Shenhao level that kind of trench.

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It is estimated that all kinds of gems in this hall can build a new secondary city.
It is estimated that the two facade gems in the hall alone are enough to build several acropolis.
"Well, this is the skill you need to learn now."
A streamer flew out from Engels Wright’s palm to his hand and directly entered Yan Ming’s eyebrows.
"this is something you can get when you train."
Another streamer flew out of Engels Wright’s palm and entered Yan Ming’s waist backpack.
Then he found that what he had thrown in the past didn’t seem to fit into Yin Ming’s backpack.
A blink of an eye only found a problem-Yin Ming now has too many things to put in his backpack!
Engels Wright is a little embarrassed.
Then I threw Yin Ming a 100-grid backpack.
"I can’t give you this first, but you will have it yourself after it is too good."
Of course, things that can’t be stuffed in front have been put in this hundred-cell backpack.
Yin Ming equipped this backpack and looked at Engels Wright.
"This is my thing, but don’t look for me if you have anything, and try not to look for me if you have something."
Finally Engels handed Yin Ming a jade card, and then the whole person disappeared in a second.
Disappeared with Engels Wright and this magnificent hall
Yin Ming is really unreliable as a mentor!
Chapter 314 Mysterious delivery of underground city
Engels Wright suddenly disappeared, just as quietly as when he appeared.
It’s like everything was just a dream of Yin Ming, and it broke the dream with a poke.
However, both the extra two rows of icons in the skill bar and the extra things in the package and a bag told Yin Ming-yes, he did see a very irresponsible teacher occupation just now.
I looked at the jade card that I was holding in my hand and thought of Engels Wright’s message "Don’t look for me if you have anything to do". Yin Ming smiled and put the jade card in the backpack.
He did not intend to find Engels Wright.
Anyway, he will come out by himself when necessary.
You don’t need Yin Ming to find it at all.
An Xiaoya froze when she received the news of Yin Ming.
Engels Wright
That is to say, the holy war knight with great power and weird and distorted aesthetics?
Actually, it was unexpected for An Xiaoya that he would make teacher occupation for Amin.
But if it’s him, it’s estimated that Amin’s next career will be painful …
"This man is a mixed-race man and dragon, and he likes shiny gems and golden yellow gold as well as dragons."
An Xiaoya decided to tell Yin Ming this very sad news.
Of course, maybe she still gloated at the joke a little bit. "This knight with dragon blood is as fond of sleeping as the dragon, and often sleeps for a long time."
Don’t count this time when normal human sleep.
People may sleep for months or even years at a time.
After getting the news, to be honest, Yin Ming felt a little quiet.
Finally, I know what my own piece of jade card is called "awakening", and I know what the other party wants to do if he has something to do, so don’t contact him.
It’s very, very unpleasant to be woken up while sleeping!
If this person happens to get up angry or something, it is estimated that he will have to bear the anger of the other party first.
Yin Ming, a Terran-Dragon mixed-race knight with strong blood and powerful blood, doesn’t want to feel at all.