Every figure has the strength to slay a master!

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A sword wins snow, holding a Yan sword, the whole person quickly spins up and then merges with Yan’s sword, and a huge latosolic red firm but gentle sword slays a Yan Shisan figure and rushes out of the ninth sword blockade.
Then a sword wins the snow and kills a comeback. But when I saw this sword, I stabbed Yan Shisan’s nine figures respectively, which was the key to the swordsmanship!
The ninth sword of death is officially solved!
Yan Shisan, who fell to the ground, stretched out his hand and wiped away the blood on his left face. The smile on his face was even stronger.
"That sword just now is really fierce, but this sword creates an hour hand, which is easy to produce flaws for group warfare."
"Nine Swords of Dugu really deserves its name. It seems that I am bound to show my real strength.
My "Killing Thirteen Swords" is a peerless swordsmanship, but it is only from the tenth sword that it really has the power of killing.
I’m going to use the tenth sword to kill you. Be careful! "
With Yan Shisan’s voice falling, the blade of the dark sword in his hand kept trembling, and a long sword sounded from the dark sword.
Slowly lift the sword over your head. Yan Shisan’s eyes are a piece of Xiao Sha color.
Immediately after the sword flicked, there was a dark firm but gentle like a dark crack, which cut off the sword and win the snow.
A sword is better than snow. Seeing this, I immediately launched the name Upanishads to break all laws!
But seeing that a sword wins the snow and sends out a sword, a flash of red light directly breaks the firm but gentle way to make it dissipate.
Rao is as cold as Yan Shisan. Seeing that one sword wins snow is so simple, he kills himself and breaks the tenth sword. He also feels a little surprised.
But then Yan Shisan eyes black data flow white sword wins snow just that sword what happened?
So he immediately fought the sword and the dark sword in his hand stabbed the sword to win the snow.
Although I feel a little surprised, the other party seems to see through myself.
However, I didn’t think so much when I beat snow with one sword. He clenched his sword and his mind flowed through the six styles of "Nine Swords of Dugu" he had learned.
Then a sword wins the snow and a sword is stabbed in the front.
At this time, Yan’s long sword circulated in latosolic red light, and the light came out. The long sword circulated endlessly in the hands of a sword winning snow!
This sword contains the sword meaning of the six styles of "Nine Swords of Dugu" that he learned.
This move is a sword to win the snow, and it is also the strongest sword to win the game! ‘
Chapter 2 Nuclear bomb-class super lethality
Six latosolic red bands of light gradually gathered together with the sword piercing the snow, and turned a huge Yan sword into a virtual image to stab Yan Shisan.
Yan Shisan stopped and looked at getting closer and closer to Yan’s sword. The whole person did not move.
Just as Yan Shisan, the player around, was about to give up.
A black light suddenly started from Yan Shisan’s hand and rushed towards the virtual image of the huge Yan sword.
Black light hits the virtual image of Yan’s long sword and immediately releases the meaning of a horrible sword.
Unexpectedly, the sword wins snow, and the virtual image of Yan’s long sword is put into the sword wins snow, and the chest is full of black cracks.
With a wry smile, Jian Shengxue shook his head and said, "Sure enough, I still haven’t hit you, but which sword was that just now?"
"Your move is too strong, so I’ll make the thirteenth sword directly!"
"So that’s it. No wonder you broke my swordsmanship and killed me. I’m relieved!"
After speaking, the sword wins the snow, and the body breaks like glass, then the white light dissipates.
At the same time, a sword wins snow and appears in the position of the star cocktail party and others in the stands, and says hello to friends with a wry smile.
"Player Yan Shisan won the fourth game, please take a break."
"In the fifth game, the true avatar will play against the mocking madman, and the fat shrimp will invite two players to play."
The ringing of the unified notice directly made the grandstand players burst into laughter.
More than a thousand people have spoken out about Pang Xia’s name, and even Pang Xia can’t help feeling Alexander.
"Oh, it’s really depressing. I just don’t want to play.
While complaining about Pang Xia, he walked around scratching his head and laughing around, taunting the players and putting up a middle finger!
This middle finger directly angered some players.
But see these players have roared toward Pang Xia in the field.
"The name of the bastard is so funny and handsome. If I were you, I would kill myself with tofu!"
"Yes, I dare to kill you with my middle finger, asshole!"
"Even if one person can’t beat us, we still have so many brothers. If you don’t want to die miserably, apologize on your knees!"
"You must kneel down and apologize or I will kill you!"
"Lou +16!"
Listening to those people, Pang Xia continued to compare the middle finger and then said wildly, "If something happens, you can kill me. I won’t let you chase me with one leg!"