Chapter 43 Queens

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Are you crazy, Su Hao? Through the team channel Lothar shouted to Su Haoda
Xiaobai is also anxious. "It doesn’t have to be like this. This is equivalent to giving his life to him!"
Su Hao smiled faintly and said softly in his heart, "Do you think I am a person who can safely give my life to strangers?"
One leng didn’t speak.
Indeed, if he is such a fool, how did he get to this point?
"Are you really sure?" Small white question way
"I’m sure I won’t do anything I’m not sure about."
See Alex came to Su Hao’s side and his right index finger stretched out to see a tendril slowly stretched out.
"I’m going to pay you for protecting Dana this time after you are implanted with pathogens and you won’t be affected after injecting shè pathogens."
Su Hao nodded and said, "Come on"
Alex touched his forefinger on Su Hao’s chest, and the tendril pierced Su Hao’s clothes and entered Su Hao’s chest.
Su Hao felt that his chest was burning like a flame, as if a small bug had been injected into his body and was dormant in his body.
Su Hao patted his chest and found that there was nothing unusual.
Alex went on to say, "Your name is Su Hao, right? I really didn’t expect you to really give me your life. What the hell were you thinking? "
Su Hao replied with a smile, "We are adventurers. We always have to pay some price to get strength, and I have already realized it."
He paused and then said, "but can my brother and sister stop injecting the pathogen?" After all, they are my relatives. "
Alex nodded his head. He also knew that everything should not be too much. I really want to see this truth after ri. He understood it … and he also had a sister. Naturally, white relatives are inviolable.
Su Hao looked at Alex and didn’t push his luck. Finally, he felt relieved … If Alex injected the pathogen into Lotha and Xiaobai again, it would be really thorough … subject to people.
"In that case," Su Hao smiled and said, "What about the reward?"
"Now that I said I would pay you, you can rest assured, but it’s not now when I’m not here … I have to settle my sister."
"Then we can go together," Su Hao said. "There are still some cars in good condition. We can drive so as not to be too ostentatious."
"all right"
They came to the building and found an off-road vehicle, but it was locked tightly and there was no way.
"What shall we do?" Dana frowned.
Alex’s right hand suddenly changed into a claw, and he was about to force the door to break. Lothar laughed. "There’s nothing I can do." Then he took out his section of wire.
Insert the rotation and then hit it. Everything is so smooth.
"You used to be a thief? How so professional? " Dana strange way
Rosa shook her finger and said, "Of course not. I’m a terrible killer!" " Then he made a face.
Dana smiled and shook her head decisively. "How can you be such a smirked sunshine killer? I don’t believe it. "
Rosa sat in the driver’s seat and replied after the car found the spare key to start, "Don’t be intimidated by people’s appearance. The more friendly and kind you think of a person, the easier it will be for him to kill you."
Dana snorted and didn’t continue to struggle with this topic.
They drove away from here.
"Where are we going?" Losa asked
Alex replied, "That’s where we live in Queens."
Su Hao asked, "What’s the infection situation in Queens now?"
Alex said, "And Brooklyn, which is more serious, has become an infected area. In addition, there are more than a dozen buildings that have been nested and some nests."
"Nest building? Ground nest? " Su Hao was a little puzzled. He remembered that there were some nesting buildings in Sad Killing 1, which were covered with thick virus layers and could continuously produce hunters. In Sad Killing 2, there were nests with a large number of infected people, hunters and other virus creatures.
"These buildings can keep breeding hunters, while the nests are crowded with a large number of virus creatures, and once they gather in numbers, they will kill them."
Su Hao nodded and then asked, "Why should the safe house be built in Queens, where the infection is more serious? Isn’t Brooklyn better? "
Alex said, "Because of the distribution of black Se watchmen in Queens, many black Se watchmen and infected people contain each other, which is conducive to hiding the safe house."
"So that’s it."
At noon, a group of people came to Queens.
As Alex said, Queens is a devastated world.
Infected people are everywhere, some buildings are entangled with tendrils, and there are hordes of Bloodbird among koo civilians. These extremely aggressive infected birds can fly at a speed that can tear civilians with their sharp beaks and claws. They dare to attack armed helicopters and tear this solid steel monster into scrap iron!
Of course, there are quite a few soldiers here. There are marines, black Se watchmen, armored vehicles and tanks everywhere, and even some junior officers can be found! Of course, they didn’t do anything for Lothar to drive this low-key off-road vehicle.
"The environment here is really bad enough!" Su Hao sighed
Alex was noncommittal and went on to say, "I will naturally cash my reward to you when Dana has settled down."
Su Hao nodded at Alex’s remarks.
Soon they came to a residential area, which was also flooded with infected people, but a large number of soldiers were destroying the infected people and found a way to the Anwu apartment building where Alex was located.
The so-called safe house is on the top floor of the apartment building
The door is a blonde in a white coat and glasses. She is tall, plump and charming. I guess she is what Alex said about Karin Parker.
"You finally came back, Alex," Karin said. When she saw Su Hao and others behind her, she said, "Who are these?"
"Hello, Miss Karin, my name is Su Hao," Su Hao replied with a smile.
Chapter 44 Reward mobile ability learning
Looking at the smile, Su Hao reached out and Karin shook hands with her with the same smile. "My name is Karin."
Su Hao looked at this Karin, but his heart turned a thousand times. He recalled Karin Parker.
Karen Parker is an employee of Kintec and Alex’s ex-girlfriend. She once helped Alex, but later she betrayed Alex.
Because Alex is not the original Alex. He is not human now. Now he is a virus protoplasm with self-awareness and personality shaping.
This woman is very clever. While entrusting Alex to help him find the virus sample, she leaked Alex’s whereabouts to the black watch team, which eventually led to Alex’s encounter with the black watch captain Robert Krause. Although Alex defeated Robert, Rober·Cross found Alex’s flaw and injected him with pathogens.
Karin is right or wrong. She is a woman who wants to destroy the virus. In her opinion, the virus should be destroyed, even if the virus is so Alex-like.
He’s not Alex anymore. He’s a virus.
"I’m so hungry." Xiao Bai roared and took out a piece of chocolate and chewed it.
Alex listened to such a crisp and lovely sound, and just noticed that Xiao Bai was such a natural creature, and his love suddenly welled up. I couldn’t help but go to Xiao Bai and squat down to look at Xiao Bai carefully.
Xiaobai is naturally not shy, but also bent as beautiful as a crescent moon and smiled at Xiaobai slightly.
Su Hao and Lothar looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.