"It shows that you have accepted the rescue in distress."

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"Don’t worry, I do things." Maple patted his chest and said, "Go in and see the eyes."
[distress rescue]
set a time limit/deadline
Trolls are a very powerful race, so be careful if you want to save people from them.
Three days to rescue the business group from the troll tribe, the remaining two days, 23 hours and 59 minutes.
Is it a time limit … but fortunately, it is acceptable to summarize for three days. This is to express this very difficult meaning … But maple has long thought of this. After all, Berserker, a troll alone, is not something he can deal with. If it is a head-on collision, he must have a good chance of winning. We must do something.
After dropping the bar, Feng said to Moz, "So, Mr. Moz, I have an important thing to do now. Can I send you back to Mitt City after I finish it?"
Moz immediately nodded and wrote, of course.
"Thank you for understanding. Then please stay close to me and I will protect you." Maple said and continued to follow the white line.
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Chapter one hundred Summoning
After walking a long way with the white line, Feng finally saw a small house in front, and the white line really pointed to it.
"Ah, seclusion is deep enough." Feng said and took out two daggers, then turned to Moz and said, "Mr. Moz, just wait here and I’ll get it done soon."
"I’m sick," Moz said, slapping his forehead and then nodded depressed to show that he knew.
Holding back from laughing, maple touched the room after entering the stealth. He has tracked it and checked that there is indeed a person sitting in the room. All that remains to be done is to wait for him to come out.
Although Keith said that dark wizard is a spicy chicken without summoning things, dark wizard’s introduction in "Glory of Osman" didn’t say so. Although they are most proficient in summoning demons, they also have mastered a lot of dark spells, and their strength is absolutely not to be underestimated. So Feng first changed the hard boots into wolf boots, and the wolf’s speed was still very high in the battle. Then, after some consideration, he decided to change the wailing necklace into a magic amulet. After all, it is better to throw more strange spells for the first time in the French professional battle.
Just as Feng was thinking about plans B and C when fighting later, the door of the hut was suddenly pushed.
The man who came out of the hut was wearing a gray robe and holding a short wand. It should be certain that it was a wizard.
So Feng immediately went into stealth and crept behind him.
Plan a to kill with one blow!
After adjusting to the best posture, Feng aimed at the wizard’s neck and stabbed it out instantly. He could feel that the completion was very high, but when the black gold dagger was about to stab the wizard’s neck, it suddenly seemed that something was stuck, and he could not continue to stab it.
After screaming bad in my heart, Feng wanted to retreat, but she felt that her chest was hot and she flew out.
"Who are you?" dark wizard asked after the shadow arrow hit the maple.
"I want you to die!" Maple yelled at the wolf, boots and wolf line rushed to the front of dark wizard again.
But see dark wizard hand wand two huge bone claws suddenly caught from both sides towards the maple.
When Feng saw it, he immediately launched the magic amulet magic barrier, and a blue horse appeared around him and successfully resisted two bone claws.
Dark wizard obviously didn’t expect maple to block his skills so easily, and he was a little overwhelmed.
And just as he suddenly maple black gold dagger has pierced his heart.
"You …" dark wizard stare big eyes a full face of humbled fell to the ground.
"Remember to defend against magic every time you do harm," said Feng after inserting two daggers back into his waist.
Although Feng doesn’t know what is blocking his first blast, he can be sure that it must be some kind of defensive magic, which makes him suddenly have a headache. He also thought that killing a mage should be the easiest thing. Now it seems that Fa’s professional self-protection ability is also very strong.
"You gain combat experience 35"
Feng was shocked after seeing the eye-catching instructions. Is it because this is his first professional battle with France that he has such high combat experience in such a short battle?
"I am sick!"
Just as Feng was thinking about the reason, Moz suddenly shouted a maple in the distance, and immediately rushed over to find that he was not in any danger.
"Don’t scare me, Mr. Moz, okay?" Maple looked at Moz and said.
Moz quickly wrote a line with the wave and then showed it to Feng.
It’s so powerful that you killed a mage so easily, so I can’t help but shout that it’s amazing
"It’s him. He’s just too weak." Feng said with a smile. Naturally, he won’t explain why he is a wizard who didn’t summon magic. What’s wrong with making NPC feel strong?
Sure enough, Moz’s eyes became more worshipful after hearing Maple’s contempt words.
After confirming that Moz was all right, Feng returned to dark wizard’s body and then reached in and took out a.
Found that it wasn’t after the equipment, Feng paused first and then looked at the attributes.
Angelo summons (nationality)
Excellent quality
After reading it, you can summon Angelo, the magic wolf.
Remarks: Have you heard of the three-headed dog in hell? Well, there is nothing with Angelo.
"Is this remark poisonous?" Feng Lai has almost been able to read these wonderful remarks, but he still looked forward to it when he saw the famous three-headed dog in hell, but when he saw the latter sentence, he simply tore his heart out. What a fart!
After easing his mood, Feng played The Call of Angelo. After all, it was the first time he got a spell and he was still curious. However, after watching it for two minutes, Feng looked stupid, which actually reminded him of what it felt like to watch calculus. I don’t know what ghost paintings are on the surface!
What’s the Hoofah Circle? What is Samitu? What is the Rogge hrones Line? Mars language?
Moreover, after watching it for five minutes, Feng found that the learning progress bar didn’t move at all, that is to say, he didn’t even bite the bullet and read it completely.
So Feng talked privately about his only professional knowledge of the law in the hit friends column. "Is it difficult to understand all the spells by asking a question?"
"Well, if you don’t have Master Jerome to teach magic next to you, you won’t move the progress bar," replied Twilight City quickly.
"So how did you learn the cursed magic?" Maple strange asked
"There is no obstacle to reading this. When I see a noun I don’t know, I will automatically have an explanation and a note. Sometimes I will even have an illusion to show it to me directly. Master Jerome said that this is why it is called the best teaching," said Twilight City.
"Not the kui is a senior good I white thank you" maple nods.
"You’re welcome"
After hanging up the private chat, Feng stuffed the Call of Angelo back into his backpack. It seems that he has to find a summoner to guide him to learn the skills here.