But when I saw Xiao Yuanshan waving the old wooden stick with one hand, I saw the ghosting on display, and it blew towards Pang Xia.

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Pang Xia saw that scoring was the same as Shaolin Temple Juexue, but he couldn’t tell which of the 72 stunts it was!
The left palm takes back the palm, one is solid, one is virtual, one is yin and one is yang, and it keeps changing. This is the fifteenth palm of dragon fighting in the wild!
"Bang bang …"
The wooden stick and Pang Xia’s palms kept colliding and gave a muffled sound.
In the hands of Xiao Yuanshan, this ordinary person can break an old wooden stick, which is as lacking as a magic weapon.
Beating in Pang Xia’s palm arms makes Pang Xia’s arms ache and his palm numb!
At this time, Pang Xia has an idea in his heart that the master is worthy of being a master! ‘
Chapter 227 State, Constitution and List
The first hand of the dragon was shocked and the front of the hundred miles was blown out.
When Xiao Yuanshan takes a step back in the violent palm, Pang Xia takes a step back quickly, and at the same time, he transports his arms to relieve the numbness and pain of his arms!
Throw a worn-out stick in your hand, but when you see it fall to the ground, it breaks into ashes inch by inch.
Obviously, it has always been Xiao Yuanshan’s true qi pouring into the wooden stick, which makes the wooden stick as strong as magic.
After losing Xiao Yuanshan’s true qi, this old wooden stick was immediately sacrificed by the two of them just now.
"Your strength is really good, but it is not enough to face the master after all.
You have reached the peak of the day after tomorrow, and you are about to break through to the innate realm.
When you are born, you will know that the true qi and the strength are totally different although they come from the same source!
Besides, don’t tell Fenger that I’m here, or I can find you even if you escape to a place! "
Xiao Feng is different. Xiao Yuanshan is cool. Then he disappeared in the same place.
Looking at the disappearance, Xiao Yuanshan Pangxia shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the mountain outside Dali.
It’s not far from the mountain. I’m used to practicing Pangxia in the jade cave in the mountain. Naturally, I walked there at once.
It wasn’t long before Pang Xia came to the Jade Cave in Heaven’s Library.
Simply packed up a Pang Xia and sat on the side of the stone bed and sat cross-legged to run the "Small Phase Work" to restore the consumption to 120,000!
The conditions have been met. Do you want to make a breakthrough?
Click OK, and Pang Xia will continue to run Small Phase Skill.
At this time, Pang Xia felt that the physical contraction was originally distributed in the physical strength and gradually contracted to the abdomen.
When the force shrinks to the abdomen, it rotates rapidly.
The rotating speed is getting faster and faster, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller.
Finally, the force shrinks to a little bit, and then this starlight suddenly explodes to release a force.
This force radiated to Pang Xia’s whole body and was absorbed by his body.
Immediately after the explosion, a new force appeared in Pangxia Dantian.
There is no doubt that this is the true spirit of the innate realm fighters.
This also means that Pang Xia has successfully broken through to the innate realm!
Congratulations to the player, Fat Shrimp broke through congenital success, please choose to return to congenital constitution the day after tomorrow!
Pure Yang Daoism, Xuan * * * * Daoism, Xiang Daoism and Sword Fighting.
Pang Xia sees these four options, and as soon as he reaches out, he will click on the phase Tao.
However, at the moment of hitting this option, Pang Xia’s hand is stagnant.
He looked at the last sword option and the data flashed in his eyes. He wanted to invade the system and query the sword option.
But before Pang Xiazhen could find out his connection, it suddenly broke.
Obviously, Pang Xia’s ability and limitation are not qualified to find out the information of sword and war body!
"The first three are Taoist styles. I want to learn Taoist martial arts in the future, which will inevitably get twice the result with half the effort.
Let alone the first two, the third must be in line with my "Small Xianggong"
However, if I choose this one, I will definitely follow Xiao Xiang Gong in the future.
Short-term nature has advantages, but if you start the secret work method, I am afraid it will not be so easy.
I can’t see through this sword, but now I have two artifacts, the Qinglei dagger and the magic cleaver.
If you have this constitution, it will inevitably enhance the power of swordsmanship and saber.
So ….. Then choose this option, even if it is nothing, it is much better than limiting the post-qualification! "
Thought of here, Pang Xia chose this sword and war body.
Choose moment PangXia felt a knife gas and a firm but gentle rushed out from the virtual toward PangXia body then shot up.
However, at this time, Pang Xia put aside the sword box with a word and suddenly called.
Which fly out of a green firm but gentle into that since the virtual injection firm but gentle.
Among them, a bloody knife gas flew out and swallowed the knife gas that came from the virtual.
But see this green firm but gentle and red knife gas dancing around PangXia at the same time and then directly into the PangXia eyebrows.
Seeing such a vision, Pang Xia immediately knew that he had bet right!
Pang Xia felt that the two swords directly merged with his body after they were injected into the eyebrows.
Congratulations to the player, Fat Shrimp returned to the innate nature the day after tomorrow and successfully got the peerless sword and sword fighting body!
Swords and swords are born out of natural warfare, which makes the sword go against the sword. The level of swordsmanship is permanent +1. The understanding of swordsmanship is enhanced, and the proficiency is reduced by 30%. The sword with special ability can be used with both hands to make the sword run the swordsmanship and swordsmanship respectively.
After reading the introduction of this sword and war body, Pang Xia spat out a sigh of relief and felt glad that he had just chosen that phase body without being in a hurry.