Leo Chou, the president of the three-way meeting township peasant association, told the whole story clearly, and also brought the photo documents and witness cards to the scene and put them in front of Liao Yuan in the Yishan County Judicial Branch.

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Liao Yuan looked at the photo file and inquired about the farmers’ representatives and the workers around him for a while.
Finally, he determined that according to the provisional agricultural tax law promulgated before the General Administration of Taxation, the situation faced by these farmers was tax deductible, but the county government did not do so when collecting taxes, and it was indeed illegal to refund taxes when it did not do so.
So Liao Yuan decided that the county magistrate must return the tax to these farmers on behalf of the county government.
Chapter 64 Chen Yingxin Tax Law
Chen Ying, the county magistrate of Yishan County, was very pale when he learned the result of Liao Yuan’s disposal.
Liao Yuan asked him to give an explanation, a promise and a time limit for doing it.
In the face of Liao Yuan’s inquiry, Chen Ying faltered for a long time before he finally explained.
The county government is not unaware that this matter is illegal or that tax refund should be done, but the number of tax workers in the county government is limited and there is no precedent for this matter, and the provisions on this matter in the provisional agricultural tax law are relatively general
More importantly, Su Yonglin’s tax law in Haizhou is different from that in other places.
Before the new edition of the Law was officially promulgated, other places were temporarily following the common tax laws of Jin and Song Dynasties. Su Yonglin abolished a lot of exorbitant taxes and reduced the burden on farmers, but the tax collection method remained unchanged.
At the beginning of this year, Su Yonglin of Haizhou announced that he would implement a new tax law to replace the tax laws once enacted by Jin and Song Dynasties.
That is, per mu taxation
According to the amount of land, agricultural tax will be levied, and it will be necessary to levy real money.
In short, Su Yonglin believes that the tax collection methods in the past dynasties were too complicated and various, which was inconvenient for the people and convenient for the officials.
To give the simplest example, in the past, taxes were collected in kind, and some good things were fine, but cloth was easy to be damaged, and a larger amount of grain was also easy to be damp, moldy and corrupt.
Once improper, it is easy to have a lot of loss.
Take grain as an example. In the past, the government collected grain when collecting taxes, and the grain was collected from farmers and transported. In this process, the loss of light grain was a lot of money because of unscientific and rough handling.
In the past, the government was unwilling to bear this loss, and found that it was too big, so it spread the loss to the farmers and added an extra loss when they asked them to pay normal taxes.
This is a fair and square way to increase the burden on farmers and ask them to bear the unscientific and unreasonable transportation mode of the government in the past.
What’s more, the amount of money lost by this levy is often not the rated amount, which gives local officials and petty officials a great deal of exercise. They can collect several times of money lost from farmers by virtue of their potential, so as to enrich themselves.
Farmers have suffered severe exploitation here, and farmers who are unwilling to accept this rule are often miserable.
Su Yonglin, a long-time businessman, knew a lot about this system and hated it, so he decided to reform the tax method.
He decided to make some changes when the Great Dynasty was just founded. From then on, he spread the agricultural tax department to the fields to collect taxes, and all agricultural taxes were settled by copper coins
No matter what farmers plant or harvest, farmers need to pay a copper coin to the tax collectors, and everything will be fine, so they can rest easy.
They are not worried that there will be tax collectors coming to harass them and not paying excess losses.
If farmers get copper coins …
Su Yonglin intends to purchase grain and other agricultural products from farmers in the name of a country outside the taxation system and unify the grain preparation strategy.
That is, before taxation every year, arrange for people to buy grain and other agricultural products from farmers. Farmers can sort out food rations and other agricultural products and sell them to the government at the official rated purchase price.
The purchase price will not be low and will not harm the interests of farmers, so that farmers can get money from the government.
After the official gets these physical objects, they can be transported to the designated warehouse in accordance with the prescribed system, and the state-prepared agricultural products will be distributed and decided by the court to all aspects.
And the transportation loss is borne by the big government, not the farmers.
Farmers get the money, and when the tax collectors arrive, they can pay taxes directly, pay the money in one hand and record it in the other, so everything is fine.
Officials can reduce the loss caused by scattered transportation and no unified regulation, greatly saving a transportation loss, and farmers can also save a loss of money and actually reduce the burden.
This is the basic spirit of the new tax law.
Su Yonglin, the central government and officials of the Ministry of Finance have discussed for a long time and formulated such a set of strategies to take the lead in Haizhou’s implementation.
However, this set of tax laws looks simple, but in practice, there are many places that need to be adapted to local conditions, and the government also needs to pay a lot of labor to solve them
After the implementation, it was determined that this tax law actually reduced the burden on farmers, but increased the official burden.
Because Haizhou is the first time to implement local Su Yonglin and needs to see the results as soon as possible, local governments have worked overtime to catch up with the tax season, and completed the supporting measures for the reform of the new tax law and implemented the new tax law
Needless to say, the new tax law has really saved a lot of things. Farmers who suffered from paying taxes in the past praised it and felt that the court was really humanized
But the official in charge of this matter doesn’t see it that way.
It was in 1996 that they worked overtime to facilitate the farmers, but they were not easy at all. Moreover, there was still a lot of work to be done in the process of collecting taxes from farmers to paying them thoroughly, and tax officials were under great pressure.
In this way, it is also difficult to make some mistakes in the process of background taxation, and there are not many people involved in this matter, just one township and several villages
Just a few villages need tax officials to work overtime to find the tax records of those villages to determine the amount of tax refund, and many workers are burdened with tax officials with resentment.
After the county government handed this over, it was too late to find a free tax collector to handle this matter, so this matter was finally dragged on.
After the cause and effect of the incident were clear, the judicial branch upheld the original judgment of Liao Yuan in the incident and recognized that this was caused by the mistake of the county government. In any case, it was a work mistake and the county government needed to bear the responsibility.
County magistrate Chen Ying complained bitterly about this.
"The new tax law has just been implemented, and the court urgently needs to see the results left to us. It is really too little to finish the layout before the tax season, but it is not just as simple as collecting money. The food collected before also needs the county government to organize manpower and material resources to transport it to the designated warehouse.
There are too many things to deal with in this tax season, so few people in the county government can handle affairs safely. Almost everyone has been seconded to help with the tax, so it is still too soon. This kind of thing suddenly happens in one township and several villages, and I really have no choice. "
Chen Ying took off her official hat, grabbed a handful of heads and pulled dozens of hairs in one hand.