It’s as if they didn’t see the old Lama doing what he should do in general.

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Pang Xia is also mentally prepared. The presence of the old Lama will affect his business.
But when Pang Xia saw that the old Lama root didn’t affect his business, everyone thought he was away.
Pang Xia felt a little disharmony instead.
Just then, I was dressed in a small two, and my second brother Zhao Hong quickly greeted me.
Zhao Hong bowed in front of Pang Xia and said, "Master, you finally came back.
I waited for you, but I almost took someone to find you when I was eager to see you. "
Listen to Zhao Hong’s words and look at Zhao Hong’s going round and round eyes. Pang Xia immediately laughed "prick!
Let the master see if you are lazy during this period. "
Pang Xia grabbed Zhao Hong’s right arm and found out Zhao Hong’s condition.
Soon Pang Xia smiled, and Zhao Hongti’s original injury was cured at this time.
And its heart vein congestion and true qi have also been completely resolved to form Zhao Hong’s own force in the abdomen.
To absorb the true qi Zhao Hong in a short period of time, there has been a new force quantity.
I have to say that Pang Xia is very jealous of this. This is what the protagonist deserves.
"Macro son, it seems that you have finished the first three layers of" Small Phase Work ".It’s time to give you the back.
And you should also choose some external skills to practice, otherwise it is nothing to be strong. "
Zhao Hong’s face lit up when he heard this from Pang Xia.
He pulled Pang Xia without saying anything and directly pulled Pang Xia to the small courtyard behind the five-star restaurant.
At this time, father-in-law Sun is lying on the Pangxia lounge chair, drinking tea and eating melons, which is very comfortable.
When he saw Pang Xia, he immediately jumped up from the lounge chair and clapped his hands at Pang Xia.
Seeing Sun’s father-in-law calling Pang Xia, he gently pushed Zhao Hong aside and printed a backhand palm.
And in a relative moment with my father-in-law’s hands, I cast the secret martial arts "Stars Return to the Market * *"!
Suddenly, Grandfather Sun felt that his true qi was rapidly flowing towards Pang Xia! ‘
Chapter 561 Teach disciples daily.
Grandfather Sun’s eyes were wide open and his heart was horrified: щw
He’s seen Pang Xia’s Starsucking.
So he knows that Pang Xia’s display at this time is definitely not the martial arts of "Starsucking * *"!
This speed of absorbing the true qi can be said to be insane.
And father-in-law Sun has just tried several times to break free from Pang Xia’s muzzle, but it has no effect.
Miss this grandson’s father-in-law also can not consider whether it will hurt the gas.
His body qi broke out and he wanted to break free from Pang Xia’s sucking and pulling on his body qi.
However, at this time, Pang Xia’s body suddenly appeared, and the rivers flowed endlessly.
These milky ways revolve around Pang Xia and then converge in Pang Xia’s palm.
At the same time, Sun’s father-in-law burst into that true qi, which was quickly melted and absorbed like snow in the sun.
Such a vision made father-in-law Sun suddenly pale. A knowledgeable eunuch saw the mystery at a glance.
This vision and this effect almost immediately shocked Grandfather Sun and shouted, "This martial arts is a secret code!" "
Hear father-in-law sun shout PangXia suddenly smiled those constantly circulating Milky Way suddenly merge together.
Then the Milky Way turned into a Pang Xia nebula, and Pang Xia was surrounded by it, which was very mysterious.
Nebula slowly dispersed PangXia looked at Sun Gonggong embrace the fuels and then said, "Sun Gonggong just offended.
Recently, I realized that the three martial arts finally achieved mastery and created this martial arts institute, and I still can’t master it well for a while. "
Father-in-law Sun is not Zhao Hong, a child who has just entered the Jianghu, so he won’t believe what Pang Xia said.
But even if he guessed that Pang Xia was in revenge, things couldn’t say anything.
And he can’t really turn against Pang Xia. Today, YaBaKui is doomed.
Turned over a supercilious look, father-in-law Sun snorted and sat back on the couch and took his anger on melon tea.
But after eating some melons and tea, Grandfather Sun did the same thing.
Now Pang Xia’s strength is getting stronger and stronger, and even the secret martial arts have been achieved.
So in the future, Zhao Hong’s martial arts practice naturally doesn’t worry about a secret code, and less can create an innate.
Zhao Hongshen, the head of Yu Zong, will become a master in the future, but it is unnecessary.
Regardless of what Grandfather Sun thinks first now, Pang Xia came to Zhao Hong and smiled.
"Today, master, I will grant you the fourth and fifth floors of" Small Xianggong ".
Then I will give you two external skills. I wonder if you want to study? "
On hearing this, Zhao Hongdang said excitedly, "Who doesn’t want to learn who is the master of martial arts? It’s natural to learn!"
"In this case, have you decided what to learn?"
Zhao Hong nodded slowly when he heard this from Pang Xia after thinking for a long time.
"Master, I’ve made up my mind that I’m going to learn fencing and specialize in fencing for the time being!"
Pangxia slightly one leng immediately asked, "I remember that you were still very greedy before Dali Duan’s" One Yang Finger ".
How come now you have changed your mind and want to specialize in fencing, but your idea is very good and I support it.
! "