"what!" Not only Deng Hua Deng Zhi was surprised, but Deng Hua was almost prone on the table. Li She wanted some money and food. Deng Hua had planned to put all the family accumulation in Li She’s body. Anyway, the family is still developing. Li She actually wanted to be a private soldier. Deng Hua wanted to refuse. "This is absolutely not possible. Private soldiers are our family’s security. Please forgive me, please. We will give everything except private soldiers."

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The guests in the pub have long been cleared by Deng Hua. Only Li She and others dropped their needles in the pub after Deng Hua’s words. The only sound was that Li She’s forefinger knocked on the wine table intermittently, which was particularly depressing.
There are three people sitting in front of the wine table, Li She Deng Hua and Guo Jianeng, who are trying to gauge people’s hearts. How can Guo Jia not understand that Li She knows that it is time for her to talk?
"Deng patriarch can say" Guo Jia laughed.
Deng Hua turned his attention to Li She looked at the wine in the glass and said, "Guo Jia is my chief counselor."
"It turns out that Guo’s adult has heard a lot about what Guo’s adult said. If you want Deng to hand over the private soldier Marie," Deng Hua’s attitude is very hard, and he is not afraid of Li’s hard work. It is not that Deng Hua’s private soldier is strong, but that Li’s hand to Deng Hua is the power of the cremation, which means that Li’s hand to the cremation. Therefore, there will never be any cremation to support Li’s struggle for hegemony.
"Please listen to my words, Chief Deng. Now my master is short of troops. Although Chief Deng is willing to help, it can be said that Chief Deng can recruit a lot of foot soldiers with money, but they are recruits after all. Now the war in Yuan Shu is on the verge of exploding, and these recruits are just my master. This is also a last resort."
It seems that there is a truth in what Guo Jia said. Deng Hua kept looking at Li She only to see that Li She was looking down at the glass of wine and water and didn’t speak. Deng Hua didn’t understand Li She’s thoughts. Just listen to Guo Jia and say, "I know that private soldiers are a family guarantee, but the Deng family is not short of gold and silver. I believe that the Deng family will recruit a group of private soldiers soon. At that time, my master has defeated Yuan Shu and occupied Nanyang. We promise to support Deng Jiaru vigorously?"
"Although the Deng family can’t be bigger than the Cai family and the Kuai family in Jingzhou, there must be my master in this Nanyang County, and the Deng family must be the family with the largest voice in Nanyang County."
"This?" Guo Jia said that Deng Hua couldn’t help but be heartbroken. The Deng family has declined. If it reappears in its own hands, it will definitely be glorious. This honor is too tempting. Deng Hua almost promised to still hesitate. "Guo’s adult is eloquent, but it’s hard to refuse. But if I hand over my private soldiers, isn’t that family unprotected? What if I encounter some unpredictable crises?"
Guo Jia laughed confidently. "Ha-ha … I have already considered this point. We will send 1,000 elite soldiers to protect Deng Jia’ an. Can Chief Deng rest assured?"
"It couldn’t be better." Deng Hua didn’t feel at ease. Anyway, he was rich and then formed a private soldier. I don’t know if he has been silent. Will Li She give him a chance to build a private soldier again? to be continued
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six Suppress the cremation
"come on! Chief Deng, let’s have a drink! " Since just now, Li She has not said a word. Suddenly, she warmly toasted Deng Hua, which made Deng Hua have the illusion of false pretenses.
The next day, a notice was issued in the main house of Xinye City, and the words written in the notice were as follows
Today, Yuan Shu Road sent troops to attack the satrap. Adult Li Shetai’s soldiers are short of food and need the help of the gentry. Please hand over the family’s private military department. Otherwise, they are all assigned by Yuan Shu and should be deported together.
On the left side of the notice, there is also a mark of Nanyang satrap, which was personally stamped by Li She, and it was not long ago that the writer personally welcomed Li She into Xinye County.
As soon as the notice came out, the people didn’t feel anything, but it stirred up thousands of layers of waves among the cremation. They organized people to parade the streets and the downtown areas, which were all cleared by the cold army and Gao Shun, and they killed some particularly active and stubborn points, and immediately became clean.
But the cremation will behave at this point. They immediately found the magistrate of Xinye and asked the magistrate to give themselves a statement.
The Xinye county magistrate also said that he was very naive. "All this is what the prefect meant. I have no such thing as a small county magistrate."
"It’s your fault that you let Li come to town!"
"Yes, you are our traitor in Xinye City."
"Do you think we are not pleasing to the eye for a long time and want to take advantage of Li’s forces to suppress us!"
The representatives of the cremation clamored that they had great influence in Xinye City. This Xinye county magistrate always had to look at their faces, and this group of cremation dared to be so arrogant in front of this county magistrate.
"Calm down, everyone. This is all meant by the prefect. You can go to the prefect. Did you find me?"
The name of Xinye county magistrate is Xu Xu, who was born in this age of poor brothers. Xu Xu insisted on taking the position of Xinye county magistrate step by step with his own strength, and he respected Li She, who also started from scratch.
At that time, when Li She just entered Nanyang County and planned to camp in the wild, Xu Huo personally led the army to find Li She and welcomed Li She into Xinye City. Only then did Li She have a place to stay. Otherwise, Li She is now afraid that she will lead her foot soldiers to sleep in the wilderness.
Xu Huo’s words are soft, but the meaning is hard, which probably means that if you don’t come to me, you will go to Li She for arrogance.
The gentry have a heart for vomiting blood. We have something to find Li She. What are you doing here? Some people are angry. The gentry pointed to Xu Huo and roared, "It’s all him. He was already a lackey of Li She who deliberately came to deal with us ordinary people and killed this dog officer!" Say it and punch it directly.
Xu Huo, sitting as a county magistrate from an impoverished position, not only relies on his talent, but also can’t blink of an eye and will rush toward himself and turn to the ground.
The first floor stirred up a thousand waves, and the cremation could not sit still at once. They always listened to their orders and disobeyed the magistrate. This also made the family soldiers flock at once.
There are at least 50 or 60 gentry here, and the total number of soldiers is small. There are also 700 people who have already surrounded the county magistrate’s office. It’s really good to win fists and fists, but that’s relatively speaking. It’s a little ugly to face these fierce family soldiers and shout, "Somebody!"
Outside, the county magistrate garrison noticed the movement inside and was about to lead troops in, but was stopped by the gentry and threatened, "We are the kings in this new wild city. If you want to live, stay outside honestly!"
It may be that the deep-rooted idea has taken root in the heart, and the defenders feel that they can’t fight these cremation immediately and abandon their county magistrate’s adult.
The gentry sneered, "Kill this dog today!"
"If Li She doesn’t take back that notice, our city will welcome Yuan Shu into the city!"
"How dare you!" Drink a full face of murderous look Seibel led the troops to the county magistrate garrison soldiers have made way for Seibel and others a channel.
Seibel’s foot soldiers don’t wear simple armor like those soldiers. Some soldiers even wear ordinary clothes. The foot soldiers are armed and bathed in battlefield blood like humanoid fierce beasts. The breath that the foot soldiers give off is not comparable to these soldiers.
Gao Shunyang brandished a gun and condensed gas, and the whole roof of the hall of the county magistrate’s office was cut off. The roaring sound made the hot sun shine from the roof into the hall, and the sudden change made the people in the hall forget the fight.
"Don’t move or die!" Seibel led a few pro-guards into the hall with a drink, and the other foot soldiers looked at them coldly according to their orientation. They felt that they would not hesitate to cut the butcher knife in their hands when there was a change, and the cremation had learned it not long ago.
Those who stood by the county magistrate were deeply stimulated by this scene, and they all clenched their fists tightly, excited and trembled. Is this a soldier?
The same soldiers, but why are we so wronged and they are so terrible? I want to join the army. I want to be a soldier in the battlefield. I don’t want to be such a wronged soldier again! The county magistrate’s soldiers shouted in their hearts.
Seibel entered the hall and saw at a glance that she was lying on the ground. Before Xu Xu hurried, she helped Xu Xu up and said, "Xu County magistrate made me late."
"I didn’t expect them to beat the magistrate openly in the magistrate’s house." Xu Xu’s face was black and blue, and his mouth kept overflowing with blood and even broken teeth fell from his mouth.
Seibel’s chest blazed with anger. I didn’t expect the cremation of Xinye City to be arrogant like this. This is to kill Xu Xu directly.
Give Xu Huo to the pro-Wei beside him and say, "Xu County Magistrate has a good rest and take Xu County Magistrate to see a doctor immediately after Seibel has finished handling this place."
"Nothing is just a broken arm. It will be fine in a few days. It’s still important for a high general to be military," Xu Xu said.
Seibel was even more angry and looked at the cremation in the field with cold eyes. By the way, six pro-guards came in the hall, and the words of the cremation and the soldiers were never less than 100, but they still dared not move. They had seen Seibel’s mighty pike sweep away at will, and more than a dozen lives died.
Seibel coldly walked into the front of a home soldier and said, "You just made moves, didn’t you?"
"I …" The soldier just mouth was immediately seibel shot through the heart, the heart is unwilling to fall on the ground.
This move scared everyone to take a few steps back from Seibel’s direction. Seibel said coldly, "Whoever moves will die!"
The field was immediately quiet, and only the shortness of breath came one after another. Seibel went to the front of another soldier again. "You also made moves just now, didn’t you?"
"Master, help me!" The home soldier immediately ran to the side of an cremation, and a long gun ran through his two hearts. Seibel said in a somewhat embarrassed tone, "I’m really sorry to kill one more person if I miss."
Everyone in the field is short of breath and cold sweat on his forehead. I don’t know if it will be his turn. When Seibel walks up to a soldier again, the soldier immediately kneels down. "General, forgive me!"
Pointing at a gentry, "He told me to do it. I still have my wife and children in my family. If I die, my wife and children will no longer rely on me. Please spare my life!"
"You dirty lie!" The gentry pointed out by the home soldier couldn’t wait to eat it. The home soldier immediately came to flatter Gao Shun and said, "Please also ask the general to learn from me … eh?"