One minute passed for three whole days, and Lin Sheng didn’t respond at all, indulging in the derivation of the true qi. At this time, his blue true qi and red true qi have reached an extreme, and his abdomen is already faintly painful. If you go like this again, you will die!

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Fortunately, Lin Sheng-ti still has a drop of true qi condensed into cyan true qi. The original Lin Sheng-ti’s red true qi and this cyan true qi are resisted by the court. However, that was when the cyan liquid drop was not added, and this cyan liquid drop also seemed to disdain the gas-like red fire property. It has always been silent in Lin Sheng-tan’s field without any response, but the red true qi seems to have felt the pressure, and it was spontaneously merged, slowly compressed and wanted to be compressed into a drop of red true qi! Fortunately, the small snake in the object absorbed a lot of wood attribute cyan aura. This time, the gas cyan qi lost its strength to compete with the red qi, which was compressed by Lin Shengti & …
Another day has passed. At this time, Master Chang and others outside are already a little impatient, but they still don’t bother Lin Shengyi. First, they can’t get in, but they are white. This kind of opportunity is rare. If they are interrupted by this kind of thing, it is estimated that they will kill people.
Finally, after spending another whole day, Lin Shengti’s red qi finally compressed successfully, and a drop of red qi liquid appeared in Lin Shengti! And the appearance of this red true qi droplet caused the cyan true qi to repel. Originally, he disdained the gas-like red true qi to compete. Now that the other party has reached a level with himself, it is natural that it cannot be ignored! One green, one red, two true qi, no one will buy anyone’s account. Finally, it is good to form a pattern of yin and yang fish again in Lin Shengdan field. Since then, Lin Shengti’s two true qi have finally reached a balanced state. The original weak red true qi has finally reached a level with cyan true qi!
On the fifth day, after consolidating a self-cultivation, Lin Sheng finally stopped practicing. Although there were five days in this practice, the benefits Lin Sheng got were unquestionable. Although he did not advance, he consolidated his originally unstable state.
Lin Sheng’s eyes open and the remnant snow sword is still suspended in front of Lin Sheng. In fact, the remnant snow has stopped absorbing reiki yesterday. Lin Sheng has been in the state of cultivation and has never found it. Lin Sheng is satisfied with his body. He smiled and finally solved the problem of imbalance of his body qi. This is not always worrying about his body qi riots.
Mind move Canxue sword is in the hands of Lin Sheng. A sweep of knowledge is to confirm that Canxue is indeed promoted. According to Lin Sheng’s understanding of the spirit device, this Canxue is now at the peak of the spirit device! It’s also a layer away from the fairy in the middle!
"It was a good thing! I have to practice my swordsmanship after reading it. I can’t let this remnant snow ruin its reputation in my hands! " Lin held the residual snow and secretly thought that he would immediately inject a true qi into it. Lin Shengma felt the difference between the residual snow and the previous one. Now Lin Sheng has clearly felt that this sword is already alive, not just a sword. It already has its own soul! In this way, it is more convenient and accurate to control the sword! Lin Sheng urges the true qi to control the residual snow. With a wave of his hand, the residual snow is crisp and a sword is ringing. The thickness of the bowl is firm but gentle. It is like a flash …
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Chapter 53
? Bright as snow, but firm but gentle, the first is to pierce Lin Sheng’s tent. I’m happy. Sure enough, the power of remnant snow after promotion is far greater than that before. Because there is no sword spirit at most, that is, there is no other special function, now Lin Sheng has clearly felt the difference after the sword spirit, which is not only easier to control, but also seems to have the sword spirit. In the remnant snow sword, it has become alive, and sometimes it can spontaneously control Lin Sheng to inject the true qi into it to maximize the attack power!
Although they are far away from Lin Sheng tent now, Linglie sword spirit still startled them. Lin Sheng walked out of the tent and looked at the people fleeing everywhere and grinned with satisfaction.
"How can people rest when they make such a big noise?" Oriental old man and master Chang also walked out of the tent at this time, smiling at Lin Sheng. I can see that they are also happy in Lin Sheng. With their knowledge, how can they not know what happened? After a few days to rest, their injuries are almost the same, but their spirit is still a little weak. After all, the soul fusion skill is not so easy to eliminate, but the cost of vitality. If the parents don’t break through to the realm of featuring in their lifetime after this war, their lives are estimated to be reduced by twenty or thirty years! This is the price! However, they still have a life span of nearly a hundred years, even though it has been reduced by 20 or 30 years, but they are not too worried. After all, both of them have already stepped into the realm of King Wu for half a step. If they really can’t break through in decades, it can also be because of their bad lives, and after this war, they have gained more insights into the way of uniting. This is also of great benefit for them to break through the realm of King Wu.
"Ha ha, I’m really sorry that I was so excited that I couldn’t control it." Lin Sheng also smiled and apologized, although he also knew that the old man in the East was just a joke, but this kung fu had to be done well.
"Look at what you’ve done. It seems that we just have to get going today, or we’ll have to rest in the open air tonight." Master Chang pointed to the surrounding tents and said with a smile.
Lin Sheng, this is the discovery of several tents around, all of which have turned into fishing nets. After that, they were cut off by firm but gentle just now! This Lin Sheng is a little embarrassed. After all, this time, even the sleeping guy is ruined by others.
"All right, it’s all right. Let’s get ready. We’ll leave after dinner. It’s estimated that we can reach our destination in two days!" Master Chang waved his hand to signal that everyone was dispersed and went back to get things ready.
When they heard that there was still half a day’s journey, they were all very happy. They just went back and prepared to go, talking and laughing.
Lin Sheng’s heart moved, and the remnant snow sword disappeared from Lin Sheng’s hand and melted into Lin Sheng’s body again. The volume of the remnant snow floating in Lin Sheng’s abdomen has shrunk by nearly ten times. As soon as it enters Lin Sheng’s abdomen, Tian Lin Sheng is constantly refining it with true qi, and this remnant snow not only absorbs Lin Sheng’s true qi, but releases it again after refining, and melts into Lin Sheng’s abdomen again. Well, there is another one to help him refine the true qi. Although the speed is limited, it is still very good for Lin Sheng to practice at this rate.
They ate a meal in a hurry, but nothing was missing. But this man’s hand was greatly reduced. Lin Sheng looked ahead and set off with a ghost smile. The crowd sighed sadly, but did not pay attention to when the Oriental Phoenix was behind him.
"Mr. Wang, are you okay?"
"hmm? You haven’t started yet. I still think you have started with the team in front? " Lin Sheng recovered and reluctantly smiled at the Oriental Phoenix and said
"michel platini and Chang Bo are almost healed, and I don’t need to take care of them anymore. It’s too good to ride a horse and sit in the car all day. How good it is to ride a horse and see the scenery along the way!" Oriental phoenix naughty smile said
"Also stay in the carriage all day. That’s really a chat. Riding a horse is more comfortable. Let’s go. If we don’t go, we won’t be able to catch up." Lin Sheng agreed. At the same time, the bridle is the longitudinal horse running towards the front. At the same time, there is an intention to wave the Oriental Phoenix. No more words are needed. The lead is to rush to the Oriental Phoenix for the team. Lin Sheng pursed his lips and pouted in front of it. It is to rush to the front ..
The carriage is looking at two people racing. At this time, the old master and the old man in the East are all smiling until both of them have disappeared from their sight. The two people turned around and returned to their seats in the carriage.
"Ah, you, the youngest son, have found the treasure this time, and you have not been pocketed by your Phoenix girl. You have made a fortune this time. Look, that little potential will definitely be your wooden door in the future!" Often master a face of regret to the east the old man sighed.
"Ha ha, what are you talking about? I haven’t written a word yet, but even if one day he really becomes a member of my wooden door, it’s not the whole alchemy!" Oriental old man hypocrisy said with the wave, but the face smile is so obvious, it seems that there is still a little bully flavor.
"Look at you, you are hypocritical!" Master Chang was depressed and said, at the same time, he turned around and sat up in the carriage, ignoring the old oriental man. The old oriental man glanced at him and said faintly, "Jealousy is a tumor of the soul!" Make Master Chang so depressed …
Chapter 54 Our tent was stolen
? Chapter 54 Our tent was stolen
It’s very fast to talk and laugh all the way, and Lin Sheng and his party are marching very fast. They don’t want to stay on this road now. One more day is an extra risk! However, after driving for several hours, the sky is gradually dim, and it is impossible to travel in the dark. There is no way to stop and rest, but now the problem comes again. Today, during the day, Lin Sheng has turned all the tents into fishing nets, and now it is impossible. Lin Sheng and the mercenaries are of course nothing, but there is no problem in this open air. However, it is impossible for a daughter of Oriental Phoenix to make him like them. This kind of thing Lin Sheng is still a bit impossible to do.
It’s still early, and everyone is warming themselves around the campfire. I don’t think it will be …
Lin Sheng sighed and was worried for a long time, but there was no way to laugh at this time, but it was mysterious. He quietly said something in Lin Sheng’s ear … Lin Sheng listened and just felt that he could shine at the moment! Bass again and ghost smiled and said a few words. They just smiled tacitly and said nothing. They just left the bonfire and went out together. They mysteriously ran out until they reached a small tree, Lin Linsheng, and stopped and asked.
"What you said is true?"
"It’s true that when I went to the front to observe the terrain just now, I found a tent in front of me and there were two people in it. Both of them were just early repairs of the martial arts division, and they might have fallen asleep by now. It’s just right for us to get there."
"Good lead the way!"
It seems that this time, the little girl really made a thief and sinned. Lin Sheng secretly whispered in his heart.
After that, they immediately stopped hesitating. Both of them had studied Tianlong Step. Although the ghost laugh was only a half-hanging, the posture of the two people had to say that it was really weird. Several jumps disappeared in the Woods, and after several breaths, the two figures appeared on a hill.
"You see" Ghost Smile pointed to a tent halfway up the mountain and said to Lin Sheng.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect that there is really a tent in this bird’s-hole place. That’s embarrassing," Lin Sheng said with a treacherous smile. At the same time, a wave of his hand is a sign for a ghost laugh. With a jump, the ghost laugh is floating halfway up the mountain. Quickly, the two of them slowly approached the hillside tent. Lin Sheng found a grass nearby and squatted in the tent. Indeed, it was like a ghost laugh, saying that it was just two fighters in the early stage of the martial arts division. At this time, it was already late, but Lin Sheng was on the safe side and
Two people with strange posture sad breath is appeared in the tent outside Liao tent at this time, two people are already asleep like a pig.
"Work" Lin Sheng just nodded and the two of them were busy. First, they moved the stone department that was pressed against the tent, and then they quickly put the tent away. Before the ghost laugh, they had never seen Lin Sheng, so they could not help but be so stunned. But soon they came to their senses. In his opinion, Lin Sheng must have had something like a ring. After all, he had somehow stayed in a big family before. There was still Lin Sheng who put away the tent and looked at it. At this time, they were still asleep. They shook their heads and whispered secretly.
"Brothers really don’t mean it." Lin Shengliu left a lark coin, which was driven quickly towards the camp with a ghost smile.
Back to the camp, except for a few vigil mercenaries, most of them were already asleep, and at this time, the Oriental Phoenix was resting in a place with a big tree under its pillow.
Lin Sheng found a spacious place, paved the tent and went to the Oriental Phoenix to wake her up.
"Hey wake up" Lin Sheng patted Oriental Phoenix on the shoulder.
"Ouch" Lin Sheng felt a pain in his eyes.
"Ah, it’s you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry …" Seeing Lin Sheng Oriental Phoenix covering her eyes blushed, she hurriedly rushed to apologize. I have to say that the alertness of Oriental Phoenix is still quite high.
"Big miss, don’t do this?" Lin Sheng rubbed his eyes and said that as soon as he let go, a huge black eye socket appeared in Lin Sheng’s face.
"Ha ha ….." Oriental Phoenix just couldn’t help laughing when he saw Lin Sheng, but the horse just shut up after seeing Lin Sheng’s murderous eyes.
"There’s a tent over there to sleep." Lin Sheng rubbed his eyes again and said.
"hmm? Tent has not been you to the department … "
"What are you doing so much? You can sleep. "Lin Sheng didn’t good the spirit said that finish is with the Oriental phoenix walked towards the tent.
"Hey? Really, I haven’t seen this tent before. You shouldn’t be … "Oriental Phoenix naughty pointed to Lin Sheng and said.
"Go to sleep!" Lin Sheng didn’t good the spirit pushed the Oriental Phoenix. Even if she left, the Oriental Phoenix didn’t hesitate to go in and spread the quilt. She was lying inside, feeling sweet.
"It seems that this wood is not so ignorant of amorous feelings."
But the man who was asleep where the tent was, one of them woke up and shook the man next to him.
"Hey, look how beautiful the stars are tonight."
"Yes, I haven’t seen such a beautiful night for a long time," said the man who was awakened and turned over deeply.
"How do you feel about so many stars?"
"feelings? I think it should be a sunny day! "
"No, I think our tent may have been stolen …"