Chapter 41 Once an assassin

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"Village … long …"
Once again, the four-armed giant looked at the old man in black who suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield and his face was not much less shocked than his own.
"Ah Da has been gone for a long time."
Quietly turned around, the old man in black looked at more than one giant with four heads and four arms, and looked cool and low. Greeting way
It was not until this time that Ada could see clearly that the old man in black was holding a rusty sword in his hand.
"Village head … you … how …"
My own exclusion is different. Ada’s attitude towards the old man in black is much better.
Yes, even if Ah Da had a good attitude towards the old man in black, he could hide his surprise at the moment he saw each other.
In particular, the picture of the other person dressed in black and holding a rusty sword simply refreshed his understanding of the old village head.
"When I was young, at least I killed one person in ten steps. Isn’t it strange that the assassin didn’t have such a skill?"
Smiled and shook his head to see the old man in black strolling towards the skeleton giant and watching each other’s crazy roar.
"Wait … wait …"
Seeing that the old man in black stabbed the giant bone crown orb with a sword, Ada didn’t think too much, and immediately turned the object into both again.
Qiang Qiang!
Accompanied by a ringing sword, the rusty sword of the old man in black did not successfully stab the skeleton giant, but stabbed the big chest of the sudden manifestation.
"Get out of the way, Da."
"You should know that Zhu Nv can’t last long without that qualification."
"Now that she has not been completely reduced, it is best to take out the’ Zhu Zhu’."
Looking at the grim-faced old man in black, the four-armed giant’s expressive face reveals a little sadness and anger.
"So … what are you going to … let my son … when the horse …"
As if responding to the words of the old man in black, Zhao Mu figure slowly walked out from behind him and looked at his father firmly.
"It’s my choice."
Hearing Zhao Mu say this with my own ears, Ah Da’s face became more sad and angry.
"no! With what … "
Ada doesn’t want his wife to disappear completely, but he doesn’t want his son to become a monster like himself.
There are so many people in the village. Why do you sacrifice your family every time?
It’s a pity that Ah Da’s anger can’t stop the old man in black from making up his mind to swing the rusty sword again and chop off his head.
Although Ada has no body key at the moment, the rusty sword of the old man in black is also not a mundane thing.
Although it is impossible to completely kill the objects in the fog, it is almost impossible for Ada to reunite with his body in a short time.
While taking advantage of this gap, the old man in black chose the crown of the skeleton giant with a sword.
Qiang Qiang!
In a flash, the green orb was picked up along the tip of the sword and fell directly into the hands of the old man in black.
Then Zhao Mu called the tall skeleton giant to gradually fade away and show Zhu Nv’s unconscious figure.
But the difference in Zhao Mu’s imagination is to reveal her figure again, but Zhu Nv is not a real entity, but most of her body presents an illusion of illusory state.
Through the diffuse mist, Zhao Mu could even see the land and mud of Zhu Nv directly.
"What’s going on? What will my mother be like this? "
In the face of Zhao Mu questioned the old man in black is motionless shook his head.
"After all, it is normal for her body to change after holding the’ Zhu Zhu’ for so long."
"If it takes a little longer, I’m afraid she won’t be able to change back even if she gets back the bead."
Speaking of which, the tone of the old man in black paused a little before continuing to say
"But don’t worry, when I take her back to the village, I will let the fish woman cure her."
Fish woman is a mysterious witch doctor who lives in the village. No one knows when she is a widow. The only thing the villagers know is that her medical skills are as high as witchcraft.
If you hadn’t taken the body to find her, Fish Poki would have been saved.