Feeling smell gives birth to a touch of coldness, but he didn’t look back at Li Huateng, but he muttered a spell in his mouth.

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There is no violent Wushu. See Li Huateng’s sudden figure. He is on his knees and foaming at the mouth. He convulses and falls to the ground on his back.
With the last breath left, his eye pupil has festered, but he said in a relieved tone, "I’m sorry to die in hentai!"
After a speech, Li Hua quickly turned pus and blood into sand dunes.
In the cold wind, I smelled of blood, but I went to Shuijia Village as quickly as I could.
Shuijia village
I’ve been waiting for love for a long time
Even in the middle of the night, the heart is still sitting on the sofa in the living room, patiently watching Leng Yue’s sword in his hand.
Liang Ping rented a room with lights on, and when he came here, he didn’t get up to meet him.
But when I saw a dead body in a gray fur coat on my shoulder, my heart asked in a faint tone, "You killed him."
Feeling carefully placed Zong Ze’s body on the sofa, he sat directly opposite his heart and smiled modestly and said, "I killed him, but his death was worth it."
"oh? Really? "
Heart calmly said, "But you shouldn’t come here today."
"What do you mean?" asked puzzled.
It was this that I saw a young man in a white fur coat coming out of the living room.
Don’t ask, judging from his costume, he is a member of the Wolf clan guild.
But I haven’t seen this person before, so I looked at that person with a surprised face and asked, "Who are you?"! Why are you here so late? "
The man stared angrily at the love and hate and said, "This room is my home. Of course I can be here, but it doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that you, a group of heroes, will come to my house and be suspicious!"
Said the man’s hand more than a heavy knife handle jin homicidal attack to love.
Love figure that easily hid his heavy knife.
But the extra furniture in the room was smashed to pieces.
Love was about to explain why my heart suddenly got up and gripped the man with a knife and said calmly, "Water mark, you shouldn’t shoot him."
"What? He killed the leader of Zongze Hall of our Wolf clan association. I can’t do anything to him."
The wolf clan guild member who was called water mark by heart asked with faint anger.
My heart just smiled faintly. "Some things don’t need to be explained, but you can’t shoot him."
Speaking heart signals feelings to leave first.
However, I saw several members of the Hunan-Chu Beauty Association coming outside before I stepped forward.
They are a president, a vice president, a big elder and two elders.
When the four ancient warriors saw the situation, they also showed their anger.
President Mengxi is a petite ancient warrior, and her posture is also the fastest and fastest, blocking the way of love.
However, the speed of emotional action is faster, and a green mountain is disappearing into the dark night.
Several soldiers of Xiangchu Liren were just about to chase and suddenly stopped and said, "Stop chasing! You can’t catch him!"
Everyone is more shocked than looking at the heart.
Especially the water mark suddenly frowned and looked at the heart and said, "Heart, you deliberately let him go. Why did you do this!"
My heart is stained with water, and my face says, "I’m not letting him go, but saving your life."
"What saved my life?"
The water mark looked unwilling to put away the heavy knife and said, "I don’t know that we have five soldiers here and you are a swordsman. Can’t we beat a hero with six people?"
My heart naturally sat on the sofa and continued to wipe the sword. I said calmly and briefly, "I won’t shoot him. You five are no match for him."
Hearing this, the water mark sighed heavily-it seems to be refutable to what the heart said.
But Xiangchu Beauty Mengxi came to her heart with a face of anger and pointed a heavy knife at the tip of her heart and said, "Heart, although you are the Lord of Maple City, it’s hard not to let us doubt that you have collusion with the heroes in Maple City."
Seeing Mengxi as a posture, I kept rubbing my sword and said lightly, "Let your knife go or I will cut it off."
Mengxi was noncommittal and laughed. "What boastful guy? Since you don’t say anything, I’ll call you to say it!"
Said Mengxi heavy knife stab the heart alongside of.seem and go.
The original blade is less than 1 cm away from the center. This attack is faster than that of ordinary people. Where can we hide?
Instead of hiding, the heart swung a sword at will.
The blade less than three fingers wide blocked Mengxi’s heavy knife.