Eyes a little condensate PangXia extremely alert temple.

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The dim temple made Pang Xia quite uncomfortable.
Walking to the center of the temple, Pang Xia looked at a figure sitting cross-legged on a futon with his back to himself.
Looking at this figure, Pang Xia knew from his figure that he must be Zhang Sanfeng.
At this time, Zhang Sanfeng turned his back on Pang Xia and had no superfluous words.
He looked at the statue of Zhenwu in the temple as if it had changed into a dead thing like Zhenwu.
"Old man, I didn’t see you when I came back. It seems that you don’t want to see me."
As soon as Pang Xia’s words fell, a Zhang Sanfeng sounded similar but full of cold sound.
"Fat shrimp, I’m looking forward to your coming back. I’ve been waiting and waiting for you for a long time."
"Since you’ve been waiting for me for so long, why don’t you turn around and look at me?"
"I naturally want to have a good look at you, but I’m afraid I can’t help but kill you as soon as I see you!"
When this came out, the whole temple suddenly froze.
Pang Xia saw that the black data streamer flashed in his eyes and sent out thick ripples from his body surface.
But these ripples were assimilated by the stagnation before they were handed out far away.
At this time, Zhang Sanfeng slowly got up and PangXia looked around and Zhang Sanfeng suddenly gasped.
At this time, Zhang Sanfeng’s whole face was extremely ferocious, his eyes were red and his hair was blue.
There are even more chaotic data jumping and flashing in Zhang Sanfeng.
Looking at Zhang Sanfeng like this, Pang Xia immediately said, "What the hell happened to you, old man? Did you accidentally practice?"
"Practice accidentally? No, no,no. I’m not possessed.
I feel much better than before, and I have never felt so good! "
Say that finish in this moment a chaos of black data in PangXia data visual gaze poured out from Zhang Sanfeng body crashing into the side wall.
Suddenly the whole wall data confusion to make the wall directly powder dissipation.
"Power, power, this horse power, this is my ultimate pursuit!
With this power, I can completely leave this damn world and go to a more perfect and free world.
And you, fat shrimp, you are the channel that leads me to that place. With you, I can go to your world! "
Pang Xia’s eyes suddenly burst into a flood of black data when he heard this.
As soon as these black data streams appeared, the ripples emitted by Pang Xia’s body immediately spread to the whole temple.
At this time, Pang Xia can see the black data stream with the naked eye without data vision when there are roads flowing around him.
Pang Xia’s eyes have completely turned black because of the rapid flow of data streams.
He looked at Zhang Sanfeng and whispered, "You are not Zhang Sanfeng. Who are you and how did you occupy Zhang Sanfeng’s body!"
Hear pangxia Zhang Sanfeng immediately laughed at this time.
He looked at PangXia low said "not the kui is said in humans.
I am really surprised that I can master the ability of people in the inner world to this extent.
Since you want to know, I can tell you.
My name is gluttonous, but the eternal emperor is the one of the four fierce kings in the world.
Today, I will devour you again after devouring Zhang Sanfeng! "
After the speech, a large number of black data streams emerged from Zhang Sanfeng or gluttonous body
These black data streams turn into a huge black beast, and its head opens wide and growls at Pang Xia.
Then the huge head went straight to PangXia bite.
Pang Xia saw this instantaneous black data stream disappear.
Then Pang Xia’s black data stream emerged from behind the gluttony.
Then part of the black digital PangXia bust stretched out his hand toward the gluttonous head caught in the past.
However, at this time, a stream of black data turned into a huge animal tail and a sweep stopped Pang Xia’s attack.
At this time, after this brief stop, the huge animal head once again pounced on Pang Xia’s jagged mouth and bit at Pang Xia’s pledge
At this time, in this critical situation, Pang Xia suddenly reached out and grabbed the animal tail that stopped him.
But I saw that some data of the animal tail was forcibly intercepted by Pang Xia to blend in with myself.
Just as the beast’s teeth were about to touch Pang Xia.
A wave of black data poured out of Pang Xia’s body and turned into a gluttonous animal. The huge tail with similar but different tails swept away the animal’s head with one blow.
At the same time, Pang Xia’s data input is empty.
Then the broken arm touched a sharp corner of the huge animal head.
As before, Pang Xia once again forcibly intercepted some sharp black data and merged it into himself.
Then the arm restores the data again and returns to Pang Xia’s new right hand.
Watching Pang Xia go through a hand-to-hand fight just now, his face has lost its contempt.
He looked at Pang Xia and said slowly, "I didn’t expect your ability to be so powerful."