This mountain is quiet and very similar to the human scene, but there is too much oppression when heaven falls in panic.

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It seems that everything sent here is not unusual. I don’t know if the elder martial sister wants to send it to God’s condensed array …
As soon as Fang read Baiyun Tower, he realized his own changes.
When Xiandao Qiqi Shendao Qiqi was suppressed by the stars, a trace of magic thoughts remained when refining the light gods.
There is … the Buddha’s light.
It is no wonder that this heaven is very suitable as soon as Fang falls down.
Sensing this Baiyun Tower, I couldn’t help but smile. It turned out that most of the divine power of Master Qing Chi’s God Array turned out to be the seal of the Tao.
It seems that I have lost my mind after all because of Ziyan.
Now the Buddha’s light shines through the body, and the mind is innocent. In a flash, it will be clear that the god’s bursts of lines have just been deduced.
In the end, it’s a bystander who sees the future of the trip, so he pushed himself through the array of gods.
But after all, you have to move on by yourself …
Receive the memory of the Baiyun Tower, display the avatar and pick up the avatar method.
A moment later, when the clouds dispersed with the wind, a publisher appeared in a moonlight robe.
Disturbed by the wind, scattered stars and awns lining the moon
Baiyun Tower, stepping on stilettos, striding across the forest and mountains, seems to wander along with the flow, but in fact, it is going to the place where Ziyan Qi finally appeared at top speed.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when you become an incarnation in the small Buddhist world, you don’t have a refreshing and smooth time.
"Good walker …"
Passing by a deserted temple on the outskirts of a village, a hearty praise came out of the temple gate.
"Thanks a lot …"
Bai Monkey strode by without looking back, leaving a burst of carefree laughter.
"exorcist?" Baiyun Tower is full of complications, but I don’t want to be eye-catching in this outfit. After all, it still attracts curious Buddhist brothers.
A red light flickered down and it was the young monk in the wild temple who looked very handsome, dressed in gold thread and red robes, and looked very distinguished.
"Go to the place …" The Baiyun Tower method is a little slower to greet the young monk who came to the crowd with a moment.
"Little monk Jin Chan is from Jinguang Temple, and he is going to attend the Dharma meeting in Dongtu Shenshan. I don’t know the master’s dharma number …" This Jin Chan seems to be very close to the words attracted by Baiyun Tower.
Sensing each other’s sincerity, Baiyun Tower is not good either. It’s hard to throw yourself away directly, so you have to stop and wait patiently. "Without Luo Han Guo, you can’t afford to be a master and a famous walker …"
"Good dharma name … turning back from the bitter sea …" Monk Jin Chan sang a Buddhist sound with his hands folded.
Buddha’s voice around the ear Baiyun Tower can’t help but be relieved. The original eagerness immediately dispersed most of it.
Not far away, hundreds of millions of miles away, naturally, I didn’t turn my head and talk to myself about Baiyun Tower. I couldn’t help but move the Buddha’s light to look at the golden cicada monk.
This glance made the Baiyun Tower mind not bright. This young monk’s eyebrows method turned out to be a golden cicada.
It turned out that Huiling was reincarnated and rebuilt, and this oral knowledge practitioner seems to be extremely good …
Baiyunlou was sighing to himself, but he listened to the monk Jin Chan and then said, "The master is too modest. Seeing the mage’s brilliance this day has become the arhat method. If you don’t go to the Dharma with the little monk, you can raise your hand."
"Isn’t it just that friends of the Golden Cicada advised the pain to turn back …" There was a kind of close banter in the words of Baiyun Tower with a smile in their eyes.
"Ha ha ….. that’s my mantra in Jinguang Temple. I can’t help reciting it when I hear the name of Senior Brother …" When Jin Chan saw that the Baiyun Tower was suspended, he immediately put on a big sleeve and invited him to talk in the wild temple.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and six Buddhist treasure
Through the smiling face of monk Jin Chan, the sincerity of this foreign Taoist can be clearly sensed.
This sincerity is in line with today’s practice of Taoism, and it is also the reason for Baiyun Tower to stay.
Ziyan has a lot of protective treasures, and she can escape from several star fields, but now she is trapped here, which shows that this small Buddhist world is by no means so peaceful and harmful on the surface.
What’s more, I just heard the word "Dongtu" in Baiyun Tower, and the qi machine at the bottom of my heart moved with the waves …
"If you can get the position of Luo Han Guo, the Oriental Land Law Society will have to go once."
Talking, Baiyun Tower entered the temple without restraint, saluted the clay sculpture of the pot-bellied Buddha statue, and immediately confessed the purpose of the trip.
"Monkey, I’ve come from outside to find a fellow friend …"
Talk Baiyun Lou exhibition sincerity directly moved out of Qingyun Gate hospitality way
Looking at the present, a few golden cicadas can’t help but stare blankly. It’s not that a few woodcarvings in this case are exquisite, but that several plates of spiritual fruit actually give a slight Buddha’s light.