My fierce reaction frightened the Li family. After that, Li Wenbin didn’t dare to do it in front of me.

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Not long after Li Mengya got married, the Li family was very lively in those days, but Li’s mother wouldn’t let me go out and let me stay in my room, leaving me alone and afraid that I would make trouble. Sometimes I let Li Wenbin come in and look at me.
I’m afraid of Li Wenbin. Although he is long and upright, he is unsmiling and his skin is a little dark. I think he is ugly and I don’t like him.
Every time he comes in, I stay away from him. He doesn’t care if I take a bed to look at it, but I just play with my hair and make my long hair look like a hornet’s nest. When Li Wenbin looks at it, he will peek at me. When he sees me playing with my hair, he will show a smile.
Before Li Mengya got married, I slept with her. Now that she got married, I got up early, and no one adjusted my clothes and hair. Although I can wear them, I always get dressed untidily. Before I get up every day, Li Mengya will help me. Although I am a little reluctant, I still take care of me. Now that she is married, I have no one to help me.
In recent days, Li’s father and mother have gone out early, and I don’t know why they went there. I don’t care if my hair is always messy and my clothes are crooked.
Li Wenbin would frown when he saw me in a mess. One day, he finally couldn’t resist ordering me to go to him. I was afraid of him, but I couldn’t help but listen to him.
His facial expression first helped me tidy up my clothes, then took a comb to comb my hair, tied up my long hair like a leather ring, and then gave me a look before I was satisfied and let me have breakfast.
From that day on, the job of brushing my hair and face fell to Li Wenbin, and sometimes he wiped my nose.
In a few days, the Li family became very lively again. Some people came to visit, and occasionally girls came over, and I always avoided these people. Every time someone came, I would run to the lake and squat down by the lake and look at the distance for half a day.
It was a fine day. I was sitting in the courtyard in Li Mengya without a wide cotton-padded jacket, chatting and grabbing a small pile of mud. Suddenly, I squatted down and covered my small shadow. I was so scared that I moved aside.
"Don’t be afraid of me."
I timidly turned to look at him and saw Li Wenbin’s bright eyes. Recently, he often tidied me up and combed my hair. I was a little less afraid of him.
"What are you playing?" He asked softly
I dug a hole just now and looked at him.
He frowned and smiled, "Oh, it was digging a small hole."
I nodded to him, and I seemed to have played with a little boy in my confused memory.
"Shall I play with you?" He also picked up a small tree skill and dug up the small hole with me, and told me a lot of digging tips.
For a moment, some pictures flashed through my mind, but soon they were gone.
After that, Li Wenbin often played with me, either digging holes or watching ants take me to the lake to fish. Actually, he fished and I pulled out weeds. Gradually, I was not afraid of him, and I could always see another tall figure from him. Slowly, I became a little sticky with him. When he got there, I would follow him for dinner. If he went to the yard with a bowl, I would definitely follow him. He squatted with me, and I followed suit. If he helped Li’s father to go to the lake to spread fish food, I would have to follow him.
And Li Wenbin seems to be getting used to me following him.
I don’t know what festival it was that day. Mom Li cooked a lot of dishes. Dad Li also took out a bottle of wine. Even Mr. and Mrs. Li Mengya came, but grandma wouldn’t let me sit at the table and said that it was not convenient for me to eat at the table today. When Li Wenbin heard it, he was unhappy. He had to pull me to sit next to him and attracted a house to protest. I was stupid. wait for a while grabbed his skirts and looked at him piteously.
In the end, Li Wenbin couldn’t resist the family’s protest to let Li Mengya accompany me to the west wing for dinner. When Li Mengya went straight to eat, wait for a while stared at me. "Are you really stupid or fake stupid? It’s only been a few days, so I posted my brother."
I blinked my eyes and couldn’t understand what she was saying.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Collision but no acquaintance
In the end, Li Wenbin couldn’t resist the family’s protest to let Li Mengya accompany me to the west wing for dinner. When Li Mengya went straight to eat, wait for a while stared at me. "Are you really stupid or fake stupid? It’s only been a few days, so I posted my brother."
I blinked my eyes and couldn’t understand what she was saying.
When she saw me staring blankly, she rolled her eyes and underestimated, "It seems that it’s really stupid to grow so beautiful."
Afterwards, I learned that someone came to blind date that night. Dad Li also wanted to book Li Wenbin’s marriage. Because he had been a soldier for five years, he delayed the marriage. As soon as he came back, Dad Li made arrangements for this, and the family would be so lively. From time to time, someone came to the door.
But Li Wenbin doesn’t care about the arrangement at home at all, which makes Li’s father very angry. When he sees him, he will have a bad face and drive him to find a job every day to stop him from staying at home.
Li Wenbin was in no hurry, as if he had planned it.
I have lived in the Li family for nearly four months.
But since Li Wenbin treated me well, the old lady hates me and always scolds me for staying idle. Li Wenbin sometimes goes out to do business and is not at home for two or three days. The old lady will instruct me to do laundry, sweep the floor and bundle the grass … Anyway, if I can do it, she will let me do it, and then she will supervise behind me with an old face.
Gradually I became afraid of her.
When Li Wenbin comes back, if she sees my hand hurt and my body is in a mess, she will say that Mother Li and the old lady are more and more protective of me.
Li Wenbin’s kindness to me finally attracted the attention of his family. Mother Li didn’t let me follow him very much, and my eyes became strange.
And I silly wait for a while also don’t know anything?
Soon, Li Wenbin had a big fight with Li’s father. Li’s father even dropped the bowl. Then Li Nainai ran into my house and tried to hit me with her cane. He also scolded, "I didn’t expect you to be a fox. Since Abin fans don’t want to marry a wife."
I, wait for a while, was beaten twice by her in the same place. Although it hurt a little, I didn’t move. Li Nainai played a few more times. I didn’t move, holding the turn and waving, but my face became more and more gloomy.
When Li Wenbin came in, he just saw Li Nainai throw his crutches aside in disgust and knew that I had been beaten by Li Nainai. He came over and pulled me up, and I walked out, ignoring Li Nainai’s shouting behind him.
He kept pulling me to the lake and then held me in his arms. This was the first time he held me. I was a little stiff, but I didn’t push him.
"Grandma is angry," I whispered, a little hoarse. It was the first time I said a normal sentence in months.
As soon as Li Wenbin released me, he looked at me with surprise. "So you can talk." His eyes were full of joy.
I looked at him and blinked. "Huh?"
His eyes turned tender, raised his hand and stroked my messy long hair. "Would you like to go somewhere else with me?"
During this period, he nodded to me so that I could rely on him a little.
He was very happy to see me nod, showing a bright smile and white teeth. "I have a comrade-in-arms in Beijing who wants me to go and work with him. I decided to leave in a couple of days." He laughed again. "Have you heard of Beijing?"
"Beijing" I muttered as if … I had heard that my heart ached somewhere. I suddenly blurted out "go"
"Good" Li Wenbin’s eyebrows became softer and softer after hearing this, and she pulled me into her arms.
He smells like a man, and I feel at ease, but when he bows his head and wants to kiss me, I can hide.
Li Wenbin is not angry, but smiles very much. This is the first time I have seen him laugh so many times a day. Usually he doesn’t laugh very much.
Early the next morning, Li Wenbin secretly took me to the county and said that he would make me some clothes. Anyway, I don’t seem to be afraid to follow him.
There is a distance between the county and the village. Li Wenbin took me there by motorcycle. He wrapped me in a ball and said it was windy.
Sitting behind the motorcycle, I was a little scared. He asked me to hold him tight, so I held his waist tightly.
It took nearly an hour to get to the county by motorcycle.