The princess is very disdainful that her little pp is facing the shovel officer. "The opposite is the ice property!"

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An Xiaoya means yawning.
It’s really amazing that my own domestic meows despise their masters!
So I didn’t send An Xiaoya to catch the cute meow with the size of a shoulder fist in my hand and ravage it. After she messed up her fur, she was satisfied and helped her smooth it.
"Well, I feel much better!"
She stopped after saying this sentence.
Because in front of you is the resident of the cat demon group!
"Meow human, what are you doing here with Meow?"
There is probably an Xiaoya whose calf is taller and darker, and a red meow appears in front of An Xiaoya, blocking her way.
An Xiaoya didn’t think the other party was abrupt at all. She smiled and lifted the meow that had just been smooth but was ignoring herself to the other party. "I heard that there is a cat demon group to take our princess to see her. She has seen a dark lava cat demon with me since she was a child!"
Looking at the smiling An Xiaoya, look at the small white group with dark red meow. After thinking about it, I nodded and turned into a cat with dark red hair and cat ears. The cat said to her, "Come with me, then, human meow. Your meow seems to be well raised by you. Meow decided to be your good friend!"
That’s right. Seeing the princess’s glossy and smooth fur, the red cat thinks An Xiaoya is very kind to the meows and directly treats her as a good person!
Mimi thinks that she has done what a good shovel should do …
This is really a sad story!
When humans communicate with cats, although the communication is pleasant, their brains are telling them-in fact, we all regard ourselves as masters and the other as servants!
This is what the magic chicken told the duck.
An Xiaoya was soon led by this meow in this tribe full of all kinds of red cats.
It’s a little strange to look around at all kinds of red An Xiaoya.
What family, other ethnic groups, fire cubs are also red?
Why is her house white?
The princess is disdainful to tell her own shovel officer that although the Taohua Temple is a novice village, no one has said that the lava cat demon clan is a low-level ethnic group!
They are actually advanced!
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Chapter 114th Class D 【 Dark Source 】
"Meow heads meow! This human brought her meow to play with us! How to arrange it? "
In front of me is a fiery red cat about the size of a baby’s fist.
It is not the same as the lava cat demon family whose size determines their strength. In addition to the smaller their size, the stronger their strength is, and the color of their fur is also an important identification factor.
The closer the fur color is to lux, the stronger the strength is.
Other blood red, dark red, bright red and pink classes are either weak in strength or have a little variation in attributes.
"Hello meow, human. How did you find us meow? Your house is so beautiful! "
Yes, the clan leader is a male cat!
And this meow’s eyes lit up when he saw big princess, who was about his own size!
An Xiaoya took a step back and reached out to block her princess. "Respect the patriarch’s adult, our princess is still a baby!"
So the heads of the adult was disappointed to move his line of sight.
Well, then the great patriarch can’t chase this beautiful meow beauty!
"Meow human, what are you doing here?"
So the chief of the fathers’ adult asked another serious question, pretending that he was absent just now.
An Xiaoya nodded. That’s more like it!
"Our princess is growing up now. I want her to see more of the cat and demon groups and know something about your race!"
Then somebody else’s heads of adults smiled "meow! Man, are you kidding? Meow! Your meow is a lava cat demon! That’s the top group in our cat demon. Meow! How does she need to know about us low-level cat demons? "
That’s right. After waking up from the stunning princess, the heads of families quickly woke up and recognized the princess group.
"Is the lava cat demon very powerful?" AnXiaoya a wink a little don’t understand.
After all, this is a novice village. How can it be very powerful in the cat demon group?
Chief of the fathers’ adult licked his pink tender meat claws "meow! Of course, meow! In our cat demon race, the status of meow lava cat demon is like that of dragon with five claws, golden dragon and golden dragon. These are meow! "
Although a meow, An Xiaoya still understood it.
I didn’t expect my princess to be so big!
She touched the princess’s little head.
The princess proudly raised her head.
That’s right, stupid shovel. Have you finally got how great the White Princess is?
"Thank you for telling me this. I really didn’t know it before!" An Xiaoya said it sincerely.
Before, she also thought about how to make the princess advanced or promoted. Now it’s alarmist to think about herself!
If you want to upgrade the princess yourself, you can make progress with yourself.
Maybe when the time comes, I will limit the princess’s advancement because of myself!
After all, after 20 years, the highest level of players will be 100 and it will be capped.
When is the limit?