The two sides scuffled at the foot of the mountain.

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Chapter one hundred and forty-four The fighters strive for Qiu Shan
Not to mention Tang Keqiang’s first battalion, the first division of the Japanese army.
The Japanese Cavalry United has not just rushed out of the Male Mountain when it heard several loud noises from the mountain peak, and saw several huge stones rolling directly from the distant mountain, blocking the whole mountain road. There are huge mountains and rocks everywhere. If the cavalry can still rush over,
Lead Akiyama to hear the noise behind him, look back and take a breath of air. The enemy unexpectedly blocked this place by rolling stones and cut off their main forces! This terrain is surrounded by high-rise and low-lying areas, which is the most unfavorable for cavalry to spread out. Once the enemy ambushes again, they will suffer! We must rush out of this depression as soon as possible!
Akiyama shouted loudly, "The army has been ordered to make rapid progress, regardless of the fact that the main forces in the rear rushed out of this depression first!"
Akiyama’s choice can be said to reflect a professional soldier’s sharp eyes. Unfortunately, the Qing army will not give them such an opportunity. Akiyama’s cavalry regiment has not yet charged up, and dozens of Green Qin heavy machine gun barrels on the left and right slopes have been exposed.
The ambush here is the famous Wu Peifu Wu Peifu who waved his hand and shouted "Fire!"
Dozens of machine guns spewed flames at the Japanese cavalry regiment.
More than 1,000 cavalry regiments and horses were all in bed, and dozens of Japanese troops were shot at this depression in an instant.
Akiyama is so frightened that it is not a good place to fight, but the Qing army is full of 30 heavy machine guns. If its cavalry regiment is forced to pass through, at least one-third of its troops will be destroyed here. At the same time, even if it passes through this area, it is not certain what kind of traps are waiting for it.
Akiyama good ancient big drink a way "all men seek cover to fight back! The first squadron organized people to take the opposite mountain peak! "
The Japanese cavalry Nai has rushed to the back with horses, and there was a fierce battle here.
It’s the cavalry regiment, which is characterized by coming and going like the wind and being good at lightning assault. The consequences can be imagined. Although there are not many Qing troops here, the Qing army has seized the high-altitude heavy machine guns on both sides to block the fire. More than 1,000 Japanese infantry can’t rush without heavy weapons.
Just in the past quarter of an hour, there was an earth-shattering explosion behind Akiyama. It came from the direction of Nanshan, but it was only a dozen miles away from Nanshan. Nearly two thousand mines exploded together, and the sound was absolutely shocking.
It’s not good to hear this explosion tunnel clearly in Akiyama’s ears. It seems that the Qing army has come prepared this time, and the Japanese strategic deployment has definitely leaked out. Otherwise, it is impossible to carry out such a precise ambush here. I’m afraid the commander will try his best again this time.
Akiyama has been through a lot of battles. Just because of the explosion just now, I know that the Japanese army will definitely suffer heavy losses this time.
Akiyama Haogu thundered, "Everyone leads the horse and tries to avoid the enemy’s fire and quickly returns to the main force behind the original road!"
Akiyama knows that the time is pressing, and now the strategy is to quickly join forces with the main forces to avoid going into such a small obstacle alone. I am afraid that in just over ten minutes, the cavalry United will be able to get through this obstacle and the main forces will meet together. Then there is still hope for a comeback!
The Japanese cavalry regiment rushed into action and began to retreat with the horses.
Shan Wu Peifu really knows that he has finished the meeting. It’s Ba Gen Yard.
Wu Peifu called on the heavy machine guns to stop shooting, pulled out the signal gun and fired the signal with a bang.
Not far away, Ba Gen had already waited anxiously to see Wu Peifu launch a signal flare and shouted, "Brothers Ma Chongchong must leave the Japanese United Department here this time!"
More than 1000 people from four cavalry battalions rushed to the Japanese cavalry regiment.
Two or three miles away from the cavalry charge, they came to the Japanese cavalry United in the blink of an eye
Akiyama Haogu saw that the Qing army stopped fire suppression, and his heart was full of joy and urged the cavalry to retreat.
The cavalry regiment had just reorganized its troops and had not yet come to the edge of the obstacle when the Qing cavalry battalion was killed.
It’s such a short distance that Akiyama’s good old roots didn’t respond, so he watched the Japanese army rush over and saw the former Qing army cavalry rush over. Akiyama’s good old face suddenly turned pale, and his cavalry even got on the horse and didn’t charge against it. There was no impact, and his cavalry regiment was able to block the Qing army cavalry battalion
Akiyama Haogu roared, "The first brigade of horses will entangle the Qing cavalry for me, and the brigade will immediately retreat to speed up!"
The Japanese cavalry regiment’s training in Akiyama is indeed brave and good at fighting, and the order of Akiyama’s good at fighting has just reached the first brigade. Mashan Road quickly became a dozen rows, which stopped the main force of the Qing cavalry regiment.
But can you stop the Qing cavalry?
The answer isno. The Qing cavalry charged up like a torrent of steel and slammed into the Japanese cavalry with great impact.
Nowadays, the Japanese cavalry brigade is more like a meat wall that once lost its impact, and its combat effectiveness has dropped by more than two-thirds. Moreover, it is still faced with several times of its own Qing cavalry. Only one encounter with a hundred Japanese cavalry was cut into paste. Although the Japanese army is not afraid of death, it still cannot stop the impact of the Qing cavalry.
In front of the Japanese army, the Japanese army fought to the death, while in the rear, the Japanese army tried to cross this obstacle quickly.
In less than twenty minutes, the Japanese cavalry regiment threw hundreds of bodies here.
The rest of the cavalry regiment fled to the obstacle in a panic. There were more than 1,000 people in the north. There were only 300 people left in the cavalry regiment, and there were still more than 200 people still fighting in the cavalry battalion of the Qing army. It was impossible to withdraw.
Akiyama is so sad that he has worked so hard to train the cavalry regiment, so he is not willing to die here.
I’m afraid these 300 people will be thrown here if we don’t retreat quickly.
Akiyama looked at the opposite side and still fought to the death. The cavalry’s heart dropped blood and finally roared "Withdraw! Withdraw! "
Chapter one hundred and forty-five 56-point thrashing
Akiyama Haogu led the beaten army to quickly withdraw to the north, and soon met the Japanese vanguard troops.
Akiyama Haogu saw the chief of staff of the first division, Si Zhengyi, urging the horse to rush over and asked urgently, "What happened to the General Pavilion?"
Temple Zhengyi saw a mess and Akiyama looked shocked and asked, "How come your cavalry regiment was also attacked?"
Akiyama sighed and said, "It’s just that our Japanese army fell into the trap of the Qing army this time. When I led the cavalry regiment to March in an emergency, it was blocked by the rolling stones of the Qing army. The left and right sides in front of the back road were blocked by the heavy machine guns of the Qing army. It was only half an hour before the whole cavalry regiment was violently attacked by four cavalry battalions of the Qing army. Our army could not display its main force and was wiped out. I am afraid that more than 300 people have already died in that depression!"
Temple zhengyi heart surges a rabbit used to feel sad, "this time we have made a mistake. We must have got our battle plan before the Qing army! At the right moment, half of our troops had just passed through Nanshan when the Qing army suddenly killed them. I don’t know how many explosives were buried in the ground. The whole mile was completely blown over. Most of the 53rd United Front and the 54th United Front were directly blown to ashes! For four or five thousand people, an instant department was killed that a narrow strip … "
Akiyama Haogu Temple is weeping bitterly, but the lives of thousands of compatriots are gone in a flash. If you can not be sad.
Akiyama asked, "What happened to the commander’s cabinet and the head of the division’s cabinet?"
Temple Zhengyi replied, "Fortunately, the commander’s cabinet division head cabinet has just arrived at the edge of that area and hasn’t come yet. Otherwise, it will definitely be ruined. However, the commander’s cabinet is short of breath and vomitted an one mouthful blood. Now the division head is in command. We have just reorganized our troops and are about to return to the back to meet the main force …"
Akiyama Haogu said, "No, we can’t have two armies in one place, so it’s too narrow. We don’t have any moves at all. It’s best that we defend the former army on the spot and the latter army is only two or three miles away. We cavalry come and go to send information and rely on each other to defend the enemy together."
Temple Masayoshi nodded, and Akiyama said it was quite reasonable. If we join forces at this moment, the Japanese situation will be even more dangerous.
Two people have just finished adding up. Ba Gen led the Qing cavalry battalion to clean up the cavalry regiment, and the down archers cleared up the obstacles. A wind came rushing towards the Japanese vanguard troops.
However, at this time, the Japanese army was ready for defense, and dozens of machine guns fired together. A powerful barrage was prepared in front to block the Qing cavalry hundreds of meters away.