Ten years ago, it was enough for Shenlong religion to develop to a terrible scale. Ten years ago, it was enough for witches to gain a foothold in the cultivation of immortals. Ten years later, it was enough for chaos. That huge meat grinder once again swallowed hundreds of millions of lives.

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Ten years …
Enough for Meng Qi to step into the Yuan Dynasty.
At the moment when Meng Qi stepped into the Yuan Temple, Meng Qi was familiar with each other. The high priest specially came back from the front to congratulate Meng Qiyin for stepping into the Yuan Temple, which meant that Meng Qi was one step closer to the altar.
"Meng Qi, it’s still not easy for you to successfully step into the seventh order (Yuan God Order) this time. After all, the road to becoming a god is not so simple. It’s more difficult than your original practice. You must be slow and steady. Remember not to be impatient. Our witch powers are all transformed into idols after the magical power is achieved. You have successfully cultivated into a witch in the past 20,000 years." Looking at Meng Qi’s steady ascension, the face of the high priest is full of smiles.
Meng Qi looked very haggard and the high priest’s heart was full of gratitude. You know, even in the southwest, there is not only this high priest.
Among all the high priests, three didn’t trust Meng Qi as an outsider, while the other three kept silent. One high priest said that another high priest supported Meng Qi, but this was conditional, that is, Meng Qi must be promoted to the seventh rank in ten years.
Then they were promoted to the first rank in 30 years, and to the ninth rank in 50 years. In fact, they didn’t have much confidence in whether they could become gods in the end.
But even if there is a 100% hope, they will support it. Of course, if Meng Qi can’t even meet the first condition, then the places designated for him to develop his faith will naturally be taken back
However, the first condition that Meng Qi can successfully reach is that the high priest will support him for a meeting, and the other high priests will remain silent because of this. Otherwise, how could this high priest come to Meng Qi to thank him in the name of the Wu nationality?
"Please rest assured, High Priest, that Meng Qi will be sure to be slow and steady, but I still want to ask a high priest if there is any news from his wife?" After thanking the high priest, Meng Qi asked about Azhuo water again.
The high priest shook his head and said, "Without news, the chaotic domain is too dangerous. We have been playing for ten years, but we have just got through a channel dozens of miles long. This chaotic domain is hundreds of miles long. I’m afraid it will take 70 years or less to get through it."
Did you hear the news of Ai Zhuoshui? Meng Qi was silent. After a while, he asked, "I wonder how many of the Nine Wizards have found?"
Speaking of this, the high priest obviously smiled. "In the past ten years, we have already found two gods. They have regained their strength. At most, in 20 years, they will regain some strength. However, I am afraid that the two gods will not be able to give us much help."
"It’s enough to stall the immortals in the cultivation world. Anyway, it’s not enough to get through the cultivation world in disorder." Compared with the cultivation world, the gap between the strength of the cultivation world and the cultivation of the witch family is too big. It takes decades for the witch family to die and 100 million people to be able to recover. Because the ordinary terrans in the four cultivation worlds want to believe in the witch god, it will soon form a fighting force
The cultivation of immortals is nothing, even if it is not rooted for hundreds of years. Don’t want to slow down and defend the cultivation of immortals without chaos.
Chapter sixty-six Escape (1)
Chapter sixty-six Escape (1)
"That’s right, it’s not the power of immortals. Our witch clan is really stronger. It’s too time-consuming for many people to gain power in cultivating immortals." Hearing Meng Qi’s words, the high priest nodded and said.
"Do you want to send some believers to the front to support me?" Suddenly, I found that there was nothing to say. Meng Qi casually found a topic. Of course, he asked because he knew that the high priest Gen would not let him send his followers to the war.
The high priest looked at Meng Qi’s eyes and shook his head and said, "You can’t. After all, you have just entered the seventh stage, and it is not very powerful to give believers strength. Sending them to believers is just cannon fodder. Now we have a large number of believers every day and there is no shortage of killers."
Meng Qi nodded his head and stopped saying anything. He just said that now he urgently needs a large number of believers to practice his faith. It is impossible to send believers to act as cannon fodder. Moreover, his ability now can give him the greatest strength, which is just the fifth order, that is, the baby order power.
"By the way, when you come to our witch camp, the two gods want to meet you." Suddenly the high priest seemed to think of something.
"Two gods want to see me?" Meng Qi paused and then nodded and asked, "I don’t know when?"
The high priest said, "Well, it will be about twenty years later. Of course, if you can enter the first stage in these twenty years, I think God will be very happy."
"Twenty years?" Meng Qi muttered that it was not impossible to be promoted to the first rank in twenty years. "I’ll try my best."
The high priest nodded and said, "Well, I came here today to meet you and tell you about it by the way. The war on the front line is still a little tight. I have to go back first."
"The high priest walks slowly." Meng Qi, the high priest, naturally got up and sent the high priest out of Cuiming Mountain. Meng Qi came back and Meng Qi went to a hospital after he came back.
As soon as I walked in, a chubby teenager came to Meng Qi and said, "Dad". This person is Meng Qi’s child Meng Xiao, who is already in his twenties, but looks like a teenager.
However, the teenager has been able to understand a lot of things. He no longer often asks Meng Qi about his mother’s things and knows how to practice hard. Of course, Meng Xiao’s cultivation talent is very strong. Plus, he has been a skillful practitioner since he was born. Now his cultivation is already then, which is three points stronger than Cheng Ruowei in the middle of then.
Meng Qi touched Meng Xiao’s head and asked, "Where is your aunt Wei?"
"Practicing in it?" Meng Qi spent most of the past ten years in closed practice and occasionally stopped to deal with some things. By the way, meet Cheng Rewei’s own child.
Meng Xiao was touched by Meng Qi’s head and felt the father’s love that is usually difficult to feel.
Meng Qi nodded and pulled Meng Xiao to sit down and asked, "How’s your practice recently?"
Meng Xiao replied, "I haven’t encountered any bottleneck, and I will probably reach the peak repair in the middle period of then in a year or two." This speed is definitely not slow, but it is much worse than Meng Qi, but Meng Qi is also very satisfied.
He nodded and said, "Xiao Er, although you are still young, my father has something to tell you. If the world is powerful, it is nothing. You must practice diligently, you know?"
Meng Xiao nodded and said, "A child can only save his mother when he is high." Ten-year-old Meng Xiao already knows what happened to his mother, so he always doesn’t want to save his mother.
Meng Qi was silent when he heard this. It took a long time to say, "Yes, I want to save your mother." Over the years, Ai Zhuoshui has always been a taboo in Meng Qi’s heart. Once anyone gets up, he will surely fly into a rage.
But Meng Xiao said it today, but Meng Qi could feel a twinge of bitterness.
"Well, I’ll go in and meet your aunt Wei. You should practice yourself first." Meng Qi was a little tired and waved and then walked into Cheng Rewei’s room.
At this time, in the realm of cultivating immortals
Although Cuiming Mountain was destroyed in those days, it was not a night ghost. Hu Xiao was two people with little purple fragrance and Aojiao Zi Xuan were all nothing.
In addition to the decline of the nine-tailed cat demon family, the backers behind these three people are very hard, even those bosses can’t touch them casually.
Besides, although they are close to Meng Qi, after all, Meng Qi is separated by a layer, but Hu Xianer, another wife of Meng Qi, is oppressed by the top.
The weight of a daughter of a fox clan chief is naturally higher than that of a nine-tailed cat demon clan. Even Ai Zhuo is imprisoned, let alone Hu Xianer.
However, Hu Xianer is not only opposed by Hu Ao, but also opposed by the whole fox family because Hu Xianer is not only Hu Ao’s daughter but also the heir of Kyubi no Youko tian hu.
Although the fox family came to keep this secret, they still spoke about it when they were oppressed by the high-level people, and those high-level people were silent after learning about it
They know what Kyubi no Youko and tian hu mean to the fox family. Unless they work together to kill the fox family, the fox family will never hand over Hu Xianer.
And once Hu Xianer matures, her power is enough to resist a fairy. It is naturally impossible for everyone to have a big war in this critical situation.
And Hu Xianer is accepting Kyubi no Youko tian hu Chenggen at Lingshan, the fox family, and he is not in Zhongzhou, even if he wants to make friends, he can make friends.
Hu Xianer’s Fox Mountain is naturally trapped. Before she finished Kyubi no Youko tian hu, the roots of the Fox Mountain would not be opened. Hu Xianer still doesn’t know what is happening in the fairy world now.
But AoJiao purple sweet Zi Xuan three people although there is no persecution, but nature also won’t be able to master a monk team as before.
But after that, the three people often chat together.
"Well, two sisters, how do you think Master is now?" Zi Xuan is prone on a carved pear wooden table like a lazy kitten.
And the two women sitting beside her didn’t respond to her. Because of Meng Qi, everything was completely cut off. After all, Meng Qi has been practicing hard for ten years and nothing earth-shattering has happened.
In fact, the three people are most worried that Meng Qi is dead, which is not impossible. Although those high-level officials know that the Wu clan will definitely not do anything to Meng Qi, the three female levels will surely not understand.
However, Meng Qi’s appearance in Lingxiao City should be nothing unless he is a witch, but what if Meng Qi is not in danger? Whether it’s Zixiang or Aojiao, it’s impossible for Meng Qi to go to the same position again.
Because their race is on this opposite side, they can’t have turned their backs on their own race and come to Meng Qi’s side. Now Meng Qi, Ao Jiao Zi Xiang and the two of them don’t know what it is like in their hearts. "Hey, you don’t talk, I miss the master so much." Zi Xuan toyed with his fingers like jade onion and saw his forefingers constantly entangled with each other as if it were like Zi Xuan’s mood at this time.
"Two sisters, what do you say if we run over there to find the master now?" Zi Xuan like suddenly remind of what good advice is to get up from the table and look at two people.
"Zi Xuan, don’t be ridiculous. It is impossible for us now." After three people have been together for a long time every day, it is natural to have feelings. However, when it comes to this matter, Zixiang’s face suddenly changed. It is almost some reprimanding, but she said the last sentence. Her heart is also full of pain.
"What the somebody else say just for fun" See purple sweet AoJiao look Zi Xuan knew that for this discussion, both of them disapproved of Zi Xuan’s difficulties. They also had relatives here. Although they like Meng Qi, it is really difficult to give up, but now the situation is somewhat difficult.
And Zi Xuan is different. She doesn’t have much feelings for the cultivation of immortals. The only thing that can make her feel nostalgic is that she is dull. Although Zi Xuan doesn’t want to leave her like a relative, she still wants to return to Meng Qi.
Zi Xuan thought of it in her heart, but she couldn’t hold back the thought any longer. It was like a variety of things in Zi Xuan’s heart, and she had really thought about it.
But soon she was frustrated to think that it was almost impossible, because now Zhongzhou leads to the southwest realm of cultivating immortals through the chaotic domain, but it is too dangerous in the chaotic domain, even if the witch clan is almost surrounded by the chaotic domain, even if it is dangerous, it is impossible to ignore it.
Thought of here, Zi Xuan is a little frustrated and hangs his head thinking about the master. Zi Xuan misses you so much.