He was sure that Yu Xin had brought all this to him.

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Qin Che looked at Yu Xin with deep and charming eyes.
He took the initiative to reach out and embrace Yu Xin.
Yu Xin was stunned. She called "Miss Qin" affectionately.
Her hands clasped Qin Che’s waist and buried herself in his arms, as if it were her last hug.
Qin Che’s heart is beating badly.
"I feel my heart beating so fast," Yu Xin said in a low voice.
Her voice was muffled, as if to suppress her feelings.
"Well," Qin Che couldn’t feel her heartbeat because his own heartbeat was too big, like a heart would jump out of his chest.
Yu Xin slowly loosened Qin Che’s four eyes, and their relative feelings have spread. This feeling is very different from that when filming.
To be stronger and crazier
Qin Che didn’t bend over to kiss her because she was restless.
However, Yu Xin suddenly stood on tiptoe and kissed his lips as if she could guess his heart desire.
"Miss Qin, I seem to be really in the play and can’t get out."
Yu Xin Yin made Qin Che lose his last reason.
He hugged Yu Xin’s head and kissed him deeply. The kiss was much hotter than when filming, which made people blush.
Yu Xin’s breathing is messed up, and Qin Che feels that he has been ignited for the first time in so many years.
"Teacher Qin, are we wrong?" Yu Xin, some remorse and fear to say
Qin Che sank his heart. In fact, he knew it was not good, but he couldn’t stand the temptation. It seemed to him that after tasting it, it would never be wonderful again.
So he whispered "no"
Chapter 63 Chapter 63
The assistant came back late, fearing that Yu Xin was angry and rushed into the lounge, but he didn’t expect to see Qin Che there.
She came to tell Yu Xin that she had just met an aunt on the road and grabbed her for directions, so she came back so late, but when she saw Qin Che, the words on her lips became "Teacher Qin, why are you here?"
"I came to talk to Yu Xin about the lines of the day." Qin Che looked a little unnatural, but the assistant didn’t find it at all, but nodded respectfully
"Well, you eat first when I go out." Qin Che looked at Yu Xin and said softly.
Yu Xin blushed and said "hmm"
The assistant looked at the two men and suddenly felt that their atmosphere seemed a bit ambiguous, but she was afraid to guess.
After Qin Che left, Yu Xin’s look immediately became cold and calm.
Assistant, just now, those are my illusions.
I want to come, too. How can Miss Qin be with Sister Yu? Miss Qin is notoriously cold and serious.
However, Sister Yu’s charm is unusual, which is not comparable to that of other female artists. Especially recently, she feels that Yu Xin looks better.
The assistant can’t help worrying about herself when he thinks that Sister Yu may not be able to walk easily without a gold master.
After work, Yu Xin was about to leave the set, but she didn’t expect to see Li Mi at the door.
Li Mi is here, does it mean that Xu Su is here?
Yu Xin was a little surprised. Although she didn’t expect Xu Su to come to her, she thought that she had received the gift earlier.
Before Li Mi left, he respectfully said, "Miss Yu, please ask Xu to be in the car."
Yu Xin "hmm"
She looked at the assistant and said simply, "Go home by yourself."
The assistant looked at Li’s secret and then at the black luxury car parked not far away, which gave birth to many speculations, but she also dared not say more and see more and should leave at once.
Yu Xin followed Li Mi to the car when Qin Che and his assistant just came out.