Those two fierce beasts with blue face and fangs are wandering slowly in the sea shoulder to shoulder, and they will soon hit An Xiaoya here.

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An Xiaoya looked around and there was no other blame for a long distance.
This made her relax a lot.
Carefully looked at the two strange An Xiaoya thoughtfully-maybe it doesn’t have to be aborted at one time.
Find a way to divide them
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Chapter 137 My golden thigh!
I thought so, and she did the same.
Although the two monsters are walking side by side, they show hatred and are not linked.
Because An Xiaoya saw that one of them attacked a passing fish and ate the other one, she just waited and didn’t attack the fish with the other party.
In that case-
She swam to one of them, a little outside, and then tried to shorten the distance a little.
Finally, when she just stepped over the safety line, the fierce beast "swish" turned his head and looked in the direction of An Xiaoya.
While another elite fierce beast is still wandering around.
AnXiaoYa heart a joy-it’s done!
Her mouth twitched and she swam forward a little bit again.
As she expected, she entered the Ann distance and the fierce beast turned and swam towards her.
The other is to "look" at the companion and start to stay in place as if waiting for the return of the "predator" companion.
An Xiaoya retreats a little but stays in the alert range of this elite fierce beast.
A little bit to pull this strange away.
Until another can’t see this strange time AnXiaoYa this just rest assured to seriously attack.
After a while, I finally killed the elite who had no skills in the water.
And the other elite didn’t know that their companions had actually been killed by An Xiaoya!
After killing this elite, An Xiaoya returned to the place where she was waiting for the elite monster.
After killing this elite monster, An Xiaoya can finally play boss.
While thinking that maybe the difficulty of this drought lies in these two elite monsters, An Xiaoya finally found a mermaid who was swimming around blindly in the sea waiting for her to save the king of "humanity".
An Xiaoya doesn’t understand why this vice wants to turn this ship into a fierce beast that can change into a human shape when it touches water.
Is it because it is easier to fight?
Or is it because the combat effectiveness of human beings is basically negative after falling into the water?
No matter what it is, An Xiaoya doesn’t care.
I wish she needed to fight monsters.
Anyway, these are all weird
All experience.
It’s all money
It’s all equipment
This king is different from ordinary fierce beasts in that
He has no green fangs but a Zhang Shuai face.
Yes, there is a chapter on the body of the fierce beast, the face of a handsome man.
In fact, it hurts people’s eyes more than all fierce beasts …
For example, a Chinese beauty spider has a beautiful face in its belly.
This mixture is the eye injury.
An Xiaoya felt very uncomfortable when she saw this face.
When she didn’t even pay attention, her consciousness hit her hard.
Like the genus, I can’t display any skills in the water, so Wang Dian was directly killed by An Xiaoya’s swish swish …
Look at that huge and ferocious body, and then look at that handsome face of koo. An Xiaoya secretly praised his actions.
I wonder how many people will be blinded by this flash!
Fortunately, there is a single person who needs to play this thing, otherwise An Xiaoya will definitely complain that Pangu abused the player (eyes)!
I wish someone would quickly upgrade to level 2 to get rid of this eye-hurting and face-hurting beast first!
She quit. She’s through, lieutenant.