Baby Wang seems to be completely unmoved by the eye situation.

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Kim Woo Bin saw this scene is cold hum a "bastard! Go to hell! "
With a single knife, a cold wave of his hand, Shi Wumo’s spiritual power easily killed Chu Beowulf across dozens of meters away.
Chu warrior is one step ahead, but the strong in the middle of Wu Zu is as vulnerable as a worm when facing the strong in Kim Woo Bin.
Kim Woo Bin took the weapon in his hand and gritted his teeth and said, "These scum are really punished by everyone. They released Wu Zuling at the state banquet. Isn’t this a murder for money!"
Talking Kim Woo Bin turned back to the white tiger and privately discussed something with the baby Wang Hexun.
Liang Ping looked at the state banquet.
Those Chu guards who surrounded the hall were all killed in the crush of Wu Zuling, a warrior in Chu.
Ink defect has been heart-pounding meditation but also sick.
Then he secretly listened to the conversation between the baby king and two guards.
Wen Baobao Wang said in a whisper, "Yubin, you are doing very well, and everything is going on as usual. We are going to the heart of the fifteenth bar to find Jane, and once I get Jiuding, I can be justified as the emperor."
Kim Woo Bin smell speech is humble and said, "Don’t worry, baby, even if I die, I will definitely help you successfully board the first female mercy in the history of Tianyu City."
Baby Wang Wenwen Meng Meng Da thanked him with a smile. "In fact, in my heart, you and Xun are the most important things. Everything makes sense if you live well."
"But your mother," Kim Woo Bin said solemnly, "why don’t you let Xun go undercover in South Korea and look for opportunities to save your mother?"
Baby Wang decisively refused, "I won’t let Xun take the risk."
Kim Woo Bin smell speech a silence.
Xun suddenly said, "Baby, if you still doubt that I have anything to do with water, I can die in front of you at once to show my loyalty to you."
Baby Wang Wenwen not language is end up in front of the glass gently took a sip of his.
Xun went on to say, "Baby, we grew up together. Don’t you know me? I have you in my heart. I don’t love anyone but you. I used to be kind to me. When she confessed to me, I thought about being with her because of gratitude, but I finally put my feelings on you. I have been indifferent to her for many years. Can’t you see the baby?"
"Of course I’m white."
Baby Wang put a glass of wine and looked at Xun Judo primly. "So I asked Yubin to be a spy in Wei, so you can be a spy in South Korea."
Reject with admiration
Baby Wang waved and said, "I’ve made up my mind. You don’t have to say any more. Now that Tianyu City has foreign guests, I have plans in my heart."
Kim Woo Bin and Schoenberg smell speech looked at each other at the same time to sit in the state of Yan Beowulf Liang Ping.
That look is full of hostility.
Liang Ping has been observing the three of them. Kim Woo Bin and Xun’s hostile eye contact can’t help but feel a cold and deliberately dodge their eyes.
However, Kim Woo Bin suddenly got up and shouted, "Liang Ping, come out with me!"
Liang Ping suddenly some doubts.
Ink defects are finally full of tension. Looking back sadly, I said, "Liang Ping, don’t go."
Liang Pingwen said with a smile, "Do I have the power to refuse him?"
Speak metamorphoses, got up and prepared to follow Kim Woo Bin’s footsteps away from this lifeless state banquet hall full of thick blood smell.
When I passed by, I told her softly, "If anything happens to Liang Ping, my first thought is to escape the remaining things, and I will help you do it."
Liang Ping looked down at the picture of love, with a modest smile and a calm and incomprehensible face, and said with a light gratitude, "If there is an accident, please take care of the ink defects."
Agree to nod
Liang Ping came to Lele Song.
The accident was that Lele Song suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Liang Ping’s clothes and said quietly, "Remember to run to Donghu Mountain if there is an accident."
Liang Pingwen said gratefully, "Thank you!"
Then, after passing by Huo Zhanbai, the left prime minister of Yan State, he felt completely upright from Huo Zhanbai, which was rare in the whole state banquet hall.
And just now, just in the middle of the martial arts division, Huo Zhanbai saved Lele Song Fen, who had been injured, but kept covering her thigh wound tightly, which didn’t seem to make Lele Song feel anything.
Liang Ping secretly admired Huo Zhanbai and strode out of the state banquet hall.
There is mottled blood on the corridor outside the state banquet hall, which is obviously the execution place of those who were beheaded before.
When the eyes are near Lebanon.
The stars in the sky gradually dimmed.
However, that round of bright white moon seems to be so gentle and lovely in all places.
Jiao Bai Yueguang fell on Kim Woo Bin’s cheek, which was not perfect but had an ugly and handsome temperament.
He is nearly 19 centimeters tall, which is really daunting.
That figure has absolute conditions to be a model.
Liang Ping was suddenly distracted, but he could also see some complicated expressions from Kim Woo Bin’s face.
"King’s adult wants to see me." Liang Ping slowly approached Kim Woo Bin and secretly kept alert.
However, Kim Woo Bin suddenly smiled at Liang Ping with a warm smile, and his previous aggressive and offensive expression was disgusting.
And this Kim Woo Bin is full of affinity, facing Liang Ping with a smile and saying, "I want to ask you one thing."
Liang Pingchao’s consciousness method felt the slightest hostility from Kim Woo Bin.
Therefore, I am even more confused. "Please say it."
"I want you to take good care of Baby Wang. In fact, she is a miserable woman." Kim Woo Bin said succinctly and reached into her arms with one hand.
Seeing this, Liang Ping suddenly withdrew two steps and Kim Woo Bin was able to keep a distance of 15 meters away.
Such a distance is a relatively safe distance for Liang Ping.
However, Kim Woo Bin still smiled warmly and said, "Don’t be nervous. I want to give you the panacea."
"What is the panacea?"
Liang Ping was shocked. "Lord Jin, what do you mean by this? Are you really trying to win the panacea?"
Kim Woo Bin’s face sank in vain. "Liang Ping, I heard you say this. You seem to have long known that I took the complex panacea from Zhang Xinmo."
Liang Ping knew that he had said something wrong and was embarrassed and said, "Hehe, actually, I was guessing."
Kim Woo Bin looked at Liang Ping with a grain of salt, but it really threw the green pearl with mysterious power to Liang Ping.
Liang Ping’s consciousness results in the feeling of the complex magic pill in the palm of his hand, which is as cool as jade. For the first time, he thought of frost wyrm Dan, and both of them seem to have similarities.
However, I don’t want to think that Liang Ping was even more surprised and asked, "You are willing to give me such a precious thing as Fu Lingdan just to let me protect the baby king?"