"I said I would charge you, that is, I would charge you if you want to die!"

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Xia Qi saw the Golden Crown Ghost Snake struggling to sneer at a variety of means to try every means to obliterate the Golden Crown Ghost Snake’s mind.
It’s not easy for Xia Qi. After all, Xia Qi is just Jin Xian, and although the strength of the Golden Crown Ghost Snake has not recovered, it is definitely not easy to kill its sanity.
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine The culprit
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine The culprit
It is very difficult to refine the Golden Crown Ghost Snake, and it is also difficult to do it by all means in Xia Qi, but the more so, the more Xia Qi needs to refine the Golden Crown Ghost Snake.
He knows very well that if he can succeed, it is absolutely unimaginable that he will benefit!
The Golden Crown Ghost Snake clearly knows that Xia Qi intends that it is absolutely impossible for him to accept being obliterated, and the result of refining his mind is struggling at this time.
He would rather die than be obliterated by Xia Qi!
But all this can not be done now.
In Xia Qi, the golden crown ghost snake even blew itself up to be weakened slowly. Although he was still struggling, he was no longer much of a threat.
The golden crown snake farm seems to have been doomed.
Soon Xia Qi completely controlled the situation, completely suppressed the golden crown and the ghost snake, and directly summoned the ghost tree of the body world to the outside underground lake.
He let the ghost tree take the opportunity to devour the underground lake. After the golden crown ghost snake completely lost track, the ghost snake here was no longer quiet but fled everywhere.
If you don’t take this opportunity to let the ghost tree devour the ghost snake, it will be difficult to meet such an opportunity in the future.
And Xia Qi is to continue to try to refine the golden crown, the snake can’t relax for a moment, and even Xia Qi doesn’t have time to see what treasures there are in a mysterious water palace.
For Xia Qi at this time, the golden crown snake is the best treasure!
With the passage of time, the strength of the ghost tree has been improving in devouring the ghost snake, and it is very close to the quasi-emperor’s strength, which makes Xia Qi quite happy.
Moreover, the golden crown snake in the body world was completely suppressed by Xia Qi, which made Xia Qi have absolute confidence in refining the golden crown snake.
Everything in the underground lake is developing in a direction that is more and more beneficial to Xia Qi.
Although many ghost snakes in underground lakes have escaped, the ghost trees are still not devoured by a few, and the strength is progressing rapidly, only a thin line is separated from the potential emperor’s combat power.
And at the moment, it is still devouring the ghost snake. It is very promising to become the first vision with quasi-emperor power in Xia Qi’s many visions!
However, everything is going well in the summer of the underground lake, but at the moment, there are a large number of immortals coming here at a distance from the underground lake!
This group of people are impressively the same immortal of Wanjianzong!
The leader is the three prospective emperors. The first prospective emperor is very young and proud. He is actually holding a map in his hand and comparing the surrounding terrain.
This map is winding with a route, and the end of the route is Xuanshui Palace!
This is the same as Xia Qi’s route to get the parchment, the same as the map route, and the same as the end point. The only difference is that the end point of the map in the hands of Wan Jianzong, a young quasi-emperor, is Xuanshui Palace, and besides writing the words Xuanshui Palace, it also draws a majestic and shrinking golden crown and ghost snake!
Even many ancient books from ancient times have not recorded the golden crown and the ghost snake. Now few people know it, but the immortal Wan Jianzong draws a golden crown and the ghost snake with a map!
"Hurry up, we can’t be busy looking for the second treasure of the golden crown and the snake face. We can’t miss it!"
Leading young quasi-emperor in front to lead the way to determine the path after big drink a way.
If Xia Qi heard his words, he would be surprised.
Because of the meaning in this young man’s words, the purpose of their trip is not the Xuanshui Palace, but the golden crown and the snake!
There was no objection to this arrogant young man, and dozens of immortals of Wan Jianzong followed him in the direction of Xuanshui Palace.
"Is the golden crown snake really alive, younger brother?"
Flying fast at the same time, two older quasi-emperors behind the young quasi-emperor asked the young quasi-emperor that he called the young quasi-emperor younger brother. It is conceivable that the young quasi-emperor is not young in appearance but really young.
"Ha-ha, two brothers, don’t worry. This is what the emperor told me himself. He guessed that the golden crown snake was 10% not dead and is still sealed. The purpose of our trip is to rescue the golden crown snake and let it join our Wanjianzong!"
Young quasi-emperor laughed and said
"Brother, the Golden Crown Ghost Snake was famous in ancient times. Will the collusion between Wan Jianzong and Golden Crown Ghost Snake cause public anger in the celestial world?"
Another respect for the old quasi-emperor worry way
"Public anger? Hum! What is the situation of Wan Jianzong now? It’s not the top fairy gate, and anyone can bully us. Even if we don’t collude with the golden crown and the ghost snake, will the rest of your celestial forces make our Wan Jianzong feel better? We Wan Jianzong have no retreat now and must form an alliance with the Golden Crown Ghost Snake! "
Young quasi-emperor sullenly said
Now Wan Jianzong is in a really bad situation, and the whole Wan Jianzong is a little worried. Faced with this situation, Wan Jian the Great must make a change.
It is precisely because of this that Wan Jian the Great once had a powerful emperor who participated in the suppression of the seal of the golden crown snake and left some information to save the golden crown snake.
Wan Jian the Great knew that the Golden Crown Ghost Snake turned the whole celestial world upside down in ancient times because of its nearly immortal body, and the whole celestial world hated it, but Wan Jian the Great didn’t care!
To be able to form an alliance with the Golden Crown and the Ghost Snake, Wan Jianzong’s strength will inevitably increase in a short time. With the strong Golden Crown and the Ghost Snake, Wan Jianzong can definitely return to the ranks of the top immortals.
And they now occupy the evil spirit swamp, and they are not worried that the demon race will attack forcibly.
It is precisely because of this that Wan Jian the Great attached great importance to the alliance with the Golden Crown Snake and sent Wan Jianzong, a powerful force, not to search for treasures in the second world but to rescue the Golden Crown Snake.
The leading youth is the first day of Wan Jianzong’s younger generation, and he is also the patriarch of Wan Jianzong. The name of Jian ‘er is the criminal name. As early as a few months ago, the criminal name stepped into the quasi-emperor and became a very strong figure in the quasi-emperor.
This time, Wan Jianzong took the lead in rescuing the golden crown snake, and the two older quasi-emperors around him were the helpers of the criminal name.
When a group of criminals arrived at the location of Xuanshui Palace, they saw a huge dry lake, and at the same time, many dark and ferocious ghost snakes were fleeing everywhere.
"What is this?"
A fairy king looked at the ferocious tiny ghost snake and asked in astonishment.
"This is almost the same as the golden crown snake. It can be seen that this is almost the same as the golden crown snake except that the head is not golden yellow!"
An old quasi-emperor frowned and said
"What’s going on? Is the golden crown snake out of trouble? Or is this a descendant of the golden crown snake and the golden crown snake has already fallen? "
Look at these ghost snakes running around in a sullen way.
"Let’s take a look at Xia Qi!"
Beside the criminal name, the quasi-emperor took the lead and rushed away.
"Be careful not to make moves on these little snakes, because this is likely to be the offspring of the Golden Crown Ghost Snake. If it is offended by this, it will be worthless to form an alliance with the Golden Crown Ghost Snake."
The criminal name is very calm and does not forget to wake everyone.
They’re not here to kill the Golden Crown Snake, but they’re going to save the Golden Crown Snake and make an alliance with it to let it enter Wanjianzong. If they offend, it’s all for nothing.
There are dozens of immortals and three quasi-emperors in town, so the strength is not easily provoked by the ghost snake, and when a group of people fall, the ghost snake will attack them
A group of people went smoothly along the underground river and appeared in the underground lake. They also saw more ghost snakes devouring the ghost snakes and trees.
The black light flickers across the square, and everywhere the ghost tree runs roughshod over, all the snakes are directly swallowed by it, and it is hard to escape from the ghost tree.
"What is this?"
The ghost tree devoured the ghost snake, and the movement was very loud. A group of people saw many fairy kings at the first sight, and they were all scared with horror.
So the ghost tree looks terrible.
It’s amazing that the dark branches rooted in the virtual body dance around a layer of black light to roll over several ghost snakes and directly swallow them.
"Xia Qi!"