"We deliberately went around here and dumped these monsters in the opposite direction, otherwise we will be drowned by monsters now!"

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Xiao Hu suddenly thought of this, so he patted his chest and was a little scared.
At Xiao Hu Gongliang suddenly a little don’t have the heart to say
But that’s a bit. He still said, "I went around there specially …"
Xiao Hu’s face froze and then his face smiled a little strange.
Gong Liang stopped watching silly Xiao Hu.
After the camera shook for a while, the first spider finally appeared in their sight.
Like before the fight.
One two three five
Soon a small group of spiders appeared together!
"Are these pathfinding?" Xiaowan looked at the strange way.
After all, it was an overwhelming gathering of spiders behind them.
"I guess so."
AnXiaoYa nodded his head.
It didn’t take long for this small group of more than a dozen spiders to reach the place where Long Shaoshao was fighting.
"Few mobs have crawled over!"
Finally, he was responsible for commanding and observing the pastor’s mouth.
Dragon less natural won’t care about this.
"I wish I could kill the mobsters!"
Then concentrate on attacking the beauty spider
Although this beauty spider has a level of 23 or an ordinary boss, I don’t know what will be particularly difficult to fight.
"Good" priest immediately let the assassin who was attacking the beauty spider out and put it out in twos and threes. In fact, there are ten spiders.
Then they continued to attack.
An Xiaoya is already making videos.
How to cut the material just now and later she has already thought about it!
Add an intense BGM (background music) and then type it in big letters-Aotian Long’s second pattern is dead!
While shearing An Xiaoya, I saw one of them fall behind a little, and the little spider turned away.
"It’s a little exciting to think about the arrival of a large army horse!"
Xiaowan is also nervous.
It’s not too late to stare at the screen with your eyes wide open.
Sure enough, as they expected, a large army will arrive soon!
Buron, they are far away, and the surveillance head soon saw the advancing spider army.
"psst ~"
Whether I have never seen this overwhelming spider An Xiaoya and Yan Ming or have just experienced four people involuntarily draw a mouthful of air conditioning.
These monsters-there are too many!
The light screen is almost filled by these furry little arthropods!
"I really want to know how Long Shaoshao will react when he sees this!"
There is also a particularly difficult beauty spider!
"It is estimated that it will be scared?" Xiao Hu is very irresponsible to guess casually.
"It is estimated that it will be scared to death?" Xiaowan immediately exaggerated.
Listen, these two people are here to arrange a long ao Tian An Xiaoya, but they are smiling
Nobody likes this guy!
Very nice!