Look at the people next to one leng one leng "see what see! I’ve never seen a wall break! They are all scattered! "

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Huang Feiyan looked back and glared at the passers-by suddenly shuddered and bowed their heads and detoured. People smashed their own walls. Why don’t you go home and tear down the walls yourself?
A loud noise alarmed all the people in Fu Huang, and they all ran towards the backyard, armed with weapons. Who dares to come to the town of Wucheng Wangfu to make trouble? The other party must be very simple. Wucheng Wang Huang Feihu rushed out.
But when they saw Huang Feiyan bullying in the gap, they all turned white. It is estimated that this big lady tore down the wall to play. They turned their heads and pretended not to see it!
"Cough! Cough! Cough! Swallow, what did you do this time? " Huang Feihu looked at his baby sister with a face of nai. Who dares to marry such a daughter-in-law to go home? He is eager to marry such a sister, but who dares to want it? Even if he dares to want it, Huang Feiyan must look at it. Otherwise, if he dares to kiss, he will be beaten flat by Huang Feiyan.
"You can’t read it yourself?" Huang Feiyan pointed to be buried by a stone and heard heaven.
"Isn’t this Wen Tian!" Huang Feihu’s head is big. Who are you afraid of?
"What happened to the flying tiger? How did the backyard become like this!" Huang slowly came up with a face of disbelief. The backyard made Huang frown, but when he saw Huang Feiyan and Wen Tianhou, he immediately turned white.
"Huang Feiyan you belong to the cow! So barbaric! " Wen Tian covered his head and got up. At this point, he didn’t pretend that anyone who was so smashed could not wake up unless he was a dead man.
"Who told you to pretend to be drunk?" Huang Feiyan doesn’t like Wen Tian.
"Scattered scattered! Don’t watch the play here and find someone to block that big hole for me! " Huang Feihu drove away all the people who went to the theatre. He knew it was a hard day.
"I said, swallow, if you take it out on yourself, just find a stone. Why did you tear down your own wall?" Huang has some resistance to swallow, so she has nothing to say.
"Who knew that guy’s head was so hard that he even smashed through the wall!" Huang Feiyan argue irrationally heard Huang Feihu one leng one leng my aunt you still hit your head.
"Don’t you dare say that Huang Feiyan would have been killed by you if my head wasn’t hard enough!" Wen Tian rubbed his head. In fact, his head doesn’t hurt much, but it’s just a show!
Huang Feihu and Huang looked at these two guys with a look of nai. Huang Feihu saw that his sister was tough. Don’t let her fish in the pool later. "Let’s go!"
"Well, their relationship is really good. Let’s go! Flying tiger! Let’s not disturb them! " Huang smile happily looking at two people Huang Feihu full head cold sweat!
Huang Feihu feels that this day is getting worse and worse. It’s disruptive to hear the news before, and now it’s tearing down the house. I hope they will restrain themselves and don’t tear down the house.
"Ah! All right! All right! They are gone! " Wentian quietly gathered in the past.
"I am in a bad mood today! Want to fight! " Huang Feiyan was unmoved.
"All right! All right! You can’t beat me! Boring! " Wen Tian hasn’t lost a fight yet.
"Don’t bullshit! Here! " Huang Feiyan took a stick from the weapon rack in the backyard and threw it over. She was determined to fight, and then she grabbed a pair of sledgehammers. I guess there are one thousand pounds to look at Miss Wentian one leng one leng. You are too awesome.
"I said swallow, didn’t I tell you! Women are born with defects in strength and heavy weapons. Is it not worth the loss? " Wen Tian dumped a stick with his hand, and his face was more serious than that of not seeing half a point.
"Want you to tube! Look at the hammer! " Huang Feiyan with a sledgehammer.
Wen Tiannai shook her head. It seems that she is just trying to vent her anger.
In a flash, two people crossed and Huang Feiyan’s sledgehammer was smashed from it. The ground was smashed by two big pits. Huang Feihu didn’t take two steps and ran back to see the two sledgehammers suddenly choking. Can’t you two be normal?
"Brother Flying Tiger, why are you back again?" Wen Tian smiled and held a stick.
"Not just you have gone too far! I said, can’t you restrain yourself? " Huang Feihu looked at Wentian with a bad face.
"I know! Swallow, she has to compete with me! I can’t help it! " Wen Tian put the stick back on the weapon rack. Huang Feiyan sat quietly on the ground and said nothing.
"Ah! It’s up to you! " Huang Feihu nai sighed.
"No problem. I’ll help you build another palace!" Wen Tian’s words almost choked Huang Feihu to death. Do you say so?
"What’s the matter? Miss Feiyan! " Wen Tiannai walked over. I’m afraid this big lady is really angry. She never lets her compete in one stroke every time. It is estimated that her self-esteem has been hit.
"The bad guys don’t know how to make me one every time!" Huang Feiyan skimmed his face.
"Let you be interesting! You are worried! " Wentian sat down.
"Yes! I’m so relieved! Why not! Just don’t let people be stingy! " Huang Feiyan pursed her lips.
"Swallow! Do you know that you can never practice well? " Wen Tian lay down.
"You and I are you this abnormal condition! It’s not like everyone is a pervert like you! I am more powerful than my brother! " Huang Feiyan is very proud, and the famous King Wu Cheng can’t beat me! I am very good!
Wen Tian smiled, "I said you are a little silly girl! Your brother wants you! This can’t be seen! "
"You talk nonsense! My brother just can’t beat me! " Huang Feiyan quit. Am I awesome?
"I don’t know? I know very well how high Brother Flying Tiger is. He lost to you because he was afraid that you would fight with him! You little silly girl really believe it! " Wen Tian patted her on the head.
"Really!" Huang Feiyan hung her head. She was hit. There is no need to lie to her brother. It’s not that she can’t beat herself, but that she let herself be so bad! Fortunately, I am still proud!
"I said you are silly! Brother Flying Tiger is a rare genius. It is normal that you can’t beat him! Otherwise, how can the Taoist priest in Kunlun Mountain see your family? However, the inheritance of Tianhua is just that the flying tigers are less than half talented! " Wen Tian knows very well how strong he is, the flying tiger brother.
"You won’t be lying to me! And where did Tianhua go! " Huang Feiyan looked at Wen Tian with a grain of salt. Brother Wen Tian is so powerful, and there are still things to change.
"You don’t believe that your brother has developed a terrible divine power under the guidance of people. His body is quite terrible. If my father teaches him to practice Xiandao, he will surely become a talented Taoist! But my dad didn’t teach! " Wen Tian knows very well that King Wu Cheng’s divine power can kill even a fairy.
"That’s not a pity!" Huang Feiyan is the first time to hear that his brother is so powerful, but she is a pity that Wen Zhong, the old man, doesn’t teach his brother how to practice Xiandao!
"It’s a pity that it is a good thing! Without practicing the magical power of Brother Flying Tiger of Xiandao, you can wield it incisively and vividly! If you don’t believe me, you can show your brother a little strength some other day! That’s waiting for terror! " Wen Tian looks proud. This is my guidance.
"That day! Where is the weather? Sister-in-law has been very sad! What is missing in Tianhua! " Huang Feiyan remembered that Wen Tian had gone to heaven.
"Didn’t I say that? Tianhua let Kunlun see it! I went to the mountain monastery! If I hadn’t stopped the flying tiger, I would have killed the door! It is also his turn to teach Tianhua! " Wen Tian was quite upset. He didn’t expose it until he forbeared to let the pure moral true gentleman take Tianhua away. Huang Feihu all went berserk.
That bastard Taoist took Tianhua away without even saying a word. When Huang Feihu knew about it, he immediately stormed Wentian, but he remembered it very clearly. But at that time, Huang Feihu didn’t have the strength now, but he still had no temper. It took a lot of effort to suppress Huang Feihu.
Now, how strong Huang Feihu is, I dare not say that it can be firmly superior to him. If he works hard, he will be afraid of this guy.
"I never knew what Tianhua was taken away by Taoist priests?" Huang Feiyan was a little surprised that Tianhua was taken away by Taoist priests. How come no one ever said that she didn’t know where Tianhua went? Sister-in-law was still sad and blamed herself for not being optimistic about Tianhua until Tianxiang later changed.
"You little silly girl even know didn’t also the way! Tell you what to do? " Wen Tian patted her on the head.
"You don’t clap my head! You are so stupid! And what do you mean by that? You said I didn’t! " Huang Feiyan frowned.
"You’re a stupid girl who can’t pick me up yet. You’ve never had the heart to realize it! How dare you? " Wen Tian was angry with her. She taught her to practice this silly girl since she was a child, and she never cared to play every time.
"I haven’t grown up before!" Huang Feiyan spat out his tongue.
Wen Tian’s tone suddenly became heavy. "Do you know how sad he was when your home Tianhua was robbed of the flying tiger’s ability?" At that time, the flying tigers’ strength increased violently! Maybe you have to go through that kind of pain to truly understand your own strength! But that is often not a good thing! "
"I also know that I should practice well, but people are not interested? I want to hit people! It’s just fun! " Huang Feiyan looked violent.
"Come on, if I had known I wouldn’t have taught you, you wouldn’t have become a strong man! No wonder your heart is not sincere. A dishonest person can’t be strong! I am mistaken! " Wen Tian is the first time to see something wrong!