How can fans know who he really is, especially when he is hanging out in the entertainment circle in South Korea? He is actually from China. That place in South Korea is as good as the stars in the country, which is more or less proud of the Chinese people. If it is really good, it is a pity that the fact is that a group of brain-dead powder is wishful thinking.

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A person who is arrogant and has some brain damage goes to stir up a suluo field crazier than him and it doesn’t matter what happens. I feel exciting when I think about it. Haha "
Compared with the mystery of a singer, this issue was spit out without a mask, and the identity was guessed and it was all reliable.
Is that boring? Of course, there is no confidentiality contract, and no one will jump out and shout, "Yes, it’s me, the masked man is me."
Guess again, that’s right, or guess what the audience is looking forward to.
Expecting them to reveal their own guessing results is probably the same as when you encounter a very simple topic and look disdainful "Hey, this topic can still beat me". After finishing, the horse wants to check whether the standard answer is correct or not.
On Saturday night, the fans sat in front of the TV and transferred to Zhejiang TV Station to wait. Weibo got up with his mobile phone in his hand.
"Ha ha ma"
"I’m finally here. I’m not waiting for death."
"Hey, get rid of that Li Changhao quickly. This week, his brain powder has made him want to vomit."
"Hey, you don’t like it when someone likes it. Besides, fans are brain-dead, and people are still very good at singing."
"Stop it and watch my lost child climb to the top."
"Miss Slag Phoenix, is everything all right in seconds? I’m sure one will kill the other."
"Don’t brag yet. No one is easy to mess with tonight."
DreamWorks branch masked song king program group backstage
"The horse will be broadcast live. Be prepared and don’t leak."
"Hey, that fake stick is very low-key today." Xiao Yang deliberately shouted when passing by Li Yuanhao to prepare the room.
"Ha ha ha"
Li Changhao was so angry that his lungs exploded when he heard it. Please bear with the good preparation. If you get kicked out in the first round, how can you smash the field? When I get rid of everyone, my horse will look good in suluo.
After ordering the whole title, Brother Bao ran out screaming in the audience.
Familiar with the field, familiar with the advertising words, and familiar with the three teachers and guests of the guessing team, Lin Jingxue, and of course, our heartless pit owner suluo really returned
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
"Ha ha, the masked king of songs is so kind to our little sister Xiao Lin and invited her again. suluo is trying to support her."
"Where’s the song, pit master? Hurry up. I can’t wait."
Suluo is still very popular, and a shot will ignite for the audience.
When Mr. Han Shi comes, he strikes first.
"Warmly welcome the owner of the pit to return to the owner of the pit. Look at this scene today. This guy has the nerve to just sit and not sing a song."
Suluo shrugged stand hand way "of course not bashful ah I’m notoriously shameless you are not.
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Know "
"No, we have to listen to the dream pursuit."
The audience at the scene also booed.
Teacher Yang, "Listen to this crowd."
Teacher Huang Guolun: "It’s just that you gave my sister Lin a song and you didn’t even put it out completely."
"Ha ha ha"
Suluo surrendered and walked off the stage to get a folk guitar from the band.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa.
The audience got excited.
"I really can’t sing that dream-chasing heart today, but I still want a song. Well, we’ll fill in that hole another day."
"We like anything you sing."
How dare you make things difficult for suluo? You can feel that he is recovering from a serious illness and his voice is a little weak. Anyway, he has to fill the old pit sooner or later, and now he can still hear new songs. He is so happy that there is a warm applause at the scene
"Sister Xiaohua, have you finished your combination?"
The audience is expecting to see Su Luo holding the guitar in his eyes and suddenly ask Jing Xue, who is sitting and guessing Celine.
"Not yet. It will be ready soon in preparation."
"Then this song is a gift for your new group. I hope you all like those flowers."
Suluo said and played the guitar.
"That smile reminds me of my flowers.