Then I saw that the cross-shaped thing was pulled in and zoomed in, and I didn’t see it until I got close. It turned out that the whole cross-shaped thing was actually huge and rounder than the surface. When the image was pulled into the cross-shaped thing, I saw that there were many women walking in the inner passage, who were dressed as a goddess but had wings.

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When we pull to the door of a cabin, we will find that there is a pair of men and women snuggling up to each other. Gan Biwu is surprised. "Are we actually in that cross-shaped thing? This is what you said’ cross the sky boat’? "
Song Chang Gung nodded lightly. "It’s a long story. You’ve heard a lot about it since you left. First, I came to the door of the Saints in Taiqing to get some precious charms and replace them. They were so powerful that I couldn’t refuse to go to the light to get their treasures, but I accidentally got stuck in the Saints’ charms and came out thanks to the help of the Tongtian Saints.
The saint had another plan to accept my brother. I didn’t choose to promise him at that time, and I didn’t treat me badly. Not only did I learn the profound dharma formula, but I also refined many treasures. Later, when I came back to Ziyun Palace, it was okay. I didn’t want to suddenly feel that I was a blood slave who died suddenly, so I went to Dongji to see and lead to the incarnation of phase liu, the great sage of the serpent demon race.
After a battle, Nu Wa Saint sent Jin Fengxian to ask phase liu to send me the Fusangshu two families to stop. I was grateful at the moment and said that I would sacrifice to the empress in the Renren Temple. So Jin Fengxian stayed for a few days. My brother said that Emei Sect was in the capital and imprisoned the emperor. I went there with Jin Feng and drove them away after World War I to decide the capital.
Later, there was a warning message from Ziyun Palace. When I went back, I saw that it was your four senior brothers who cooperated with the people in the underworld to attack and fight with them. I was sent to a place called Quanxu by the messengers of the underworld. They wanted to talk to me about the conditions. Like other saints, they wanted to benefit me from my life and fortune, but when it didn’t work out, Empress Xuan Ming took me away. "
Then Song Changgeng said all the way that he was chosen by Xuan Ming and inherited everything from her, and then she gave birth to her body again, gained strength, and sent her away from this world. After refining treasures near the sun, an angel war in heaven was finally brought back by Nu Wa Empress and sent to the’ Map of Mountains and Rivers’ for cultivation. There was a year outside, a day inside and a year outside.
In the’ map of mountains and rivers’, if you consolidate your realm, you will realize that the avenue will be upgraded to pick Jin Xian and then come out. The first thing to do is to go to Lingjiao Palace and ruin the card delivery. I don’t want to bring a wife back.
While listening to his talk all the way to Gan Biwu, I couldn’t understand the place to ask questions. At the same time, I also lamented his luck. After he learned what happened, she was also silent. I didn’t know how to comfort him. I could put my arm around his waist and put my body in his arms to comfort him silently. At the same time, the sage soon became worried about his disposal after knowing his affairs.
Song Chang Gung patted the shoulder and said, "Don’t think about those saints who can’t hurt my life, but the punishment is inevitable. After all, I blocked the unity of the five realms and made them want to build a small universe, so that they can make Reiki self-sufficient and prepare for it for thousands of years. I’m afraid this anger is not light. I really don’t know what will happen then." In fact, sometimes I’m afraid to think about it. "
"You fucking thing also know fear? That’s an anecdote. I still don’t know what it means to be afraid. Tell me about you! I haven’t seen you for two years. What can I say about you? " As a clear man sounded in the air, there seemed to be a faint halo, and then a tall man gradually emerged
Song Chang-gung leng quickly pushed Gan Biwu up and bowed down and made a ceremony. Although Gan Biwu was a little strong, seeing him like this, he knew that people were not simple and quickly struggled to make a gift. The man gradually solidified his body and sat down on the bed facing the ground. Two people looked at it for a while without talking, and Song Chang-gung also didn’t say a word.
Two people stalemate for a while the man airway "you are a bastard wings hard? Huh? Seeing the master is so hard, can’t you be a saint? "
Song Changgeng smiled faintly. "Master didn’t expect you to come first. I’m not car-scrapping, but I can say that you are a saint. Now that you have come, you obviously know my things. What else can I say? Begging for mercy? I’m afraid if I do that, you’ll kill me first regardless of the consequences, and I can’t do that. You know my temper.
I can’t be born to promise to be an empress of Xuan Ming, but I won’t grovel and beg who is a saint and won’t let me be so generous. I should be respectful and polite to her. You are my master and have helped me a lot. I explained to you that it is normal for others to come. I am telling the truth. Anyway, I am a dead pig and not afraid of scalding water. "
It is Tongtian Saint who has been looking for Song Changgeng, but first, everything is isolated in Xuan Ming’s body, even the sage can’t detect Nu Wa. Guess one or two, and then he has combined Heaven and Heaven, and Hongjun has sensed other people’s natural laws to penetrate Pangu’s veins to detect. Later, the cat was disturbed by Xuan Ming and Nu Wa successively, but he didn’t know it.
It wasn’t until recently that Song Changgeng came out of the picture of mountains and rivers, and Nu Wa didn’t disturb the secret again. He didn’t realize that something was wrong until he searched for a long time and found it here. But when he heard Song Changgeng’s meaning, he seemed to be in two places at once. Although he didn’t know what he had done, it was his habit to meet and scold. It was said that Duo Bao just couldn’t stand his temper and apostasy.
He really didn’t know that Song Chang-geng’s experience came as soon as he was sensed. Now it’s important to listen to him for a few words. Hurry up and sense according to his clues. The more you know, the more surprised you are. Then suddenly, when your body is weak, you disappear. Song Chang-geng and Gan Biwu both look at each other and don’t know what happened. How can you say that the speaker is gone?
A while later, there was no reaction. Song Changgeng guessed that Tongtian had something to leave. He helped Gan Biwu to the bed and let her lie down again. After all, this is the sick man. Gan Biwu grabbed his hand and said, "Was that your master, the cut-off saint?" How did his old man come and leave without saying a few words? Is there something we can’t do? He’s angry. "
Song Changgeng laughed. "It’s not that I, the master, came and went in such a hurry. It’s the second time I’ve seen him. Both of them came suddenly, and then they suddenly left for no reason. It’s also strange for me, but I’m willing to leave him alone. I don’t want to say anything at this point. I want to see if the saint is like a shot."
Chapter six hundred and ninety-nine mentoring reconciliation
Gan Biwu was noncommittal about Song Chang-geng’s words. The atmosphere was harmonious, but this harmony was deliberately created by Song Chang-geng. Just as he said, the two of them had a deep affection for a thousand years ago. Gan Biwu was unforgettable for a thousand years. I can feel it, but Song Chang-geng’s thousand years of circulation did not know how many things he had experienced. Even if he was affectionate a thousand years ago, he would be indifferent.
However, seeing Gan Biwu stubbornly insisting on deep feelings in his eyes, Song Changgeng is still a lot of trouble, but he is still soft-hearted. If Gan Biwu lived a happy life in Lingjiao Palace, it would just be. But at that time, the sample was rushed out by people, and Song Changgeng had the heart to let her go and bring it back. Since it was brought back, it is natural to take it seriously.
They had a conversation. Song Chang Gung was talking to her. It’s late. It’s time to get up and leave and take her back to the people. Just listen to the angry voice. "You son of a bitch have a lot of guts to provoke such a big thing. You spend energy to disturb the secret. It’s really irritating that you are still here."
Song Changgeng suddenly saw a wave of light flash across the sky and came out to see them. He gave them a cold look, found a chair and sat there without saying a word. Song Changgeng made a respectful ceremony before seeing it funny. "Thank you, Master, for helping me cover it up, and I can cover it up for a few more days, so that I can sometimes deal with the vulgar things. Please forgive me for my recklessness this time!"
Tongtian one leng eyes confused way "broke my things? What is it? You don’t mean the unity of the five realms, do you? What does it have to do with me? That’s what the four of them came up with. I just want to join in the fun. What’s the matter? Don’t tell me that you are not afraid of saints? "
Song Chang Gung was stunned by his words for a long time before he asked, "Master, didn’t you participate in the integration of the five realms?" Then what are you busy asking me for? Moreover, you also calculated that I was your apprentice to help me change my ways to do things, and you just fought for benefits. Why do you say that now? And you don’t know anything about me? Aren’t you ignorant? "
"Saint is not impossible, otherwise which come you this fucking variable in? You son of a bitch, when did I calculate you? At the beginning, I stopped teaching and almost destroyed teaching. What qualifications do you have to talk to others about the five realms and one? That’s just when people have talked about it. It’s time for me to calculate you, but later I didn’t say it when I left in the light.
I treat you as a real brother, and see what you can do in the future. I won’t force you, and I have arranged for an ethereal fairy to be your reincarnation guardian. After you have spent your karma, I will take you back to the official entrance. You have been so good at yourself that you have turned a deaf ear to my words. You bastard! "Tongtian heard Song Changgeng questioning can not help but denounced.
At the same time, he has waved a light mask to cover the two people, and at the same time, a clear light pops up to put Gan Biwu into a deep sleep. This is a relief. Since this little Ken said this to himself, he said that he is not an ungrateful generation. If this guy still hides his words from himself, he will be well calculated.
Song Chang Gung was stunned by his scolding for a long time before saying, "So that’s it. I want to be left, but now that I’ve given birth to a master, I’m sorry. You hope that I’ve caused a lot of trouble this time. My mother, Empress Xuan Ming, has left this world and wandered in the universe. I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to inherit all her five realms. Master, I’d better not get involved."
"You little what is this? I’m your master. What do you mean, don’t get involved? Can I be normal if something happens to you? It’s a total jerk. I just knew something was wrong with a little induction, but I was too busy disturbing the secret.
Now, why don’t you tell me all about it, and don’t let it fall a little before you know that a few questions can really fight the saints? It’s not that simple. There are many problems involved in it. "Tongtian saw that he was so car-scrapping and relieved a lot, and he also felt that this guy seemed to have a strong fortune, maybe he could be persuaded by others.
Song Chang Gung felt that things had come to this, and those saints knew sooner or later that they had nothing to hide, so they were chosen by Empress Xuan Ming and inherited everything from her, and then they were reborn by her to gain strength and merit, and after all, they sent her away from this world, refining treasures near the sun and inspiring heaven angels to fight a battle, which was finally brought back by Empress Nu Wa.
Send it to the map of mountains and rivers for practice. It’s a year outside, a day inside, and 365 years outside. In the map of mountains and rivers, if you consolidate your realm, you will realize that the road will be upgraded to pick Jin Xian and then come out. The first thing to do is to go to Lingjiao Palace and ruin the card delivery. I don’t want to bring a wife back.
Tongtian listened carefully and asked a few keys, and then he meditated for a while before he could help but sigh, "What do you want me to say about you? It’s a risky move, but it’s also a risky move. Please have a chaotic baby, so that the baby and Xuan Ming can ban the four pillars of the sky. If there is no big mistake, it will be enough to protect your business, but I’m afraid you will suffer a lot, but it should be no big deal with me and Nu Wa to help you.
But I’m afraid that the integration of the five realms is not that simple, so it’s the only proper way for you to stir it up. At first, I wanted Xuan Ming to carry the new world. Other methods were either not perfect or agreed, but now this best method is no longer possible. It is estimated that they will have to think of other methods. When the time comes, you will be sure. Don’t tell anyone about the chaos. "
He thought for a while here and met with Song Changgeng. When he thought of his own thoughts, he patiently explained, "In your eyes, refining the magic weapon is to integrate the true spirit into the magic weapon. After refining, you don’t have to worry about any treasure money, five colors, seven treasures, wonderful tree abilities or magic weapons. Even if others take it, you can take it back in your mind."
It’s convenient to go to the extreme, and so on. Even saints can’t take it away if they want to, but this is not the case. There are three true souls, that is, the true soul. The second soul is your whole soul. The wonderful thing is that the three souls are the so-called spiritual imprint, and they are all souls.
The true spirit is the real me, but I know that only a saint can melt my true spirit. In your opinion, you may feel that you are not afraid of robbing me by combining chaos with the true spirit and soul. In fact, it is right or wrong because others can’t rob me, after all, it is a magic weapon of life, but it is wrong that a saint can become a saint and can control his true spirit.
We will melt the spiritual knowledge, which can last forever, but if we want to make power, we must have a connection with heaven. Putting the true spirit in heaven can make heaven have the greatest power, but it must also be controlled by heaven. If we are really cruel and try to support one or two yuan, it will hurt us. It is not impossible to expel your true spirit, just like the flesh is just a skin for the soul.
Yu Qi’ o is just the product of the fusion of soul skins, but in the view of saints, so is the true spirit and the magic weapon of life. You can separate the soul from the physical body by spells of people weaker than you, and saints naturally have the ability to separate your magic weapon of life from the true spirit. Chaos is very important to us.
If we have this thing, we can go to the vast universe to explore deeper truths, and we are not afraid of exhaustion of power or finding aura in the universe. At that time, we will no longer be bound by heaven.
Do you think what would happen if they knew? If it weren’t for you and my brother, if I robbed you of chaos, it would be difficult to get in after leaving a crack in the heart of the Tao. Now you are finished. "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but feel cold sweat. He didn’t expect this thing to be so important to saints. It seems that saints hate being bound by heaven and want to escape. He is still too careless. He nodded gratefully and respectfully gave a gift. He didn’t stop recognizing that this is his due gift, and he was also considering how to find the other two that were lost in the past.
And now he knows that Song Chang-geng inherited everything from Xuan Ming. Having her blood is equivalent to having Pangu blood, so that he can break away from this world and explore the chaos in the vast universe. Maybe he can also be a ancestor all day long. Then he can do whatever he wants, which is better than being suppressed by others.
To achieve all this, we must first protect Song Chang-geng, the key to the birth of a chaotic fetus. When he thought of this, he looked at Song Chang-geng and softened his eyes a lot. "Remember this thing yourself, just don’t tell people again. Since such a thing happened, we will push the plan down forever. You are my apprentice, so I naturally want to protect you. We will discuss how to deal with them."