Many people in the restaurant are talking about it. Terrans still eat with their heads down. Many foreign strong people ponder and look at Su Yu’s table.

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Their eyes wander with Su Yu, some gloat, others contain sympathy.
But no race faces the Terran. They see the Terran as weak.
Terrans deserve pity and bullying from others and respect and fear from others.
Wing day with his entourage strode to Su Yu this table.
He looked down at Su Yu with deep disdainfulness in his eyes.
A few tables near Su Yu, Terrans are shaking and their heads are buried deeper, but Su Yu is still talking and laughing with four women.
Didn’t look at Wing Tian at all.
"Don’t get down on your knees and beg for mercy and eat and drink? You terrans are really worthy of being a famous waste race in the four continents! "
Wing day eyes with a contempt and disdain.
So calm?
Wang will be interesting to see when you can pack it!
Su Yu’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and then he smiled a little lazy and didn’t want to talk.
Another alien with a bad feeling towards the Terran?
This kind of person is so boring.
Four female arch eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and they are very disgusted with the frivolous eyes of Wing Tian.
"Hold your head up and kneel when Xiao Wang talks to you!"
Wing days behind a follower cold drink a momentum high Gang gas wantonly against Su Yu.
It is obvious that today is to look at Su Yu regretfully at this table of Terrans.
But no one is willing to step forward. No one wants a few lowly terrans to offend Wang Yi.
"You said this position is you? Does this desktop have your name written on it? "
Su Yu smiled and raised his glass and poured it himself.
"The king needs evidence. My words are evidence! Get out of your position! Kneel down and beg for mercy and give the king enough compensation. The king will let you live! "
Wing Tian’s attitude is always high and aggressive
He looked at Su Yu, and there was a deep dislike for Terran in his eyes besides contempt.
This look is like looking at lower organisms.
At the same time, Wing Tian’s eyes fell on the four beauties beside Su Yu when it came to compensation.
The eyes were filled with greed and desire for possession.
Restaurant people have an epiphany, combined with Wing Tian’s personality, everyone has guessed that Wing Tian wants to take away the beauty around this Terran!
It’s a pity that the Terran is in danger. If this little companion is seen by Wing Tian, it will definitely be lost.
Many people feel sorry for Su Yu, while others sympathize with Su Yu.
"You are not qualified for others to have two wings and talk big."
Su Yuyin is very indifferent. "Get out while I’m in a good mood."
Hall and all of a sudden some surprise this Terran Xiao is where to tone unexpectedly dare to speak to wing Wang in such a tone!
Wing day one leng then sneer at a few sounds with a strong threat "Sifang mainland no one dare to talk to me like this, it seems that you are really not afraid dead! Humble human beings! "
Wing Tian said with a deep murder and a faint irony, "or do you really want to see your beautiful and lovely companion become a king?" So I have been provoking me? "
If you speak disrespectfully, you will be punished!
Su Yu’s eyes suddenly became cold when he was going to use force to suppress it.
217. Chapter 217 Alien when the whole!
"That’s enough!"
One Terran warrior couldn’t help it. Get up from another table. br >
"Here is the piano sword empire! The location of the restaurant has so many wings that it has to be forced! My people didn’t provoke you! "
The human fighters at wing day took a deep breath and said in a low voice.
He spoke bravely to solve Su Yu’s problems, otherwise Wing Tian would surely be difficult. In front of Su Yu’s family, Terrans would probably suffer.
"What did you say? Say it again! "
Wing day eyes flashing cold mans turned to look at the human fighters.
"Pay attention to your tone! You are such a creature! "
Wing day behind an attendant came out with a growl warning.
No one took this Su Yu s human fighters seriously.
This human warrior is only a hundred years old, but it is obvious that he is more bloody than other terrans.
He took a deep breath and forced a smile to fight back his anger. He put his attitude in a humble way. "You don’t have to be distinguished for my people, do you?" It’s hard to affect your reputation if you go out; What do you think? I’ll give you what you have today, and I’ll pay for it as an apology for my people. "
Su Yu didn’t offend the wing clan at all. It was because people were in trouble. Nai-wing clan has a big potential, and human fighters in this early stage can fight back their anger, and Su Yu begged Wing Tian for mercy.
I have to say that there is still unity and blood in the Terran, and it is hard to hide that our own people suffer.
"oh? Do you want to give me a seat and pay me for dinner? "
Wing day ponder a smile at the human fighters.
"It’s a little wing. It’s my honor. I hope you’ll let my people go."
The human fighters respectfully bowed their heads and said that he had not finished yet.
Wing day body flashing suddenly disappeared in situ.