After Qin or took it, he immediately injected it into Zhenyuan to see if it was an ordinary chalcedony, and then he breathed a sigh of relief and looked a lot easier.

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"It seems that the man really came to give you chalcedony and hurt people’s hearts, otherwise Rong would have been dead and not just knocked out."
Qin or just a thoughtfully continued, "Of course, it doesn’t rule out that the man didn’t have a pain killer to avoid being exposed. After all, it is very difficult to erase the breath after killing, and it is really difficult to eliminate the traces if he is in a hurry."
There was a flash of cool color in Pan Hui’s eyes, and her eyes were dark.
"But this chalcedony is clean. Since you sent such a gift, why don’t you ignore it!" Qin or say then ha ha smiled two wrist a turn will chalcedony into the palm of your hand with green light flashing.
Pan Hui looked at the second ShiShu in amazement. He didn’t even feel comfortable breathing.
See his two arms are shrouded in a piece of green light at this time, chalcedony keeps turning in the palm of his hand, and the true qi is visible to the naked eye and presents a twisted shape.
Pan Hui guessed that Second Martial Uncle was going to refine chalcedony into a long lamp, but she never thought that Second Martial Uncle Xiu was so inscrutable-it should be impossible for even Master to refine a long lamp without borrowing foreign material resources!
The second division is so high, but for so many years, he has been staying in the deep temple with peace of mind and being a new brother to teach the elders. Isn’t that a shot in the dark?
Pan Huiru was thinking about looking at Qin or his eyes changed from initial shock to inquiry.
She doesn’t think that Master can force the Second Martial Uncle to stay in the Yuan Temple to teach his new brother. The only possibility is that the Second Martial Uncle voluntarily stays. Does it make him willing to give up meditation and go to the trouble to teach his new brother?
Or … Does he have something to hide?
Just as Pan Hui was thinking, chalcedony was gradually forming in Qin or hands.
Soon a long pocket lamp was placed on the desktop, with a transparent white texture two inches high. Even if it was parked like this, it was emitting a strange soft light, very light but very comfortable.
Pan Hui looked at the lamp in front of her eyes, full of shock.
She never thought that the chalcedony refining and growing lamp would be so pure. It was simply a shrinking sunlight lamp!
Qin or call it a day and look at Pan Huidao with a smile. "You can’t control this lamp now, but you can keep the fire until you reach the fairyland in the future before refining."
Pan Hui looked at Qin or said, "Second Martial Uncle … do you know I brought back the kindling?"
Chapter 34 chalcedony lamp (2)
Qin or nodded. "Well, it’s not just me. Your master also noticed it, but it’s your nature. We naturally won’t interfere. Don’t worry."
Pan Hui hesitated a little for a while and finally got up the courage to ask, "There is one thing that the second division uncle Hui Er knows …"
"But say no harm"
"Two ShiShu will be willing to stay in the deep temple? Your identity and self-cultivation can have a mountain that belongs to your monastery. "Pan Hui always feels that he is oversensitive. After all, if you really have his roots today, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and directly order Rong to seal it.
Qin or ha ha smiled and his eyes were clear. "Everyone has his own way, that is, joining the WTO. I like the noise in the deep temple, which will make me feel that every life is meaningful. At the beginning, I also promised that one person would stay in the deep temple to protect you and take care of you until one day you don’t need someone to protect you until one day you can be more Gao Shanfeng from the deep temple."
"Big … big brother …" Pan Hui didn’t find her voice until she opened her mouth for a long time. When she saw Second Martial Uncle, she must have nodded. She felt a pain in her heart.
That man, that man who walked so decisively, had arranged for her when he left, but he didn’t even want to leave her an explanation, so that she didn’t know where to start even if she wanted him to do something.
That man is so selfish, even his heart is so selfish to her that she feels that even complaining about him is unreasonable.
But at this moment, she really hates him a little.
Ten years later, he was handed over to someone else to fill it, so is he important or not …
Qin or see her look like joy like sorrow can’t help secretly shook his head, "hui son heard that you want to mountain? Have plans? "
"Hui-er has been in the long porch for sixteen years, and she has been afraid for a long time. She will not rest on her laurels. Going to see the mountains outside may have a higher understanding of the science of uniting." Pan Hui replied.
Qin or nodded, "It’s all right for us to be grounded, otherwise it’s easy to derive demons from your mountain …" He paused and finally didn’t finish.
Originally, he wanted to reveal a little information about Duane, but he finally didn’t say anything when he thought about this little entrustment.
Pan Hui waited for a long time and didn’t hear a word from the second uncle. Finally, she couldn’t help but ask, "Does the second uncle have orders?"
"Well …" Qin or just a mused, "Be more careful and remember to bring some novelty when you come back."
"Know" Pan Hui’s face was disappointed, revealing that her second uncle would come to that person, and it seemed that her second uncle was really ready to talk about it, but she suddenly changed her words.
She hesitated for a moment and finally got up the courage to ask, "Second Martial Uncle … Big Brother, how is he in recent years …"
"He’s fine. You need him to worry." Qin or Tao
Pan Huiwen’s eyes lit up and hurriedly asked, "Can the second uncle know where he is staying!"
Qin or looking at her hopeful eyes can’t help but sigh or insist, "I don’t know where he is now. Huier, you should know his current identity and long porch position or don’t hold out too much hope and be disappointed in the future."
Pan Hui gathered her eyebrows in her sleeves, her hands clenched into fists unconsciously, and her whole heart was drawn.
She really wanted to shout that the big brother would definitely come back and say that the big brother had promised her, but she was also vain. It was just a promise to trick the children. It was just a lie to herself.
That person may not come back …
Looking at Pan Hui’s appearance, Qin finally sighed. He raised his hand to comfort a child who had grown up since childhood. After all, this hand still failed to fall on her shoulder.
He took a deep look at the opposite child. When he got up and left the door, he heard Pan Huiyin coming from the house, which was a little depressing.
He looked up at the snow and the day after tomorrow, revealing its pure blue color, which can make people’s hearts become transparent.
But the human heart has always been the most opaque.
Ten years ago, that incident dealt a blow to Chang Xuan … Not to mention the fact that the Xuan master turned white overnight. Even their school sister and Aunt Duane’s sealing posture turned the Xuan upside down because of their dissatisfaction with the results. Finally, they actually cut the name of the long lamppost and left angrily, causing Chang Xuan to lose another player.