This person is Ai Zhuoshui.

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This is the last resort of cultivating immortals. For others, it seems a little too trivial for a woman to become a god, but for Meng Qi, some things are more important than everything, such as other women.
Although the original Meng Qi’s body melted, his soul has been hiding in the dragon crystal, struggling to support it to survive this last wave of attacks. Moreover, although Meng Qi’s dragon crystal is slowly melting, Meng Qi also found that the dragon crystal is slowly evolving.
There is a sphere evolved from the 991-sided crystal.
Although Meng Qi feels that he can’t resist the past before the Dragon Crystal melts, Meng Qi is sure to evolve the Dragon Ball before the Dragon Crystal melts. If it becomes a real dragon, then there is nothing left with the last bit of magical power.
Just when Meng Qi secretly rejoiced that he had such a chance, the sound came. Meng Qilai didn’t have the influence of such distracting words, but Zi Xuan exclaimed that it made Meng Qi feel excited, "Sister Zhuo Shui!"
Zhuoshui? ! Meng Qi couldn’t help but move his mind. You know, being distracted in this situation means that he is still struggling to support Meng Qi. Suddenly, it is a little shaky.
And that a few monks in Du Jie order saw Ai Zhuoshui appear, which really made Meng Qi’s mind shake and couldn’t help but feel happy. In fact, their hearts gave up hope that Ai Zhuoshui hostages would make Meng Qi give up becoming a god.
However, if Meng Qi’s mind and spirit can be shaken, leading to the failure of becoming a god or the destruction of both form and spirit, the outcome will be similar.
Friar Ji Du Jie looked at each other, and then shouted, "Meng Qi, stop being an evil god, or your wife and horse will die. I’ll kill you dozens of times. If you don’t stop coming, we’ll start work!"
"Nineteen-seven …"
"XianEr elder sister stop, I’m going to save ZhuoShui elder sister" Zi Xuan knew that if anything happened to the true AiZhuoShui at this time, Meng Qi was definitely the last bullet.
But Hu Xianer didn’t stop. She shouted, "Meng Qige, stop. Sister Zhuo Shui will be fine, and you will be fine. They promised me they wouldn’t bother you again. Stop!"
Stop? What’s so simple? Now it’s not a question of Meng Qi giving up. Now he faces a question of life or death.
"6543 …"
What should I do if there is strong fluctuation in Meng Qi’s heart? Meng Qi knew that even if he gave up Ai Zhuo Shui now, he might not be able to live.
But do you want to watch her die? In the past, Meng Qi laughed at the protagonist silly idiot when watching similar TV dramas.
But when it was his turn today, he had no choice but to smile bitterly. After all, he watched Ai Zhuoshui die.
"21 ….." The people in the cultivation of immortals are somewhat disappointed. It seems that it is still the way to let Meng Qi give up. However, if Ai Zhuo is killed, Meng Qi may still fail in his agitation, but just as they are ready to start work, a sigh "I give up" suddenly sounded in the sky.
Then everyone saw that the dragon crystal was still struggling to support it in the middle of God’s robbery. In an instant, it was wiped out, and Meng Qi actually fell …
And after seeing that heaven and earth lost the breath of Meng Qi, all the people in the fairy world fell into ecstasy. Even the immortals couldn’t help laughing. Then they didn’t delay. They just broke away from the witch gods. Although several people were injured, they escaped smoothly with the monks of Du Jie Order.
Before leaving, Ai Zhuoshui was gently patted by one of the immortals, and then he vomited blood and fell. Therefore, Ai Zhuoshui has no value to them. They can’t escape with a burden, but they don’t want Ai Zhuoshui to fall into the hands of the witches and kick down the bridge. There is no hesitation in sitting up.
However, not everyone has left because Hu Xianer has been playing against Zi Xuan, because she feels that there is no more breath of Meng Qi in this world.
As if Meng Qi just suddenly disappeared.
And Hu Xianer and Zi Xuan Zi Xuan almost immediately ran to the imperial tomb after one leng, because where is Meng Qi? Du Jie, she wanted to find something in the past. Maybe Meng Qi still has a chance?
But Zi Xuan searched for a long time, and after a long time, she found that there was nothing. Meng Qi was really dead. Zi Xuan suddenly cried. She looked crazy and went back to Hu Xianer, pointing to Hu Xianer and crying, "You killed the master, you, you!"
And Hu Xianer turned pale at this time. She shook her head desperately and said, "No, Meng Qige won’t die. He won’t die. They promised me that they wouldn’t!"
"It’s you! It’s all you Master is dead! Dead! Nothing, nothing! " Zi Xuan crazy screaming bitter she didn’t want to make moves to Hu Xianer, she is back in the tomb, and then sit there seems to be here, she can feel Meng Qi a breath.
Hu Xianer turned pale after listening to Zi Xuan’s crazy words, and then suddenly turned around and left, and her departure direction was Zhongzhou.
At this time, looking at the tomb with no breath of Meng Qi, the seven gods are silent.
"What a fool!" Fuxi shook her head and said.
"It’s just an idiot to give up being a god for being silly to a woman. It’s an idiot to say that he is an idiot." Speaking to Chiyou, although his words are ugly, his tone actually reveals a trace of sympathy.
"Ah ….." It’s awkward to sigh.
"But that girl just let her go?" With a big axe, God pointed to Hu Xianer’s departure direction and said
"Let her go. Most of that girl is just a confined field when she goes back, but no matter what, she can’t be our enemy anymore." Fuxi looked at Hu Xianer’s departure direction and said.
"This little life is still alive," the old man suddenly said, who had been silent when everyone was talking.
"What? No! " Asked in surprise.
The old man nodded and said, "I lied when I was in Shennong? If you have enough faith, he will appear again, and he has successfully survived the disaster. At this time, he seems to be staying in a wonderful place. If you want to be in this world again, you need great power to reshape his body. "
"How long will it take?" Meng Qi has already died, but I didn’t expect it to be another village. This is an extra help. All the gods are hearts.
"I don’t know," Shennong shook his head and said.
"Don’t know?" They looked at each other and frowned.
"He should be in a deep sleep now, and I don’t know when he will wake up, maybe it will be a day or forever," Shennong said.
"So what’s the difference between this and his death?" The words of the gods can’t wake up and help them, which is no different from death.
"Of course, there is a difference. It is impossible to wake up after death, but now it is still possible to wake up. It is not the same thing. How can it be said that it is different from death?" Shennong a face of serious said to them.
Looking at Shennong’s old face with an old pedant expression, they gave a wry smile and then tacitly chose to shut up.
After a while, Xuanyuan added, "What about that girl? I think her heart is almost dead. "
"Well, anyway, the little one isn’t dead yet. Tell her that it should be better. It’s really no good. Just say that the little one is dead. I think if it’s revenge, she should have some energy." It’s Chiyou who said this, and of course he can say it.
However, although Chiyou feels a little joking, it seems to be the best way now.
"Then who will tell her?" Now that we have thought of a way, we still have to ask people to carry it out. They looked at each other a few times and then looked at each other in unison.
You know that the best thing about Zi Xuan naturally falls on her head. "All right, I’ll go, then I’ll go." Then she disappeared around the gods and entered the imperial tomb.
When you persuaded Zi Xuan, Hu Xianer had already returned to Zhongzhou. The first thing she did was to meet the ancestors of all ethnic groups. "You said he would be fine. What is this!"
The immortals who came here were happy to solve Meng Qi’s problems. Where did they know that Hu Xianer suddenly appeared and questioned them?
The immortals frowned and then privately discussed how to deal with Hu Xianer.
Hu Xianer didn’t know what she was going to face. She murmured, "What, why are you lying to me? Now he’s dead. I killed him. I killed him!"
Speaking of which, Hu Xianer is a little crazy again, but suddenly several immortals suddenly moved together to stop Hu Xianer and said, "She seems to be a little awake now. Let her be quiet in the illusory hole."
Of course, this is not what makes Hu Xianer quiet, but to imprison her, as the witch gods expected …
Chapter seventy-six Fragmented
Chapter seventy-six Fragmented
"Stop crying, girl. He’s dead. What’s the point of crying now?" You came to Zi Xuan and patted her on the shoulder and said