If you want Nangong Jinyu to be obedient, you must learn from his skill. Since there is such a pest that makes people bite Nangong Jinyu, he will definitely take out the antidote and steal it. Then everything is not a problem. How to get close to Nangong Jinyu is a problem. Suddenly, Mu Qingfeng thought that Liu Liangchen, a cheap senior, might have to play a big role this time. It is also a coincidence that without Liu Liangchen, Mu Qingfeng would certainly have no other choice but to flee with Xuelian today.

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When it was getting dark, Mu Qingfeng found an opportunity to send a message to Liu Liangchen who was recuperating and get instructions. Liu Liangchen came to the designated place under the pretext that he needed to take a walk.
"The younger brother knows that the elder brother is going to be a general. Are you here to congratulate me?" Liu Liangchen said cynically, it’s really hard to believe that he is a brother of Xugong Mountain.
"Brother, I’ve come to ask you for help this time. I guess your new position will have to be suspended again. Don’t mind." Mu Qingfeng and Liu Liangchen are their own brothers, but you’re welcome to tell them directly.
"Well, if I had known you were such a troublemaker, I wouldn’t have promised anything to Uncle Shi’s request. What’s the problem now?" Liu Liangchen is already accustomed to it. Anyway, he wiped his ass once and twice, which is not bad this time.
"Brother, we know that the source of grassland plague is not a natural disaster as we thought, but a man-made disaster. Some people put diseases and pests that can be recruited into the herdsmen’s place, which led to a sharp drop in population. After the search of exterminating idiots, it was found that it was Baizu Sect who was behind the plot, and it was probably Nangong Jinyu. We had to make him sick before we could find an antidote to solve this crisis." Mu Qingfeng did not say his purpose directly.
But Liu Liangchen didn’t directly promise, not that he didn’t want to help, but that he thought of a more important question. He thought for a while and said, "Teacher younger brother is not a brother who doesn’t help you. I want to ask this bug, but it can cause so many casualties in the grassland, even if it is a real plague. If you give me the bug and make Nangong Jinyu sick, aren’t you afraid of causing the grassland tragedy to repeat itself in our summer?" I know that you and Xuelian are deeply attached to each other, but a woman has caused us to lose our lives in the summer. I don’t think either Master or Uncle will agree. "
Is Mu Qingfeng a person who doesn’t know the weight? He patted Liu Liangchen on the shoulder. "Thank you, brother, for waking me up. I’m not the kind of selfish person who kills idiots. After careful study, I found that this kind of insect can bite a person, and then it will die because of the light of body venom, which will not cause large-scale harm. This is also what makes people know that it’s dangerous to disguise themselves and sneak into the herdsmen."
Got the teacher younger brother’s affirmative answer. Liu Liangchen finally let go with her heart hanging tight. It seems that God is still good. After all, all shall be well, jack shall have Jill. I want to expose the Nangong Jinyu plot, so I need to wait and celebrate with them. Anyway, I, the general, have nothing to miss in front of me.
As a result of Liu Liangchen, Mu Qingfeng handed me a small bottle containing a big bug that is almost like a fly. The surface of this bug is metallic and shiny. At first glance, it is not a good kind. It is really unexpected that such a small method of insect can take a mature male life with one bite.
It’s almost time for Liu Liangchen and Muqingfeng to signal that they can’t stay any longer. After all, although Yecheng is his territory, we still have to be careful about Nangong Jinyu’s eyeliner. Who knows if he is suspicious by nature? He will arrange eyeliner at his side and bid farewell to Muqingfeng Liu Liangchen. He found a tavern and directly drank half a catty of spirits, so it’s not long before Nangong Jinyu found Liu Liangchen with people.
"The leader is not right now. I can’t believe that you are also a drinker. Your wound hasn’t healed yet, so you will come out for greed. Be careful so that you won’t go to Lien Chan’s horse." Nangong Jinyu certainly knows how to close the distance between himself and his cronies, but Zhou Huoli took a deep breath and was choked with alcohol. There is no way to teach Gongzong people to close their pores every time they practice, so they can promote blood circulation and open their pores. Spirits are naturally forbidden, but judging from the smell of alcohol, they must have drunk at present.
"What’s the matter with the world today?" Liu Liangchen poured a glass of wine for Nangong Jinyu, and Nangong Jinyu was unambiguous and directly killed. He said, "How can I send you to perform when your body is not fully recovered?" Besides, it also comes. "
The nangongshan jinyu this is hualiyouhua implication is that you really have something to do with liuliangchen,
"Don’t worry, I’m a little injured, but there’s still no problem in working for the world. I have plans for the world. Although I promise to make things beautiful, I’d rather come to see you first, except for an accident." At this time, I’m stupid to be loyal and good at lurking. Liu Liangchen certainly won’t miss this opportunity
"Now that the general has spoken, I will no longer be melodramatic. There is something in my eyes that really needs you to prepare. I think the general should know that the purpose of our coming here is to solve the grassland problem and build with grassland people. But you also know that we have a large number of talents in summer, and some people can solve the grassland problem …" Nangong Jinyu did not continue to talk.
"Does the world mean that I should get rid of the people who may solve this plague?" Liuliangchen guessed.
"The whole summer is so big, how can I know who has the ability to solve this problem? I can’t kill a person who knows medical skills?" Nangong Jinyu smiled. "I think whoever has the antidote will be in a hurry to go back to the grassland for disaster relief. I don’t want those who don’t like me very much to go back to the grassland. Do you understand?"
"At the end of the summer, especially in Beiyan, the public security is not very good. Often, there are horse thieves and bandits attacking the caravan. I hope that the envoys will never encounter them when they go back." Liu Liangchen is a little expert. He knows how to answer the question that can best satisfy Nangong Jinyu. He secretly thinks that this Nangong Jinyu is indeed insidious and knowledgeable. It is not enough for him. This is to firmly control the value of this method insect. If any tribe is not satisfied with him, it will be wiped out by the method insect.
"The general is really a wise man. Let’s tell you what. You find a chance to come to me this afternoon. Your army and the keepsakes are all ready. It’s time to give them to you. I’ll do my best. Nangong Jinyu won’t mistreat you." Hearing that Liu Liangchen understood what he meant, Nangong Jinyu was of course very happy and patted Liu Liangchen on the shoulder. "Wine is a good thing, so don’t delay the business." Then he left with Zhou Huo.
"Fortunately, I have learned this job, otherwise things will really get angry. It seems that Master and Uncle are right." Liu Liangchen secretly thought.
The ambition of Nangong Jinyu is definitely not as simple as that of the four princes. Collusion with foreign forces has always been a great sin, let alone trying to master the strength of their department. I’m afraid it’s not a day or two since Nangong Jinyu coveted the throne. Liu Liangchen touched the bottle in his arms, and Liu Liangchen felt for the first time what his younger brother gave himself, which was not a medicine that could solve the poison, so that he could eradicate a scourge the summer before.
However, Nangong Jinyu asked himself to meet him in the afternoon, which gave him a chance to get close to him. Listening to his younger brother said that the insect would die after biting someone, and he had to find a way to get rid of the insect body, so that they could wonder if there was something wrong with their own management, but they had to be careful. If a careless person bit himself, I’m afraid there was no place to cry.
Now that you have a plan in your heart, you have to plan how to let Nangong Jinyu get caught in the dark, and then find out where the antidote is and inform the younger brother to cut off Hu.
On the other hand, in Yan Wangfu, Mu Qingfeng is also wondering what to do after he gets the medicine. He knows nothing about medicine. If he can’t copy the ingredients after getting the antidote, he will be in vain. He can help his own master Li Daoling and Wan Chungu’s deputy valley owner Xiao Langzhong. Unfortunately, these two people are not here now. Where can I find a ready-made doctor? While he was brooding, something even more troubling happened to him.
"Elder martial sister, I said no, you came with me. You finally got out of the shadow of heart breaker, but it’s hard for you to come with me this time?" Looking at Yecheng is just around the corner, the carriage came to a sweet sound. It was actually Hua Xianlin’s explanation. She called the teacher elder sister a chess fairy and a wonderful moon.
What happened to Yu Zhuolong Moon and Lin Jieyu in this place has to be said from the outbreak of grassland plague a few months ago. Although the summer and grassland are ups and downs, the doctors’ parents are always engaged in treating diseases and saving lives. This professional person is not willing to see this tragedy. The martial arts in the summer called on people to solve this problem, saying that it is to call on Hua Xian, which is really powerful, that is, Wanchun Valley and Painting Heart Square. However, because Wanchun Valley is too far away from Yecheng, Hua Xian, the painting heart square, arrived first, but Hua Xian medical skills. Although the martial arts are superb, it is true that the chess fairy with the highest martial arts among the three immortals volunteered to take on the escort. To be honest, Ningluoge, the owner of the painting heart workshop, did not want Zhuo to go to Yecheng for no other reason, because Mu Qingfeng was also there, and his disciple vomited blood in his arms and muttered something to himself. I can vividly remember it today. If it weren’t for the painting heart workshop and the virtual palace, Ningluoge might have killed it that day.
However, there is really no suitable person at hand to escort himself in the workshop, and he can’t go out easily, so please get better at the beginning of a serious illness.
Hearing her school sister’s angry tone, Zhuo Longyue smiled, but it was not a word. wait for a while looked out of the window, but she didn’t see him for many days. Is it okay to hear that the prairie princess is so beautiful that she has already forgotten to see him? Should she jump directly into his arms or ignore him? The number of questions instantly filled Zhuo Nongyue’s heart that had been empty for a long time.
I hate Mu Qingfeng even more when I see this kind of martial sister Lin Jieyu. It is this ungrateful talent that makes Sister Mei Lang become what she is now.
"Elder martial sister, rest assured that this time I have studied several kinds of powerful poisons, and I must give that person a memory. He doesn’t know that our little brother is not easy to provoke after doing that to elder martial sister, and he still wants to walk away. Will Hua Xian save lives?" Lin Jieyu is still eloquent. I don’t know whether to tell myself or to play the moon.
"School sister, don’t be ridiculous. Do you know that he is now an important figure in Beiyan Wangfu? If you are humiliated, I’m afraid it’s not easy to explain." Zhuo Nongyue looked at his school sister and didn’t want to joke, so he quickly spoke to stop it. If anything happens, it’s not easy to explain.
"Come on, teacher elder sister, I’m free, so don’t worry about such a thing. Anyway, this time it’s to discuss the illness, so you just stay in the inn." Hua Xian is not satisfied with Zhuo Nongyue’s eccentric Muqingfeng.
Soon after the identification, the two of them came to Yecheng. Because both of them are ashamed of flowers, they still caused a lot of fluctuations. There is no way to make a difference between the moon and Lin Jieyu.
"The boss gave us a room and quickly prepared dining tables. We’ve been driving all day, and we’re almost hungry. If you dare to fool me, I’ll smash your signboard …" Lin Jieyu also wanted to complain, but he was dragged behind by Zhuo Lunyue. Although he was a little unruly, he had to be obedient in front of Chess Fairy.
"My sister is new here, and I hope the shopkeeper will not care about it." Zhuolong Yueyin is like how nice it is to go out of the valley in Oriole. The innkeeper and the people around him are stunned. If it weren’t for the wife of shop-owner who chewed him aside, the boss would still be immersed in the sound.
"Girl, please sit down. The meal will be here soon." The boss quickly arranged for Xiao Er to greet the guests while clutching his arm and screaming.
After Zhuo Nongyue and Lin Jieyu are seated, Zhuo Nongyue is still used to sitting in front of the window and having dinner with Mu Qingfeng. He always gives this position to himself, saying that wine is the most delicious where you can see the world. Unfortunately, the scenery is still the same now, but the people who accompany you to see the scenery are long gone.
"I said, have you heard that there is no day when the grassland candidate will be married? Who do you think that beauty will end up in?" A place with a lot of people, such as an inn, has always been the fastest place to deliver news.
"You should know that the grassland is coming for the plague this time. I heard that the Nangong family has found an antidote. I don’t think the children have run away this time," said a young man.
"What fart? Don’t you know that heaven favors lovers? We North Yanying Wang Dian and the grassland princess are made in heaven. What plague does he have? They are destined to be together. "I didn’t expect that the young man’s words caused a middle-aged man to refute.
"The king? I’ve heard of the Prince of Yan. I didn’t come to your precious land for a few days. I hope my brother will tell me what this king and prairie princess have? " The young man quickly poured a glass of wine for the middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man didn’t refuse to drink a toast directly and breathed a sigh of relief. He said, "Look at you, Xiao Lian has never heard of the King of England, so I know that you are a foreigner. This is the King’s Temple of the Old Yan, Wang Yidi of the North Yan. This is a strange person who knows that the old Yan was poisoned by Lu Min, right? At that time, Liu Min, a scumbag, directly charged the poison report to the time when it was still the world. It was the King’s Temple that broke the fog and found the real murderer. Today, Yecheng agreed that Beiyan had settled down and came to the old princess’s safety. The King’s Temple was taken away by the enchantress of the charm pavilion and came back to us after many twists and turns. "The middle-aged man’s face was full of pride."
"Is this King’s Palace really an ordinary person, but what’s the point of this marriage with the grassland? You know, they are coming for the plague, but it’s good to be famous." There are still some young people who don’t.
"Don’t talk nonsense, you idiot." The middle-aged man lowered his voice. "My niece works as a handmaid in Beiyang Wangfu. She said that she spent a long time in the bathroom with the prairie princess on the first day of her return. What do you think they can do? Besides, now everyone has seen that the prairie princess has been inseparable from him like a bird since she came back from the King’s Palace. If it weren’t for stupidity, who wouldn’t have seen their deep affection and righteousness? But then again, this prairie princess looks really speechless. I have never seen such a beauty in my life. If I can marry such a wife, I would rather live ten years less! "
This self-proclaimed old Wang Ren is talking about the beauty of Xuelian, and the listener has a heart.
Zhuo Nongyue’s strength has already recovered. It’s easy to listen to their conversation. Hearing them talk about Mu Qingfeng can’t help but move. "It turns out that I am a passer-by in your mind after all. You never told me. What am I in your heart? It seems that I’m really affectionate. It’s really … "Zhuo Nongyue unconsciously drank half a bottle of wine when he felt sorry for himself.
"The teacher elder sister, don’t drink any more, and you’ll be drunk." Although Hua Xian is not as strong as Zhuo Long Yue, he is by no means a junior. He naturally heard the two of them discuss and saw that the wisdom on weekdays was more and more hateful than the teacher elder sister actually used wine to drown her sorrows.
"It’s okay, the teacher elder sister, the capacity for liquor is very good. How much did you drink?" Zhuolong Moon blows Lin Jieyu and pulls his hand to have another drink. This wine is bitter and spicy.
Lin Jieyu saw Zhuo Nongyue like this, but there was no other way to help some slightly drunk senior sisters back to their rooms to rest and find a chance to sneak out and say something to Mu Qingfeng.
"The teacher elder sister, you have a rest first. I’ll go and see if there is a good hangover remedy around the drugstore. I’ll give you a pair." Lin Jieyu was a little guilty when he said this, for fear that he would be clever and brilliant.
"Be careful yourself. Although it’s Beiyan territory, you should keep a low profile and save more trouble. Go back quickly. I’ll wait for you here," Zhuo said absently.
Lin Jieyu directly asked someone to inquire about Bai Beiyan’s Wangfu’s anger after leaving the inn. It’s not too much to worry about chess and fairy martial arts.
But when Lin Jie stormed to the gate of the Prince’s Mansion, he found that things were not as simple as he thought. The soldiers at the gate actually stopped themselves from letting in.
"This girl is the important place of Yan Wangfu. If you have nothing to do, please move elsewhere!" An older soldier said,
"The girl have something to find MuQingFeng that brutal and cold blooded beast! Tell him to come out and give me a big talk! " Lin Jieyu rested on her hips with a small waist and a shrew posture.
I don’t look good when I hear someone insulting me that the King’s Palace is a cruel and heartless animal. You know Mu Qingfeng, but the benefactor of Beiyanfu is now being abused by people in the street. If it weren’t for watching Lin Jieyu as a delicate little girl, I’m afraid someone would have been tempted to add their fists and feet.
"This girl, please keep your mouth shut. Our British palace is not casually abused. Seeing that you are young and a woman, I’ll let you go. I’m afraid it won’t be a jail time again." The soldier said with a serious face