"well! If I had any reservation about your evaluation before

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So now I know your situation clearly.
A junior who was born in the family, the fastest, the most talented and the most popular.
Maybe you’ve tried it with some peers at most so far.
These peers can’t practice faster than you, and they are suppressed by your doubts every time.
But do you have the fighting experience of people of the same level? Have you ever fought against the strong masters? "
Ji Yaori’s eyes narrowed slightly, although there was no expression, but her heart was quite shocked.
Because Pang Xia is right, he has fought with his peers at most since he was a child.
However, the realm and strength of his peers are not as good as his, so it can’t promote Ji Yaori’s martial arts roots.
It is precisely because of this that Pang Xia saw it at a glance in the battle just now.
This looks very powerful. Ji Yaori is much worse than others except the realm.
Especially combat experience, even some players are said to be abnormal np with high combat experience.
Like a little white rabbit like Ji Yaori, if a master faces an experienced congenital
I’m afraid the final result is that it’s no accident to be born alive and dead by this first person.
Just now, Ji Yao-ri didn’t pay attention to strategy at all when she started, but she just used her powerful moves blindly.
But these moves were dissolved by Pang Xia in front of him.
Although I know in my heart that what Pang Xia said is correct, I have cultivated pride for many years to make Ji Yaori deny what Pang Xia said.
He looked at PangXia face like frost and said, "The lowest level of calculating has no place for me."
It’s not that you can beat my little trick. "
Picked his eyebrows Pang Xia looked at Ji Yaori and suddenly stopped laughing.
Shook his head PangXia directly to JiYaoRi said, "I’m not interested in you now.
What a great person it will be to come to the top of the four families and the younger generation.
Seeing you, I suddenly found that Wu Sheng Jia Bai was not so great. "
I have to say that Pang Xia’s words are a little one-sided
When he really saw the little monster of Wu Sheng’s family, he knew that he was really one-sided
Listening to Pang Xia’s words, Ji Yaori was not broad-minded enough to make him endure such comments.
At this time, Ji Yaori rushed at Pang Xia without even saying anything.
But see his hands claws a little bit of fire strength dragged out from the fingertips to draw traces.
At the same time, Fengming’s sharp sound from Ji Yaori’s mouth is a bit of a sound attack.
Just then, a stuffy hum sounded behind Pang Xia’s house, but it belonged to Ji Ling’s rhyme.
This made Pang Xia’s face suddenly changed, and Yi Long Yin in his eyes suddenly sounded.
Chapter 625 A knife
The dragons in Pang Xia’s mouth are very heavy and have a sense of peace.
Is immediately dispersed jiyaori mouth that sharp than Fengming.
Without looking at Ji Yaori, Pang Xia immediately turned and rushed towards the house.
Just now, the stuffy hum was obviously caused by Ji Lingyun being injured by Ji Yaori Fengming.
Pang Xia was so anxious that he ignored the reason and prepared to shoot Ji Yaori at him.
However, in Ji Yaori’s view, Pang Xia’s departure at this time is an excellent opportunity to start work.
He now has the heart to defeat Pang Xia and then prove that he is not as good as Pang Xia said!
With a fire strength jumped toward PangXia.
Feel the fire strength behind PangXia eyebrows a tight is the JiYaoRi produced great ill feelings.
He didn’t believe that Ji Yaori would hear Ji Lingyun’s stuffy hum.
For the master, changes in a certain range can be clearly understood.
Therefore, the only thing that can explain Ji Yaori’s behavior is that he doesn’t care if Ji Lingyun lives or dies.
He cares about what he does.
Anger rose in my heart, and Pang Xia simply stopped hiding his strength and reached out to the house.
Immediately on the house, there was a word sword box, and then the magic combating Dao appeared directly in the hands of Pang Xia.
Red, black and white knife gas is surging in the blade, just as Ji Yaori’s paws are about to catch Pang Xia’s back.
Pang Xia turned his hand and split the magic combat knives toward Ji Yaori.
Contains the meaning of destruction!
This knife is now displayed when Pang Xia is promoted to the master, and its power is simply not the same as when it was born.
Full of destruction, the blade instantly breaks the fire in front of Ji Yaori, and a knife passes through Ji Yaori’s chest.
Pang Xia’s knife is not fast, and a master can easily see the trend of this knife.
However, it was such a knife that Ji Yaori didn’t even hide because he didn’t dare to dodge!
Pang Xia’s knife seems very slow to Ji Yaori, but on where he is going to dodge
Will immediately feel extremely dead and there is a voice in his heart telling him to avoid death.
Because I’m at Ji’s house and Ji Yaori doesn’t have any deep hatred.
Pang Xia chose to leave his hand after all. The blade of the magic combat knife in his hand passed over Ji Yaori’s chest.
Just breaking the flesh on his chest didn’t hurt his bones and internal organs.
Even the sword with sufficient destruction was converged by Pang Xia in the blade and did not invade Ji Yao’s body.
Otherwise, this knife alone will make Ji Yaori disappear from this world completely.