I have a sword, saying that the sword town is Xinghai, and he can town the mother nest south.

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Sun Hao will suddenly appeared in the south of the mother nest fluttering sword light …
Dzogchen’s four greatest ways allowed Sun Hao’s will to suppress the whole mother nest, while dzogchen’s kendo allowed Sun Hao’s sword feather to suppress all of Sun Hao’s will.
Sword town xinghaiwei suddenly showed incisively and vividly.
Like a mirror image, the mother emperor was generally not injured by the attack, and suddenly he was horrified to find that in less than an hour, one piece of his whole mother nest was covered with this fluttering sword feather.
As a result, there was a scene that she couldn’t accept. She tried her best to hatch the worm, and she might have been killed by the sword light without attacking it.
The energy conversion speed of the whole mother nest is extremely fast, and a large number of insects are killed every moment, and the mother emperor hatches with pure energy, but no matter how fast the mother emperor hatches, it can’t keep up with the speed of the opponent’s sword light sweeping.
Without sword and light, the mother’s nest is full, and there is no suspense to kill, so that the mother emperor’s roots will not be able to fight back
During the effective period of mass production, it was forcibly suppressed. This is a kind of pure strength suppression, and it is a kind of absolute suppression that has no reason to talk about bullying to the extreme.
Mother Huang’s silver fangs clenched and roared, "Well, I’ll see how long your sword town Xinghai can last. I’ll grind you to death alive."
Corleone slowly shook his head with his hands behind his back and said softly, "Do you think you still have a chance to resist? I have a sword called Jian Guan Fei Huang. Let’s see how the string of worms is realized … "
When a blue sword light in Cangyu crossed the sword feather and reappeared, the tip of the sword light had been nailed to more than one foot long, and the huge carnivore was struggling unwilling.
See the mother emperor this insect bellow a "mother …"
Worm emperor exclaimed, "Zell, you …"
The green light gently shook Zell’s worm Wang Hua, and a shower of blood floated in the mother’s nest.
Mother emperor stretched out his hands and looked at Zell worm king disappeared without energy.
Sun Hao sighed at the bottom of my heart, but Lang Xin was as iron as a whistle in his mouth. "I have a sword called Jian Duanshan River …"
The agarwood sword is cut off with one sword.
As soon as Hula appeared in the mother’s nest, there was a lightsaber across the sky, and Fang Sansi, a powerful destroyer, struggled to hold up a mask to try to resist
There is no suspense when the lightsaber falls. Three or four destroyers are all lean and the blade is cut in half by a sword.
The mother emperor’s spirit is another shock, and she looks at the empty blood rain. It’s hard to feel that the other party has discovered her secret.
Sun Haolue came out with pity. "Then when I put out the last worm in the mother’s nest, it will be when your weakness is really exposed. Do you have any last words? Tell me as soon as possible. I have a sword called Sword Collapse and Mountain Watching Sword …"
Seeing Corleone’s attack direction and hearing Corleone’s words, the mother emperor couldn’t help but retreat several steps as if muttering, "How is it possible?" How can the gap be so much? How did you do it? Even a big monk would definitely not be as bad as you. How could you destroy my whole mother nest … "
The collapse of the mountain instantly shattered all the hatcheries of the mother’s nest. At this moment, the mother emperor really lost the ability to build soldiers.
I never thought that there would be a soldier in the mother emperor’s own mother nest, and the despair in the mother emperor’s heart was unbelievable and instantaneous.
Chen Xiang Jian Sun Hao slowly swung in front of his body, and soon after, a touch of green light flew out and flew away into Cang Yu.
The mother emperor shouted in horror, "Don’t show mercy to my friends. I will do everything according to you, please show mercy …"
Sun Hao shook his head and sighed lightly. "It’s too late. When gold silkworm launched a leadership competition for you, it was to give you a chance to live. But you were ungrateful and had to expose my respect. Now that my respect has appeared, you will have a dead end …"
In the speaking day, the whole mother’s nest crashed into a virtual state. After the earthquake, the mother’s nest suddenly became a little real. Sun Hao could feel that his side was changing into a real entity, and a huge white fat worm gradually emerged in this piece.
The agarwood sword suddenly flashed and floated again. Sun Hao stretched out his hand from the tip of the sword in front of Sun Hao’s body and took a light blue crystal the size of a fist.
The crystal is cool and soft as if it were alive.
Seeing that the crystal in Sun Hao’s hand finally knew that she was completely defeated, the virtual queen sighed faintly and said, "I didn’t expect the Terran Warrior Zuwei to have reached such a point. It’s really an earth-shattering news. It seems that if the race wants to expand, it won’t be able to bypass the battle ancestor. I didn’t expect the emperor to become the first flag-raising queen in the war ancestor’s hand. Ha ha, if I had known, I would have done it now …"
Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile, and the agarwood sword swung slowly and said, "Daoyou are also a Taoist. After you have achieved success, you will kill the first truly meaningful Taoist with wisdom and Mahayana fighting power. Have a good trip."
Worm emperor virtual shadow a folded roar "wait a minute before I disappear completely, can you explain to me your real fighting limit? I can’t tell you how you destroyed my mother’s nest. If you can meet my requirements, I will tell you a big secret. "
Sun Hao laughed and shook his head slowly. "I’m not interested in your so-called secrets. For me, the secrets of the way forward are all my own, but I’m not afraid to tell you a fact if you die."
The worm emperor showed a hopeful expression, which is also one of her wishes. It is also a relief that her great wish can be met at this time.
Sun Houghton paused and smiled slowly and said, "You said I was a big monk, but this name is slightly different. You should call me a big monk."
The worm emperor froze. "What’s the difference between respecting the big brother and respecting the big brother?"
Corleone laughed. "Guess I’ll give you a quarter of an hour. Ha ha ha …"
The worm emperor remained in a daze again, muttering to himself, "Big Brother, Big Brother … Big Brother … You shouldn’t have all your avenues in dzogchen, right?"
Sun Hao laughed. "Well, you can go with peace of mind."
Worm emperor slouches at repeated a few words "nine dzogchen nine dzogchen big Buddha Godsworn how could it be so fate so that’s it? So that’s it. Thank you for meeting my last wish. Here I’ll give you two secrets as a final reward …"
Chapter DiErJiu Two ancestors glory (3)
Sun Hao put away the crystal of the worm emperor
Then the virtual shadow of the mirror image of the Karma mother emperor disappears completely, and the Karma worm emperor is completely exterminated, and the huge insect body floats in the mother nest.
Sun Hao, however, sighed with a sigh, and the agarwood sword vibrated. Hundreds of millions of sword lights flew in the direction of Sun Hao, and eventually they all fell into the agarwood sword.
Tang Qiang, an agarwood sword and a sword sounded the mother’s nest and restored calm.
At this moment, the whole mother nest has become a huge virtual barrier of death and loss of vitality.
Without the soul, the space occupied by the mother nest is much smaller, and at the same time, its whole body is becoming a fossil, and all kinds of terrain of the mother nest are gradually stabilized
If there is no one to manage it, this huge mother nest will wander around in a virtual land until one day it approaches a fireball or his mainland has its own fixed orbit, and it will really settle down.
A wrist vibration Sun Hao put away the agarwood sword and then perceived the whole mother nest. After a while, Sun Hao’s eyes could not help but brighten.
Although this female nest has lost its soul, it still has many functions, and the strongest ability is the wormhole conversion ability.
Then the Karga Zerg ruled a huge virtual space, and this mother nest is undoubtedly the whole virtual core hub.
At present, the mother’s nest is destroyed by the partition of her own four great roads and time roads, but Sun Hao can choose to open the whole zerga zerg to rule a regional wormhole in the star domain if he wants.
That is, the whole star field has exposed its aloes sword.
It is not difficult to tidy up the whole Zerg star domain, but it is a rather unexpected gain.
The karma star domain is vast, even if the Terran Galaxy domain wants to attack this star domain by itself, then it is conceivable that Terran will be in a state of vast territory and sparsely populated for many years to come.
This characteristic of the mother nest immediately made Sun Haobai’s mother nest likely to be another important hub for the adult race.
It seems that it is necessary for me to occupy this mother nest and develop my main star in the future.
With the determination in my heart, Sun Haochang opened the Sumeru Condensing Tower, and let Xiaowan Girlan and A Bi Niya and other monks stay in the tower and come out with wisdom and wisdom to help them occupy and develop the mother nest with many hands.
Sun Hao himself found the position of Rambo fortress, and when he hit the wormhole, his flesh rushed into the wormhole and flew away to the fortress.
In the wormhole, when it is twisted,
Zerg wormholes can tell the direction and fly quickly, but compared with mastering the time avenue and repairing the depth, it is not comparable to Sun Hao’s speed.
Then it will take three months for the Ga Zerg army to reach the fortress from the mother nest through the wormhole.
Corleone needs about three days to appear at the exit of the fortress wormhole.
When Sun Hao came over, he was very surprised to find that the exit was quite quiet and there were not many bugs guarding it.
Sun Hao came out with a wave of his hand, and some star guards didn’t see which adult emerged from the white wormhole, which had been instantly melted into fly ash.
Sun Hao quickly understood the present situation of the fortress by sweeping away the virtual knowledge of God.
At present, the whole Rambo fortress is divided into three huge battlefields.
The most powerful main battlefield is Hao Anyi in Ren Huang.