It was at the moment when they walked into the old farmer’s house that the dragon god suddenly shouted impatiently, "Liang Ping, you idiot, tell me where this place is!"

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"Where is this? How do I know? I know we are on the ground." Liang Ping has become accustomed to the dragon god’s way of speaking and replied casually.
"Well, you really are a fool. Can’t you ask that old uncle?" Dragon god some frustrated and said
Liang Ping is unwilling to pay attention to the heavy sigh. "Alas, I might as well not ask that kind of second uncle."
"I said, young man, who are you talking to?" The old farmer finally asked Liang Pingyin with a look of consternation and curiosity.
"Ha ha, who am I talking to? I don’t seem to have anything to tell you."
The old farmer doesn’t like Liang Ping and Liang Ping doesn’t like the old farmer.
When the old farmer heard this, his face sank in vain, pointing to the lane outside the fence and saying, "Well, you can say whatever you want, but we have other things to do now. Please stay outside the fence for a while."
Liang Ping was just about to find a longevity chair to sit in. I didn’t expect the old farmer to get the marching orders so soon. He just shrugged and smiled and strode out of the old farmer’s house.
"What’s the big deal? Who likes to stay with you?" Liang Ping himself doesn’t know what suddenly became so arrogant, but he has walked out of the old farmhouse.
At this time, the old farmer helped Xiao Fei to help him sit in a longevity chair.
The old farmer looked at his body carefully and kept patting his shoulder and rubbing his arm to measure the width and hardness of his skeleton.
Yu Xiaofei looked at the old Agricultural Bank with a face of surprise.
Liang Ping is also very curious about the old agricultural bank in the lane outside the fence
What the hell is he going to do!
A great deal of the old farmer carefully looked at his body for love and finally got up with a big smile. "Haha, as expected, he is a kungfu wizard. I don’t know if this young man is born, I would like to accept him."
"Take him?"
Yu Xiaofei was surprised to see the old farmer looking askance at the fence at the same time. Liang Ping was equally surprised and unbelievable. He said, "My tenth brother is the Lord of Yunzhou City, and his martial arts is really superb."
"Ha ha, listen to you. Are you questioning my ability?"
Seeing through Xiao Fei’s mind, the old farmer looked cold with his hands behind him and said, "If you are questioning my ability, you can try to punch me."
"ah! Force! Give you a punch? "
Hearing this, Liang Ping was not only stunned by Xiao Fei, but also worried.
Yu Xiaofei can easily wave two heavy knives with a weight of 100 kilograms. If he tries to attack the old farmer, I’m afraid he can pierce his body with one punch.
"Yes, you can try punching me." The old farmer said very seriously.
Yu Xiaofei is a face of hesitation and said, "Uncle, this is no joke. If I try."
"Young people shouldn’t be so wordy. If I ask you to punch me, you punch me." The old farmer said impatiently.
Yu Xiaofei has some bad refusal because the old farmer has always been respectful to him and suddenly turned his face. Yu Xiaofei also knows that the old farmer’s statement is definitely a joke.
But still a face of hesitation said, "Uncle, how about this? I’ll play a knife method and you can give me some advice. If you’re right, my tenth brother may really worship your teacher."
"Ha ha, forget it. It seems that you can’t be the master either. Let him make his own decision when he wakes up."
The old farmer smell speech is a face of refused to say
Yu Xiaofei has already taken out a blood-red lone wolf unique blade.
Weighing 5 cm thick, 3 cm wide and 3 m long, the lone wolf turned out to be a disdainful smile in front of the old farmer. "Although your strength is acceptable, if you meet a really first-class player, you will still lose miserably."
To see the old farmer talk like this is to take back the lone wolf and admit with a smile, "That’s true, but my tenth brother is much taller than me."
"taller than you?" The old farmer is still looking at his emotional body and casually said, "I don’t think so."
Yu Xiaofei was also speechless. He thought for a long time and bowed down at the old farmer. "I think the climate here is pleasant. I wonder if there has been any war or unrest here?"
"This is the most peaceful place in the world. There has never been any unrest. The only unrest is that you suddenly came here and destroyed my flower field."
The topic of the old farmer returned to this matter again.
Yu Xiaofei is also embarrassed with a face of apology. "Hehe, it’s really embarrassing to talk about this matter. Uncle needs any compensation, but although he wants me to be able to do it, I won’t."