"Teacher, look at my face. Can I use the freckle cream?"

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"Why not?"
Duan Jianing’s face is not particularly marked, but a woman who doesn’t want her face to be smooth and free.
"That … teacher, can you … can you …"
Looking at her, Li Chu smiled and said, "Do you want me to do something for you?"
"Hey hey ~ Teacher, you are the best" Duan Jianing said coquetry.
Li Chu didn’t answer her directly, but turned to Liu Ziqiang and asked, "Do you want to strengthen yourself?"
"Of course I want it, teacher."
Chapter six hundred and sixty Anxiety
"Who do you want it for?" Li Chu didn’t expect to ask him casually if the student really wanted it.
"Teacher, don’t you know that Ziqiang talked about an object?"
"Talk about an object?" He really doesn’t know this.
"Brother, didn’t you tell the teacher?" Duan Jianing and Liu Ziqiang both looked at Li Wenxuan, and their teacher may have known from the senior brother.
Wenxuan smiled slightly and did not speak.
"Don’t look at him" Li Chu waved his hand. "Your brother is not a chatterbox. He never told me that something happened in your private life."
"Self-improvement, you tell me about where you are talking about? Are you sure? "
Medical college will not prohibit students who come for further study or graduate students from contacting them, but if they want to be in love, they must apply for registration.
If you don’t report it, do something that looks affectionate, such as holding hands. If you are reported, you will be punished.
But once reported, the army is no different from being engaged.
"Teacher, we are not sure yet. We are still in contact with her. She is a student of Obstetrics Dong." Liu Ziqiang was a little embarrassed to scratch her hair
"Teacher dong? Oh, Dong Li, deputy director of obstetrics and gynecology, where is that girl’s home? "
"Her home is 49 cities."
"So are you going to stay in 49 cities after graduation?"
"Have this idea"
"Ha ha" Li Chu got up and patted Liu Ziqiang on the shoulder. "Then come on and study hard. It’s not easy to stay in 49 cities."
Then he ran away and walked to the door, then turned to Duan Jianing and said, "I’ll make you a bottle of ointment when I’m done with that foreigner in these two days."
"thank you, teacher"
"All three of you study hard while you are grasping."
Throw this sentence and he walked out. Liu Dazhuang has opened the door.
"Brother Liu Dazhuang doesn’t talk much when he goes back to class at ordinary times." Seeing the teacher, both of them left the latter part of Jianing and asked lightly.
Liu Dazhuang has been with Li Chu for several days. Duan Jianing and Liu Ziqiang both know his identity, but they really haven’t seen him talk.
Li Wenxuan thought for a moment before he nodded and said, "I really don’t talk much, except for talking to my dad and mom occasionally. I have to ask him actively before I speak."
"Isn’t that boring?"
"I think it’s okay. He’s familiar with my dogs, and soon he can take them out."
This is the most surprising place for Li Wenxuan. He knows how cold dogs are at home, not to mention others, but grandparents can’t even take them out. Liu Dazhuang has only lived at home for a few days and has already become acquainted.
This morning, he found that the dog went out with him, which almost didn’t surprise his eyes.
On the other hand, Sarah and Angel were invited to the coffee place on the second floor as soon as they were sent back to the Beijing Hotel.
"Ladies, please sit down. You’re welcome."
"Thank you, Uncle George (Sir)"
"Sarah, I invited you here just to hear what you think of this doctor Li. What kind of person is he?"
George is full of doubts now. Although he talked to the ambassador this morning, he still can’t calm his anxiety.
He can now say that there is no way out. This trip to China is really his last step.
He bet that if he doesn’t get well or get better like Angel when he goes back from China this time, the directors on the board will definitely join hands to kick him out of the company, including several who have been supporting him before.
Now his heart is full of anxiety, fear, expectation and so on. All kinds of emotions are mixed together, which makes him feel almost breathless.
He urgently needs someone to talk to to ease his nervousness, and these two ladies are the best candidates at present. At least neither of them belongs to him.
Angel didn’t say anything, but glanced at Sarah and motioned for her to speak.
Sarah thought for a moment and then replied, "Uncle George, I really don’t know Dr. Li very well. How should I put it? He has an indescribable momentum, but when you see him for a moment, it will be strange and calm."
Another is that because of your illness, he really won’t explain anything to you too much. He said that even if I said it, you wouldn’t understand it. Just follow my treatment and I will guarantee your health. "
George stared at Sarah as if he had heard something incredible. Is this a doctor? The doctor should explain it clearly to the patient, at least he will tell me what the cause is, how I need to treat your disease, and what state it can reach after my treatment.
It doesn’t explain anything. What the hell is this?