Knock on the crack door the day after tomorrow to get some leftovers from the drifting town of collection room.

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This time, he is not going to act alone, and he is not going to bring the remnants of such a big movement as’ Ice Sorrow’
Tianyang’s belt "Bitter Hand", "Screaming Copper Whistle", "Confused Domino" and "Hourglass" originally brought the revenge magic crystal.
These relics are hidden and tend to be auxiliary, even if they are displayed in front of everyone, they will be regarded as those with special abilities
Choose good’ equipment’ Yang didn’t go back to the house until the day after tomorrow and lay down on the straw mat and fell asleep …
Chapter 919 Underground ancient city
One-night talk
When it was dawn, the sun rose.
Eating breakfast sent by Alibaba Wang, the Chamber of Commerce motorcade also brought a bad news. Last night, the moonlight woke up and slept, and it has been repeated several times.
The snake scales have also increased, but fortunately, they have not increased much, and there are five more pieces than yesterday evening
And the moonlight has no fever, but the vitality of the body is still slowly losing.
However, her symptoms are much less than those of other patients with’ meta-deficiency’. I don’t know if this is because her dark particles gave her’ anti-virus’ or because she sublimated after waking up for the first time. She naturally resisted this disease.
But no matter what the reason is, if there is no source to solve the moonlight one day, it will still happen again and again.
After breakfast, Shihuo came with four or five lean men, all of whom were dressed in tights and trousers as close as possible to facilitate the action.
Everyone with a few skins sewing backpack filled with things.
"Can be set off" Shi Huo to Tianyang Road.
Tianyang got up and nodded. "Please lead the way."
When they were leaving the settlement, Tumo Mountain came. He asked someone to give Tianyang some backpacks with food, water and first aid medicine.
"Tianyang brothers, go and come back. We will wait for you to come back."
Tu Moshanli patted Tianyang on the shoulder and said
Tianyang nodded and star los and others left behind Shi Huo.
After they walked out of the settlement, they continued to walk in the Woods behind the settlement. After a while, they came to the Woods outside. There were several magnetic energy vehicles parked outside the Woods. At first glance, they were modified vehicles.
These vehicles sacrifice elements such as speed, firmness and firepower, and each one is like a steel monster.
Shi Huo made a sign and let his companions make a car. He himself shared a car with Tianyang and others.
Shi Huo looked like a drag, so he focused on driving and didn’t introduce the underground ancient city to Tianyang before them.
When I hit a window, I saw a’ road’ with many car marks outside. The road went straight ahead, and two cars went out for about one or two kilometers. The day after tomorrow, some building debris stood on the ground.
In front of the cab, Shi Huo finally said, "From here, it can be regarded as entering the scope of that city. Now you can see that there is no part trapped underground."
"This is the edge of the city. There are not many buildings. I heard from my uncle that when they were young, there were more houses and more towering buildings in this area."
"But over the past few decades, many houses have collapsed, and this is all that remains."
After a while, you can already see the broken road surface. These are hard roads, which are different from those paved with sand and gravel just now.
It seems that this underground ancient city should have been as prosperous as the’ Sunset City’ in those days, otherwise it would not be so extravagant to build hard roads on the edge of the city.
And here, there are more and more buildings, but there is only one frame left, and the damage is worse than the sunset.
The ruins of the city are much more serious.
The magnetic energy car stopped. Shi Huo picked up and put the skin next to it and said, "We can pick it up here and walk."
When I got out of the car and looked at the ruins of this vast city, I could see people occasionally flashing through the doors and windows of those broken buildings.
Fat’ Fusheng’ couldn’t help wondering, "Is there anyone here to scavenge now?"
Shi Huo said with no expression on his face, "There are some old people or women who have no labor force. They can try their luck on the surface by going underground to explore."
"They will pick up some metal and get lucky. Sometimes they may find a complete process. If they want to find one, they can stop eating and drinking for a month."
Tianyang said nothing.
This is the difference between a settlement and a fortress.
Even the residents of the fortress are willing to pay, even the elderly and women can barely make ends meet.
But people in settlements are not so lucky. Sometimes even if they are willing to work, they have no chance to make a living. Many times, they live by luck.
Soon Tianyang saw an abyss.
It’s just in the city. I don’t know what happened at that time. The whole city sank underground.
Shi Huo pointed to Fang’s abyss where dust and smoke floated all the year round and said, "Some scholars have come to us before. What geological movement caused this underground ancient city?"
"He said that the underground rock suddenly tore a hole, causing a large part of the urban area of the surface city to sink in, and then the surrounding earth and stone would be buried, but because the urban buildings acted as’ pillars’, they constituted a fragile underground structure."
"The scholar said that sooner or later, the underground Gu Chenghui will be completely submerged in the earth and stone. At that time, we gophers just want to dig holes and go in."
"But I should not see this day coming," he said, leading Tianyang and them to a relatively clean and crowded platform.
"Let’s go from here."
Tianyang looked at the platform and thought it would be easy to fly with’ melodious feathers’
However, it’s not difficult to go now. The platform is inclined to a landslide. It’s probably convenient for people to move around in the settlement. Wooden beams have been laid here to form a’ staircase’ structure, which extends along the slope to the’ grey cloud’ on the surface.
Shi Huo took off his headscarf and tied it to his nose, covering his mouth and nose.
Pointing to Fang’s gray cloud, he said, "There’s dust in that thing, which is very choking. You’d better not breathe or breathe in anything on a ventilator later, or you’ll feel like your chest is on fire."
"And you’d better wear blindfolds unless you want to go with your eyes closed."
Eye masks and ventilators are prepared for them in Tumoshan. Tianyang checked his backpack when he came here just now. It has been found that when several people with Xingluo took out these devices, they protected their eyes and nose.
At this time, Shi Huo, they have climbed, and even ordinary people, they can easily climb up and sublimate Tianyang, a few people are even more ignorant.
After about 100 meters, I was close to the’ gray cloud’. Although the gray cloud blocked the line of sight, I couldn’t prevent my perception from penetrating Tianyang while climbing. Now I have reached the rank of 6. Even if I don’t use black fog to increase Tianyang’s perception, I can reach out hundreds of meters away. If I bundle it into a line, I can hide everything from him for one kilometer.
He felt that there were stones piled up in Lime Yun Shenchu, and there was a man-made "gap" on their "stairs"
There are metal parts around the gap to reinforce it to prevent the rubble from dumping and burying the’ gap’
When they enter the’ grey cloud’, they can’t see anything around, and the visibility is dozens of centimeters or even lower.
If you don’t use the sun to perceive the sun, you can see a lot of dark shadows around you. Tell what it is by root method.
But after passing through the gap, the visibility became high. Tianyang took off the blindfold and looked at it. Next to him, there was a building with cracks all over the outer wall!
As Shi Huo said, after falling into the ground, the high-rise buildings in that city acted as’ pillars’. They supported the surface and slipped to cover a large number of rocks, thus forming a’ hall’ with fragile structure in the ground.
at this time
Fang Shihuo and others lit up in turn, and they rowed the light according to the equipment, so that Tianyang could see the surface. Some buildings were penetrated by raised stone edges, which were probably formed by the extrusion of underground rock strata during geological movements.
They penetrated the building to form a partition, thus turning this underground ancient city into a three-dimensional maze.
Tianyang, at the end of this’ staircase’ they climbed, is a broad stone ridge, which has crossed the ground like a bridge without guardrails, and the other end of this building is in the invisible darkness.