Zhang Ping, the evil emperor relic, put it in his soul. Unfortunately, it was too small at this time, otherwise he would not engage in this carriage. To be continued.

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Chapter three hundred and twenty-four Lingnan Song home
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In the morning light in Lingnan, there are many strange peaks and dangerous mountains, and the steep mountains are like axes, and the thick landscapes of rocks, stones and emerald colors are endless.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s carriage squeaked and pressed towards a peak, which stood tall and towering. The mountains were halfway through, and it was misty, strange rocks, strange trees and streams staggered. When it reached the peak, it looked west and saw a village looming in the forest-covered mountains for more than ten miles.
There is a stone path connecting the terraces at the gate of Wuzhai, and the water is shining and shining. In this autumn and winter, the golden leaves of the forest are surrounded by mountains and waters, which is quite unique and independent.
At this time, Zhang Ping’s village is small, and there are more than a dozen people’s houses, which are made up of hundreds of people, or hidden in trees or built on cliffs. The paths criss-cross and have not yet entered the village. A group of slang women and more than a dozen people sit around the village, chatting and embroidering, and they all show their vigilance when they see strangers coming.
Just as Zhang Ping was getting on the horse, he suddenly heard a familiar cry: "Master!"
It turned out that Wei Zhenzhen, dressed in white, had already waited here when I didn’t know.
At this time, Zhang Ping smiled and said, "What a song deficiency really deserves its name!"
At this time, Wei Zhenzhen rushed over and asked, "Master, you are so strange. What do you mean?"
Zhang Ping shook his head and said, "You still don’t understand. When you are better at martial arts and have more knowledge, you will naturally understand what Song Que told you before you came here."
Wei Zhenzhen seemed startled at this moment, and then said to Zhang Pingkou in surprise, "Oh, master, how do you know?" Lord Song asked me to tell you that he has carved your name in the grindstone. "
Zhang Ping laughed at this time and said, "But are you tired of hiding for too long?" Please show up. "
At this moment, two men, 40 years old, suddenly walked out of the first year. At the age of 40, they were slender, white as snow, thin and narrow, with a pair of gloomy but smart eyes, a sentimental mouth and five strands of beards. They were all dressed up as scribes and graceful, and they were full of Zhuge Wuhou.
The man behind him is about forty years old, but he has white hair and a silvery beard, but he is not aging at all. He looks like Yong Yingwei, a group of people who are tolerant and very modest and polite.
At this time, Zhang Ping saw the two of them laughing and said, "The land sword, Song Zhi, Yin Long, and Song Lu must be leading the way."
Then Song Zhi should smile and say, "The Taoist priest is really extraordinary in his boldness of vision."
The appearance and existence of the Song Mountain City will give people two completely different feelings. If the former reminds people of attacking and defending, the latter will remind people of Ningyi and peace.
There are hundreds of houses in the city, and more than ten orderly bluestone paved avenues are connected. The most distinctive feature is that each floor rises according to the mountain situation, and the stone steps and slopes are connected to facilitate the residents to get off.
Trees, flowers and plants are planted all over the roadside, and mountain spring water is introduced to pour into streams to form bridges, flowing water, ponds and pavilions in the garden residence. The poor scenery is spacious and comfortable, and the Jiangnan garden scenery is very comfortable. Being in it is like being in a mountain garden. The main buildings are tied around the highest ninth floor for about two miles. The elegant buildings are made of wood and stone, and the eaves, flowers and windows are meticulously decorated, creating a magnificent style full of southern culture, which makes people feel that the Song valve plays an important role in the south.
Wei Zhenzhen had already stayed outside to watch Zhang Ping’s carriage. Zhang Pingze followed Song Lu and Song Zhi in pavilions, flowers and trees gardens and came to the entrance of Modaotang at the end of the mountain city.
Song Zhi stopped and said, "Should I go in with the Taoist to see Big Brother?"
Zhang Ping glanced at the Sharpening Hall at this time and then said with a smile: "There is no need for the Song Valve Master to wait for the two of you!"
Zhang Ping then slowly climbed the white stone steps of the building with the word "Modaotang" engraved on the plaque.
Modao Hall stands alone with the back door in the hall, with no weapon in mind and body. It is quite suitable to wear a blue robe like a javelin. It is majestic and majestic like a mountain. Black hair is tied in a bun in the red on the top of the head, and no facial features are seen after both hands are negative. It has its own arrogance.
There are more than ten treasure knives with different shapes hanging on the walls on both sides. At the other end of the door, there is a tall stone sharpening hall with a dark and smooth shape like stalagmites. The strange atmosphere has added another kind of difficult meaning, and on the edge of this boulder is a picture scroll. A crescent moon hangs alone in the cold and lonely sky.
At this time, Zhang Ping generously said, "Purple Blood Demon Road has seen the Song Valve Master!"
A soft and pleasant voice replied, "Purple Blood Demon Road, you are late!"
Zhang Ping was startled at this time. "Am I late?"
Song Que turned around like a whirlwind and said coldly, "You shouldn’t have asked your disciples to send pictures. You should have come then."
Facing Qi Zhentian’s debut, Zhang Ping never met his opponent "Jack nife" Song Que, but suddenly grinned: "On the contrary, I think I came just in time."
Song’s face suddenly showed an irresistible smile. It was a handsome face without any flaws. It was clear in the thick, with a pair of eyebrows embedded in it, shining like jewels, and wide eyes on his forehead, showing wisdom beyond ordinary people. In silence, there was a melancholy expression that could impress people, but it was still elusive to make people feel that the feelings were deep.
Song dynasty lacked temples to add frost, but it didn’t have the slightest aging state. Instead, it added noble style to him. The Confucian scholar’s demeanor was daunting and unattainable. With his even and beautiful figure and deep pavilion and Yueshi posture, he really had the intoxicating demeanor of a top player.
At this time, Song Que suddenly said, "I have already seen through the knife method of this painting, and sending it here is the main reason for your failure."