Tianxin Yao, now I’m talking about Taoism with a visiting Taoist who is at the lower level in the summer and the sky. Tianxin didn’t hide the source of the internal internal energy book in the boundless edition and the internal energy book in the external edition, but it didn’t sign the copyright. Dahuang Tianren only knows that the internal energy book is produced by Xintian Hermitage. Based on this, the person who left the road was found.

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"I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect," Kanli Taoist recited at the sight of Tianxin. "You are so young, Taoist hermit!"
Compared with those who have a wrinkled face, Tianxin is really young. "Please sit down for the elderly, and the elderly are very thick. The elders coming, shed Peng Shenghui … "
"What an interesting little friend. When the old man comes here, he won’t beat around the bush. Dare to ask friends, are the two editions of the internal classics created by Xiao Daoyou? "
"I didn’t dare to hide it from the elders. It was just some experience I realized when I was walking in the Jianghu!"
"Not simple, not simple."
"Please also ask the elders for advice!"
"Little Taoist friend, you can learn from nature, and it seems that you can learn from it."
"The elder really has an eye for rhinoceros. When he first made his debut, he only knew how to wander around the world, and accidentally fell into the world of youth for a hundred years. Later, he got a chance to get away from it, so he got two internal scriptures by synthesizing his experience and extracting his memory. It is a great pity that he still can’t combine the two celestial bodies into one."
"So that’s it. The little Taoist friend’s fortune is really profound, "the Taoist groped." I wonder if the little Taoist friend can take the little micro-world. If it’s taken, I have some practice materials here, old man. Give them to my friends! "
"The elders give it, but they dare not refuse it." A delicate boundary brain flies to Tianxin under the hand tactic of the Taoist priest, and Tianxin catches it, and the spirit and god know it, so scan it briefly. I know in my heart that this gift is not easy to receive, and this elder Taoist must have a lot of questions about internal cultivation. However, it seems that I also have a lot of questions about the infinite world to ask.

Chapter four hundred and sixty-eight China even upgrade
More than 100 days passed away in a flash.
When Tianxin reappeared, it was already in the summer. If Dahuangtian is a mage world, then summer is a Taoist world. Of course, this refers to the mainstream, whether it’s in the yellow sky or in the summer, it belongs to Arihoshi and Taoists.
A man who deviates from the Tao is an elder who practices both Tao and Dharma. The reason why he pretends to be a Tao is mainly his own will. Those who are divorced from Taoism think that Taoism and magic are the means to March into the avenue, and even if they are opposed to each other, they should be unified. Compared with the two, there is no competition, only the application is wonderful!
In fact, at the level of Yu, the Taoist has no separation of arms and magic. The slight difference between Taoist and mage is mainly reflected in the world used by both sides. In the Yu-level stage, Taoists generally no longer use spiritual boundary force. The spiritual boundary force in the dark blue world of Tianpin is mainly used as spiritual resources to support the existence of Taoists, and the Taoist’s hand is mainly to call the vitality of heaven and earth. The same is true of the mage. At the level of Magic Space, the function of Tianpin Deep Blue World Stone is mainly to protect the body and support the consumption of spirit. The power used to strike the enemy comes from the misty world.
The discussion and discussion with the Taoist priest reminds Tianxin of the intrigue in the world of stars and elements. The fighting of the Taoist priest of the universe is like the speech of a big country, which makes those small countries collide by themselves, and the final beneficiary is the big country itself. This is called getting the maximum benefit with the least strength, and both strength and wisdom are indispensable, otherwise it will get burned. This shows from a certain aspect that Yu-level Taoists are powerful, and they don’t consume their spiritual and spiritual forces in the deep blue world, but only use them to dispatch their vitality. Tianpin Deep Blue World is at least the benchmark of 4,800 star fields. In such a world, the spiritual world saves energy and use, and Tianxin even imagines that two inferior Taoists would not spell out a winning or losing result if they were not red-eyed, irrational and disturbed by their original strength.
After the departure of the Taoist priest. Curious, Tianxin decided to go to the world of contact with Taoists in summer.
After gaining the experience of cultivating the world in a small way, the Taoist priest also told Tianxin a great secret. It is this secret that makes Tianxin more eager to go to the summer.
The secret told by the Taoist priest is that there are ancient teleportation arrays between heaven and earth, but they are only suitable for Taoist priests with a higher rank. The Taoist priest invited Tianxin to visit him in summer when he entered the world of Yu.
The actual situation is that the hindfoot of Tianxin stepped into the ancient teleportation array in the wasteland of Dahuang celestial pole. Tianxin didn’t see how the people who left the road left, but it also believed that this ancient transmission array could bring the people who left the road to the summer hundreds of millions of light-years away.
Starting energy in ancient teleportation positions is the spiritual force of the world. Tianxin dare not rashly use the broken shell light green world, who knows how much energy this transmission array needs. The Taoist priest told him so carefully that he must be promoted to the rank of Yu before he can use the ancient teleportation array. I’m afraid that even the spiritual boundary force in the world with superior quality is not enough to transmit consumption.
It can’t be used for the time being, so we have to study it.
The change of the situation at will can’t be studied by people and heavenly heart. I actually studied it on the refiner.
Fiona Fang is 300 billion light years away, and the abundant resources are a cinch. 300 billion light years, according to the standard of Xingyuan world, the entity of Dahuangtian is almost made up of thousands of star fields, which shows how great Dahuangtian is. According to those who deviate from the Tao, big summer is more magnificent than big yellow sky. The implication is that big summer is much bigger than big yellow day. I’m afraid it’s a misunderstanding that the heavenly heart is the cautious words of the rhubarb and heaven, and it’s a great summer. There may be something earthy on the face of the heavenly heart, the rhubarb and heaven.
Of course, Tianxin doesn’t care about this. He is interested in existence. If this kind of heaven and earth is in the astral world, it will definitely evolve into a super black hole. Or separate into planets. Anyway, it’s not this, it’s that. However, in the boundless world, such a world as Dahuangtian is safe and performs the duties of a life-like planet in the astral world.
When the cloud nine changed dramatically, the soldiers’ predecessors went into the outer world to collect the chaotic gold and cast the Great Yan Ling Ball. Tianxin did his best to study the Great Yan Ling Ball, but it was a pity that it could not be kept secret. But the function of Dayanling Sphere is coveted by heavenly heart. The big Yan ling ball is fully unfolded, only one tenth as big as the solar system, but that thing is the living solar system, and not only that. The tolerance of the Great Yan Ling Ball to the outside world is extremely abnormal, and its mixed element characteristics are particularly strong. In Jade Qing days, it has actually produced tens of billions of kilometers of sad wasteland; It’s too clear. The huge pressure of too much interest is ignored by it. Da Yan Ling Ball should also be free and unfettered in the boundless world, and Tianxin finally came to this conclusion.
The question is where does the gold of chaos come from?
Come to the infinite world. Tianxin found that there are only heaven, earth and spirit here, and there may be five elements, but the five elements are one and cannot be separated. The gold, wood, water, fire and earth that can be seen everywhere can be transformed by the spiritual boundary force, and also exist in the vast forest, the earth beneath your feet, the mountains and rivers, and the boundary steel, but these are the aggregates of chaotic breath and stars, and do not belong to the category of chaotic gold, chaotic wood, chaotic water, chaotic fire and chaotic land. The chaotic five elements, according to the heavenly heart, should be pure elemental gas. However, even in the abyss of interest, Tianxin can’t extract the chaotic five-element pure gas, and the so-called five-element pure gas can only be called yuan interest, but yuan interest contains a lot of trace impurities.
Especially chaotic element interest, Tianxin has found that chaotic element interest is in the world of stars and elements, just as stars and elements will be neutralized when they arrive in the boundless world.
This is also the heavenly heart has reached the boundless heaven and earth, and the only magic weapon in hand is the purple iron sword. The reason is very simple. The purple iron sword is refined from the blood of all souls, and there is a little HarmonyOS purple light in the sword body when heaven and earth first opened. This innate spiritual treasure is a singularity that the world can form in a sense. The purple iron sword inadvertently conforms to some rules, so it can be used in the star world, and it can also be popular in the boundless world. Even in the chaotic world, the purple iron sword will not become a waste treasure. This heavenly heart can be sure.
However, other magic weapons will not work. If you have a natural original fire, Tianxin will not dare to offer it, for fear that if you are not careful, the original fire will be washed away by the boundless chaos of heaven and earth, thus losing control of the original fire that has made you a star beast.
The original fire is still like this, and of course, other magic weapons of the stars are not mentioned, that is, the baby-god device. The heavenly heart is also small, and the heart decides not to use it. However, with the deepening of the infinite world, Tianxin had to consider using the multiplier to make up for it. Yellow, green and little micro-world, no, it’s already a blood-blue and little micro-world, and it will take a long time to use it. It is not that these materials are useless, but the language that records them. It knows Tianxin, but Tianxin doesn’t know them. Even those who deviate from the Tao do not know. He got it in an ancient cave!
Now I’m in the ancient teleportation array. Looking at this means of transportation that can make me go to hundreds of millions of light-years away in the summer, I can’t make it because my world is not good enough. Tianxin feels very depressed, so I have the idea of re-refining the nine-day lotus.
However, it is not easy to re-refine Hua Lian for nine days. Nine-day Lotus is refined from pure elemental gas collected by Tianxin. If it is to be remolded, it must also be remolded with chaotic elemental gas. There is another problem, that is, the remolded Nine-day Lotus can be used not only in the boundless world, but also in the astral world like the purple iron sword.

"Try it. When adventure … "
Tianxin finally didn’t put a little idea, and looked at the earth and stone in Dahuangtian. When refining the nine-day lotus, Tianxin was a pure element device extracted from the planet. Now use a peak in Dahuangtian to extract pure element gas.
However, surprisingly, the extraction of something similar to pure elemental gas is easier than Tianxin imagined. After a long time, Tianxin suddenly realized that the activity and content of elements in the boundless universe are many times that of the Xingyuan world. It is no wonder that Blue Ice Dragon Gao Jian that guy has achieved great success in Baling Celestial Polar North Ice Land in one hundred years. It turns out that the water is rich in energy … Plus Gao Jian is a living body, and the living body has its own rules for energy intake. This is also the reason why life can go anywhere if the body is strong.
Such an association reminds me of the sea. The most direct thing is that the world stone is swallowed by Warcraft in the Rhubarb Valley. Whether it is possible to construct the life meridian to carry the world stone. Tianxin’s mind was focused on the 149 magic world stones of various orders collected in Sunday’s dharma circle when the spirits died in the valley. Maybe we can colonize the demon-spirit world stone in the two large arrays of nine planets mixed array and Guangsheng Nine-turn array of Nine-day Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Lotus Circle to Taiji Array. Take the spiritual power of the demon world stone as the source of attack and defense for Jiutian Hualian.
Of course, to do this, we must first strengthen the structure of Jiutian Hualian.
Because it is easy to extract pure elemental gas, Tianxin moved to the selected peak one by one. Refiner spirit tactic disease turn, infinite couldn’t say for sure what material is pure elemental gas in the peak air to form a cocoon of hundreds of millions of kilometers, after. Tianxin sacrificed nine days of Chinese lotus and unfolded its ultimate state.
Tianxin didn’t change the structure of Nine-Day Lotus, but watched the Nine-Day Lotus made of pure elemental gas in Xingyuan churning in the cocoon mass, where it reacted violently with the pure elemental gas in the boundless universe.
The ultimate state of Nine-Day Lotus is a white lotus with the size of ten million kilometers, and the attack forms of Nine-Day Lotus are red and white swords, seven seas, nine planets mixed array in a circle, and nine-leaf lotus in a light. In addition to attacking, the defense form is the best defense, and the best one is the force field of Tai Chi, which is generated after two large arrays turn round. The power sources of the two large arrays, the nine planets mixed array uses the best spar, and the photogenic nine-turn array is the photogenic force injected by Tianxin.
In fact, although the Nine-Day Lotus is one of the most convenient instruments of Tianxin, it mainly refers to the red and white swords used for attack and the force field of Tai Chi, which is used for defense. The latter is less and less used after Tianxin enters the ninth heaven. One is that it consumes too much spar, and the other is that few people around Tianxin need protection, so that this function is basically not used. Because of the best spar, the huge space of lotus plums in Hua Lian has become the dwelling place of two thunder sculptures and blue ice dragons. By the time Tianxin refined the Sunday dharma circle, the function of nine-day Hua Lian to store life was no longer needed.
It is not an easy task to take the spiritual force of the world as the force source of nine planets mixed array in the two large arrays of Nine Days Lotus. A spirit world stone with a star field is not as good as a million SPAR planets, besides, the magic world stone is the lower order, and the internal space also has 60 star field benchmarks. This is far beyond the endurance limit of the nine-day lotus material. Plus, Tianxin’s heart is very big. This time, it’s not just a nine-day Chinese lotus.
Tianhualian only carries one magic world stone, but the more, the better. If Shi Quan eats 149 magic world stones, at worst, he will have to eat three light green and eighteen medium green magic world stones. This way. Nine-day Lotus has the power equivalent to six Taoist masters at the main level, thus raising the level of Nine-day Lotus to the lower level of the universe.
What Tianxin needs to do is to make Nine-Day Lotus successfully export at least 21 spiritual boundary forces of the demon world above medium green without collapsing without changing the structure of Nine-Day Lotus.
This is a better experiment. Pure elemental gas can be easily extracted, which solves the biggest problem of Tianxin obtaining materials. The rest is coagulation, so that the nine-day lotus can reach the strength of exporting the boundary force of 21 magic spirits in the world.
Tianxin one by one puts the stone casting of the demon world into the nine planets mixed element array of Nine-Day Lotus Lotus Lotus Heart, and at the same time, the body also operates the colorless bright band light-generating heart tactic, injecting the light-generating force into another large array light-generating nine-turn array.
The power of spiritual life and the power of light life are fully involved, and Hualian turns crazy in nine days. Pure element gas cocoon group also seems to be stimulated, and the wind group stirs like a cloud.
Tianxin refining device can be said that there is no more effort than this one. Most of the spirit should be used to release the spiritual boundary force of the demon world stone. The rest of the spirit should also be divided into several parts, one part is to navigate the spirit formula of extracting pure elemental gas with both hands and coagulate the lotus flower for nine days, the other part is to pay attention to the operation of the light-generating heart formula in the body and inject the light-generating force into the light-generating nine-rotating array, and the other part is to observe the changes of the lotus flower for nine days, and whether the light-generating nine-leaf lotus can be produced after the fusion of the light-generating boundary force and the light-generating force, or what other places are generated. Multi-tasking Ross, the blood test of all souls is not so tired! Tianxin is a sigh. If Nine-Day Hualien also has the innate organ spirit of clear air and HarmonyOS purple light, it will be an ancient experience. You don’t have to do this!
The whole situation is scattered and gathered, and gathered and scattered. Sometimes in nine days, Hua Lian even disappears into a cocoon. Finally, we reunited under the spirit formula.
I don’t know how time goes by, and I sweat through my shirt. The mind tactic in the body sometimes circulates the chaotic god tactic, sometimes circulates the light-generated mind tactic, sometimes circulates the Qian Yan Dan tactic, and sometimes circulates the 33rd paragraph of the Internal Classic, namely, the knowledge of the spirit, the micro-eyes, the normal eyes and the macro-eyes … Chaos refining technique, hide the sword refining technique. Alchemy, array, star force field in the magical world of Dahuangtian, explored from the Warming Line of Warcraft Jingxue of the Five-level Magic Leopard Minglu …
Anyway. Tianxin threw himself into it, and even called out the broken-shell light green world. Supply the consumption of clearing away the deficiency.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I don’t know how many times I failed, but Tianxin finally refined the complicated nine-day lotus. Nine days after re-refining, the appearance of Hua Lian is still white, a small white lotus. Only the internal fine structure has been greatly adjusted. The biggest adjustment is the nine planets mixed array. In the original nine planets mixed array, the best spar as a power source is placed in nine power source slots. And after refining. Nine power source slots have become 129 power source slots, which respectively store 129 demon world stones. It is headed by three top-grade light green magic stone, each of which governs six middle-grade green magic world stones and thirty-six dark green magic world stones. All geopower source slots are arranged in a three-talent and nine-palace serial array. The so-called three talents. That is, taking the top-grade world stones as the leader, six middle-green world stones and thirty-six dark-green world stones are placed according to the nine palaces, and the last three top-grade world stones are formed into three talents. The three talents can be divided and combined, and each talent uses the Jiugong serial array to exert its strength, which is equivalent to the three main-level Taoist; At the same time, the three talents resonate, which can form the offensive and defensive strength of the nine-stage Taoist. The reason why nine planets mixed array is divided into three talents is also to cooperate with another large array, which has been rebuilt to produce nine talents. Although it also has a power structure no less than that of nine planets mixed array, at present, Tianxin can only provide the photovoltaic power to cooperate with one talent in the nine talents. This problem will eventually be solved with the improvement of Tianxin cultivation.
In fact, don’t underestimate the combination of the spiritual force of a demon and the spiritual force of a light-born nine-turn array. Although this is only the metaplasia force of Tai Chi, it forms a nine-leaf lotus, which is powerful enough to stop the heavenly heart. If it is used to restrain the magical power, hehe, it may cause headaches for those who are in the middle class of the universe.
What makes Tianxin proud most is that the refined two Bi and seven seas are suitable for use in the boundless world, especially the red and white two Bi swords, which are heavy without purple iron swords, and are very suitable for use in all sizes of heaven and earth. Moreover, there is a steady supply of spiritual force from nine planets Mixed Array, and the strength of the two swords can be large or small, which will be no less than the most violent force that the purple iron sword broke out in heaven and earth like Dahuangtian, and the hour is not under any sharp weapon of the world spiritual force. Of course, if you gain something, you will lose something. In nine days, the more functions the Lotus has, the heavier its strength, and the more spiritual knowledge it will give. Because every function needs to be controlled and operated more accurately.
It was not until Tianxin recognized that nine days of Hualian could be produced that Tianxin found that several months were gone.
However, it is worth it. It probably didn’t occur to those who left the Taoist temple that Tianxin started the ancient teleportation array in Dahuang heaven with an alternative and ingenious power mode only a few months later, and experienced the magic of an ancient teleportation array in a small way, and came to the big summer.

Chapter four hundred and sixty-nine Guang Huang monuments
The deviant once told Tianxin that a big summer is "better" than a big yellow day, but this Tianxin has never been able to define it. From a well-off day, Baling day, Longhuangtian to Dahuangtian, the harsh living environment of the boundless world really makes Tianxin unable to imagine the "good" of a big summer.
When I was in the summer sky, I found that the summer was really much better. Although there are no signs of escaping from the flood, there are already cities on the land, and it is no longer the case of a cave city with mountains as holes in the big yellow sky, and it has been possible to see the houses far away with the naked eye.
The distance between people is closer!
In this way, Tianxin will naturally go to the biggest city in summer. Of course, this largest city is not the largest city mentioned by those who are divorced from the Tao, but the largest city calculated by the scanning of heavenly mind and mind.
There are more people walking, so there is a way; There are more people living together, so there is a city.