"Nothing," Xiao Li said with a smile. "I can transfer money online without my card, so can I. It’s too much trouble for you to take care of me when I live here."

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"Really?" The nurse smiled. "Then … I’m welcome. Money can also make you eat well."
Xiao Li’s eyes are wet. In fact, there are still many good people in this world. She didn’t see such a side in all her training and execution …
She put her hand on her belly and laughed more and more. "The baby mother may have to give birth to you here … and then think of another way."
Hiding here to have a baby, Xiaoli won’t know about the outside, and it’s already turned upside down to find her! And Han Ximing sent people never thought that Xiaoli didn’t go anywhere … she was quietly raising a baby in the countryside.
Chapter 1179 Fanwai Xiaobao is towards her
Rongjiaren didn’t see Han Xilang at all. Han Xilang erected an iron wall for her, and she couldn’t fly in even if it was a fly.
I’ve been guarding it like this, and no Rongjiaren called home, but no one answered.
So Rongjiaren was in a hurry
"What’s the matter? Wen Li and the nurse should be at home If there is no answer, will it be an accident? "
She’s here. She called her mother.
Rongmu quickly answered "Hello Mom?"
"You dead girl!" Rongmu Li shouted, "Where the hell is it?"
"Mom, don’t say this … have you been home recently? Is there something wrong at home? There is always no answer when I call. "
"You said! I don’t know who you took in that woman … someone came two days ago and tied her up! "
"ah!" Rongjiaren was startled. "How did this happen?"
Rongmu continued to talk nonsense and scare her. "You are quick to come back! I can’t handle it. "
"Oh, good." Rong Jiaren nodded hastily, really worried about Xiao Li’s situation. "I’ll be right back!"
I haven’t seen Han Xilang yet, but I can’t consider Rongjiaren leaving for the Imperial City the next day.
Rong mother hung up here and immediately dialed Rong master’s number.
"Hello" Rong Master is impatient. "Didn’t I tell you not to call me on your own initiative? Did you gamble all your money again? I tell you I don’t keep gamblers! "
"Hey," Rongmu sneered, "Don’t you want a beautiful woman? You have a lot of children, but not many daughters … You are not as good as before. I don’t know if you still want to get a good in-laws by marrying beautiful women, don’t you? "
Master Rong is impatient. "What are you trying to say?"
"Hum" Rongmu snorted "I’ll tell you where the beautiful woman is"
"How much do you want?"
"No," Rong Mu raised her eyebrows. "You can take it away this time!"
Section 99
As soon as the plane came out, I saw Rong’s family.
"Ah …" Rongjiaren was surprised. "You … why are you here?"
Those people stopped Rong Jiaren without saying anything. "Miss, please come back with us!"
"Don’t let me go!"
"Young lady! I advise you not to struggle! "
Indeed, Rongjiaren struggled to no avail, but she was taken away by Rongjia.
Rongjiaren can’t wait to sit in the car. She’s scratching her head. What now? Wen Li was her kind helper, but she was tied up in her house! Although she doesn’t know what happened to Wenli, she is also worried that she will run away.
Rongjiaren was tied back to rong family and Rongmu was not idle.
After several inquiries, she finally found out the address of the old home where Xiao Li was taken care of.
Rongmu didn’t expect the nurse to be so kind as to adopt Xiaoli. She was also planning to go there to find out some news, but she didn’t expect it … When she drove to the countryside, she saw Xiaoli disappearing for a few days at the nursing home.
Rongmu was surprised and happy to see her. "I didn’t expect you to be here!" "
Xiao Li frowned. She was completely surprised. "Aunt, how did you come here?"
"Hum!" Rongmu smiled with malicious intent and didn’t answer. Her eyes fell on her belly. "What is your child?"
"…" Small glass a surprised, suddenly, caressed her belly alert stare at her "I don’t know what you’re talking about"
I’m used to Rongmu. Why can’t I read it? She became more and more convinced that "it is really! Then this is a baby in your belly! Little total blood is no ordinary child! Valuable … With it, you have to get wind and rain, don’t you? "
Small glass trembled all over. I didn’t expect an ordinary woman to have so many eyes.
"no! I don’t know what you are talking about! "
"hey!" Rongmu sneers and caresses her temples. "You don’t deny it! After you left, the young man always came to the door … How could you be so nervous if it weren’t for him? "
Xiao Li was amazed at Xiao Bao … Xiao Bao came to see her!
After all this, Xiao Li’s eyes got wet at once.
Rongmu approached the two-step novel "Don’t worry, I won’t hurt your child … Your child is so precious that you must take good care of her."
Small glass don’t believe her intention is this "what do you want? Where is the beauty? Is she back? "
"Hey," Rongmu shook her head. "Don’t expect a beautiful woman! She is as talented as you are. "
Then worried "you are quick to come with me! Can’t stay here … "
"What are you doing? Where are you taking me? " Small glass think this woman is terrible.
"You are stupid!" Rong mother wowed "even I can find here! Can you hide from those people and find them? "
She does have a point, but Xiao Li can’t go with such a witch!
The yard was noisy and the nurse hurried in. "Madam …"
See Rong mother care got a fright "how she … how to do? Someone is coming outside! It seems that it should be you! "
Small glass this time can’t hide the clenched hand was pulled by rongmu "what are you thinking? To die? "
Rongmu looked at the nurse. "Is there no place to hide in your home? Such as basement and cellar? "
"Uh …" The nurse nodded. "Is there a hole?"
"That’s quick! What are you waiting for? Go! "