"Thank you, Mr. Ma. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do." Xia Xue had a faint sadness and Ning Mengmeng let go but didn’t want to slip the sheet.

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She is thinner than Sister Xianglan, and her shoulders are exquisite and particularly beautiful, and she has just the right aesthetic feeling like a white lotus.
14 Xia Xue’s mind
Ning Mengmeng blushed to cover her mother, and Xia Xue was extremely embarrassed. Her face was blushing and her head was low. The charm of a mature woman was shy, but she was so beautiful
"What about the teacher?" Ning Mengmeng saw his teacher’s silly kicking, but why didn’t he look at himself so much?
"Ahem, the teacher naturally has a way, but it’s not good. The teacher has a fight with them." Ma Liang concealed the embarrassment
"No, teacher, you’ll get hurt."
"Good Mengmeng, leave everything to the teacher, Sister Xia Xue. Don’t worry that I will find a way to give me the seeds."
Xia Xue did not move.
"Teacher, you have to let mom put the clothes on first." Ning Mengmeng pushed Ma Liang out.
After a while, Xia Xue planted it with a bag. She didn’t dare to look up at Ma Liang.
"Teacher Ma, if there is really no way, I can borrow some money. You don’t force yourself." Xia Xue sighed. She really doesn’t look like the villagers. In fact, she is also quite literate and a high school student.
"At that time, I also paid back some money. It’s really not good. It’s not early when I lend it to you first. You have a good rest. I went to school with Mengmeng."
Xia Xue loves to look at her daughter, whose big watery eyes are particularly distressing. In fact, she doesn’t care about herself but cares about her.
"Mom, I went to school. We have to trust the teacher." Ning Mengmeng held Ma Liang’s arm and rubbed his chest inadvertently.
The two people are getting farther and farther back. Xia Xue recalls what happened just now. At that time, she wanted to be dead. Who knows that Ma Liang suddenly jumped out and stood in front of him, but he looked weak but felt quite a man, and he was also very kind to Mengmeng.
Thinking about her blushes and secretly blames herself for thinking so much.
"Teacher, you just stared at my mother without blinking," Ning Mengmeng said as he walked.
"Cough cough" Ma Liang can cough all the time.
"I know my mother is beautiful, and all the men in the village like to stare at her, and she is very tired. I just want to grow up quickly." Ning Meng’s dream is simple, that is, to reduce the burden on her mother.
"By the way, teacher, what exactly can you do? Is it that little pot?" Ning Mengmeng thought of it.
"That’s the little pot in the morning. The garlic is what the teacher came out of the experiment. Don’t worry, there must be a way to eat this dish. When the teacher has money, you can often come to eat meat."
"It’s very kind of a teacher." Ning Mengmeng stuck closer.
"Don’t tell anyone about this. When the time comes, the teacher will often water your home, and your mother will not be so tired."
Ning Mengmeng nodded and was as happy as a bird.
Ma Liang, who hasn’t arrived at school yet, is a little strange why all the students are outside and many have climbed up the tree.
"Xiao Pang, what’s going on?"
"Teacher Ma, we are doing exercises. There is a big wild boar coming from the other side of the mountain. The tree is badly knocked off. The headmaster asked us all to find a highland."
"Where is President Zhang?"
"I didn’t look at it and said I went to find his father."
His father is a village hunter with a shotgun.
Wild boar is a fierce thing that hits people to kill themselves.
Ma Liang found Qinshan and Shu Lili at the other end.
"Teacher Qin, Teacher Shu, why are you two? Why don’t you see Teacher Xiao and Teacher Su?"
"Teacher Ma, you can come. Now Teacher Xiao is with Teacher Su. Don’t be so happy." Shu Lili got it.
"They are trapped in the office, where the wild boar refuses to come out. President Zhang has gone to call someone," said Qinshan, smoking a cigarette.
I cann’t believe I’m trapped inside. Ma Liangke has seen wild boar. It’s quite dangerous
"Mengmeng, you are here, teacher. Go and see the situation."
"Don’t go to the teacher. The wild boar is terrible." Ning Mengmeng dragged him and was not willing.
"Mengmeng, be a good teacher. I’ll go and see if it’s okay." Ma Liang comforted her and finally she let go.
Ma Liang walked in the direction of the school, just like a thief. The wild boar has a bad nose and ears.
Finally, I felt the old room in the office and looked inside through the window.
Xiao Erbao sat firmly in the corner because there were a few sticks nailed before, while Su Yuyao dared not move in another corner.
Ma Liang gasped when he saw the wild boar. Boy, it weighs at least 200 Jin, which will cover his salary for several months.
"Miss Su, if I don’t call you, you can run out when this black pimple looks at me," Xiao Erbao said.
He has nothing to wait until the hunter comes now, but Su Yuyao is different. That corner is very dangerous and dare not touch.
Su Yu Yao gave him a hate look, because when the wild boar came, she also found the place where she could sit alone. As a result, Xiao Erbao not only didn’t help her, but also squeezed herself.
The office is a mess, too. The desk has fallen all over the floor.
Just then, Gaden-Su Yu Yao fell to the ground with a self-defense in his hand. The wild boar snorted and looked at it for two times, and then kept sucking his nose and walking in that direction.
Su Yuyao turned pale with fear.
Just then, a few whistles came outside, accompanied by a loud noise, and the wild boar turned around and chased it out.
Su Yu Yao took a long breath, then walked out quickly and saw the wild boar chasing Ma Liang up the mountain and going after him.
"Teacher Su, are you all right?" Xiao Erbao asked wryly.
"This class won’t work for the time being. Why don’t you go to Ma Liang’s house and get something? I came by motorcycle today."
Su Yu Yao has told him to live in his house before.
Su Yu Yao stared his one eye. This two treasures of Xiao are far worse than Ma Liang.
Ma Liang was flustered by wild boar, but he was incredibly slow and kept the endurance of wild boar. He could run 34 miles in one breath.
I picked up a thick stick with an arm in a gear.