"Lying in the trough, you smelly little boy, are you practicing your expression performance here?" I’m very angry. Speaking of which, when are you still fooling around here?

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"The old man, I suddenly thought of something …" Li Yi’s words haven’t finished yet, and he was directly interrupted by a long frost arrow.
A Li Yi recognized himself as an ice and fire shield, which could be defended even if hundreds of frost long arrows were shot. However, Li Yi suddenly found that this was many times larger than the frost long arrows. Although this was a completely negligible problem, Li Yi thought that everything happened for a reason and directly put the magic gas protector that had just been repaired.
"Smelly little what’s the matter? The magic gas protector has just been repaired. It should be in an emergency. Why are you doing it now? " The old man asked
"Dead old man, don’t you see that this is a little weird with frost and long arrows!" Li Yi said
Just when this long frost arrow was about to hit the ice fire shield, suddenly this long frost arrow exploded directly. Yes, it just exploded.
This explosion is not small at all. It directly blew Li Yi out for several meters. If it was not blocked by a tree, it is estimated that it would have to fly again.
"I have the foresight to protect myself from the magic gas, or I don’t know what I have become now," said Li Yi, patting his chest.
Suddenly, Li Yi had a brainwave and threw it out directly. But this time, the face was full of flames. It seems that Li Yi has a great eye this time.
Li Yi ran towards the blue-haired boy just as Li Yi threw it out and cut it to pieces.
Knight Wang quickly summoned his ice shield and then missed Li Yi’s beheading.
By this time, Li Yi had run to the blue-haired boy and said faintly, "sorry, you lost and it was miserable!" "
Li Yi kicked it out directly, and the soles of his feet were still full of flame power. It seems that Li Yi has mastered the flame power of blood skeleton.
"fuck!" The blue-haired boy was in a hurry, but he summoned an ice shield directly.
"Hey!" A green ice shield can’t bear the fact that Li Yi’s foot broke directly, but this ice shield helped the blue-haired boy a lot and made him successful without being kicked by Li Yi.
"I can go like this!" Li Yi expressed a little surprise, then raised his pole sword and prepared to throw it out directly.
At this time, suddenly, a frost arrow directly hit Li Yi’s magic gas protector, and it was also directly stuck in the magic gas protector.
Fuck you, I just fucking repaired the magic gas protector, so you almost ruined it. You have to pay for it
"Knight Wang, die for me!" Li Yi is very angry and said
Generally speaking, it is easy to repair the magic gas protector once it is damaged, but it will be troublesome when it is damaged for the second time, and it will be more troublesome for the third time, and so on.
"Fire lion!" With a wave of his sword, Li Yi ran out with a fierce fire lion.
"ho ho!" The fire lion called twice and then directly hit the knight Wang.
"It’s just a dirty trick. See how I can make you go back in a mess!" Knight Wang said
"Frost Wolf, come out and let him see you!" Not to be outdone, Knight Wang summoned a huge frost wolf directly.
"Ow, ow, ow!" The frost wolf barked twice and then stared at the fire lion as if he had found the enemy ready to hunt.
Blink of an eye Frost Wolf rushed to the Firelion Frost Wolf and slapped it directly on the back of the Firelion. Not to be outdone, the Firelion directly bit the Frost Wolf’s front paw.
In a short time, the frost wolf could not resist the fire lion’s attack and was directly photographed as a pile of broken ice.
The fire lion stared at the knight Wang hard and then spit out a mouthful of flame.
"Ice shield!" The knight Wang summoned a shield directly, and when the fire lion finished spitting, the knight Wang’s ice shield also melted all over the floor.
At this time, Li Yi suddenly appeared behind the king knight, threw a pole sword directly, and then a fire lion rushed towards the king knight.
"ah!" King knight bellow a then fell to the ground pain * *!
"Miki Sayaka, I’m going to say a few words now. Listen, I’ve said it over and over again. I’m not interested in you leaving today, but you remember this matter for me and forget it. But if you don’t know it, you can still come to me, but you have to be prepared to die!" Li Yi glared at the blue-haired boy and said
Then Li Yi walked beside Chen and slowly lifted Chen.
"I’ll go to the boss. I don’t want to say anything. You’re so amazing. You’re awesome. I can’t tell you how great you are!" Chen gave Li Yi a compliment!
"In fact, I’m not that bad! Most of the credit is due to my little blood. If there is no little blood, even if I try my best, I can’t hit that blue-haired boy! " Li Yi smiled and said
"Master is actually your command especially well! If it weren’t for your command, it wouldn’t be so easy to win! " Blood skeleton ran out at this time and said
"My mother, what is this!" Chen directly scared and hugged Li Yi.
"Chen chen, don’t do this. Don’t do this. I have to go!" Li Yi made Chen Le blush!
"Boss, what the hell is this?" Chen was so scared that he almost cried.
"Chen, you can let me go. He is my pet!" Li Yi Ponai said
"What the hell? Eldest brother, you say that he is your pet? " Chen asked with a face of surprise