
Maybe people don’t wear fur but their own fur?
An Xiaoya hesitated a little.
"I also think it may be his own fur."
After hearing An Xiaoya’s idea, An Jinxiu agreed.
She also kind of thinks it’s fur!
After all, both the color and the texture look the same.
This is obviously a fox!
Of course people can wear fur!
"a male fox"
The fox, who has been in a daze, finally moved the fluffy tail and slowly got up.
Show a face that is truly beautiful.
Although it’s a man
But when I think of An Xiaoya, who just wagged her tail, I have an impulse to pinch her.