It is absolutely impossible for the blood river to order Xia Qi to be in the Taiyin Sect now, and to resist Naineng’s rush to the Taiyin patriarch peak for deliberation.

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By the time he arrived at the main peak discussion hall, many elders had gathered in the hall, and the blood river was sitting at the head. On the other side were Wang Jinghuo, Yang Chen and others.
After Xia Qi arrived, he made a gift to the blood river and others, and then he found a place to sit and listen to many comments in his ear and wait quietly.
In a moment, several elders came over. It seems that people are all here. The eyes of the first blood river swept across the hall and all the comments disappeared immediately.
"You called you here this time because there is an ancient relic in the Blood Moon Mountains, which is likely to be the Taicang Sect that dominated Dongxuanzhou and Nanzhou in ancient times!"
Blood river sink mouth voice did not fall has made many elders almost exclaimed eyes full of surprises.
"If the ancient Taicang Sect dominates the two States, it will be a great opportunity for us Taiyin Sect if it is really a relic left by Taicang Sect!"
"Taicang Sect, the number of treasures is strong!"
"If this remains intact, maybe our Taiyin Sect can directly surpass the five elements of the Sword Sect!"
Many elders exclaimed.
In ancient times, we dominated two States, and the huge clan door did not say that these elders were all heard by Xia Qi.
"You calm down first. This site is not found by our Taiyinzong family. Now almost all sects in the whole East Xuanzhou already know it! Five Elements Sect, No Return to Sword Sect Patriarch Yesterday, our Patriarch made an agreement. This time, we masters in the realm of virtual immortals will not let a friar in the realm of virtual immortals explore this relic! "
Blood river pressure many exciting comments once again let many monks hear are slightly one leng eyes excited dispersed many full of regret.
Chapter four hundred and ten Strange tracking
Chapter four hundred and ten Strange tracking
"Ladies and gentlemen, we three gates have decided to jointly explore this Taicang Sect relic, the most valuable of which is not a lot of treasures, but a memorial service connecting Dongxuanzhou and Nanzhou. This is the greatest value of this relic!"
Blood river serious mouth eyes with a hint of excitement.
It is very rare to send troops to connect the two States. Now the whole East Xuanzhou doesn’t know if anyone can arrange it.
You know, the five elements can grow to this point because they are connected with each other in four States, where they are powerful.
After all, many treasures on four continents are different. With the convenience of sending them to the array, it is easy to make the five elements grow up.
If Taiyin Sect can take the lead in finding Taicang Sect to send troops to occupy this time, Taiyin Sect can also develop East Xuanzhou in Nanzhou, and its strength will be enhanced several times soon!
At this moment, all the elders realized why the blood river brought so many elders here.
"We must seize this array, so that our Taiyin Sect can definitely be much stronger, not to mention comparable to the Five Elements Sect, and there is absolutely no problem!"
"Five elements of elite number they jointly explore the ruins want to occupy send array I’m afraid there is little hope …"
"Desperate to occupy this one!"
Many elders are excited and talking, and their eyes are shining with hot fighting spirit.
"You elders called you up because the patriarch personally ordered that there would be a penalty for exploring the ruins. Yang Chen led a team of one hundred elders to set out together for the purpose of sending them to the battle! The rest of the younger brothers also volunteered to explore the ruins to rob the rest of the treasures in the ruins. "
Blood river listened to many exciting comments, nodded gently and then announced
The words sound just fell and many elders eyes fell on Yang Chen with a hint of jealousy.
You can imagine how great it is to lead one hundred elders. It’s a great grasp to rob and send the array in this way, and once successful, Yang Chen will definitely occupy the greatest contribution and benefit.
But no one dared to say anything.
Because among many elders, Yang Chenxiu is definitely among the best, and there is only a thin line between him and the realm of virtual fairy.
"Very well, since everyone has no opinion, then Yang Chen can choose one hundred elders to follow you to the ruins to find a farewell party." Blood River continued.
There are at least two or three hundred elders in the hall with a hint of hot eyes at Yang Chen.
This is a newly discovered relic, and it is conceivable that there must be many opportunities. These elders want Yang Chen to choose himself to go to the relic.
Yang Chen was indifferent and never changed. At this time, he heard the words of blood river, and his eyes swept over many elders and then slowly called out names.
"Zhou Hui"
Wu qi
"Lu Song …"
The elders’ names are called out from Yang Chen’s mouth, so it can be seen that Yang Chen chooses elders who are all strong.
"Xia Qi!"
Xia Qi’s careless mind is not here, thinking about returning to Maple Leaf City early for Fang Jingjing’s healing, but at this time his name suddenly popped out of Yang Chen’s mouth, making the whole hall suddenly quiet and even breathing disappear.
Is Xia Qi a face of startled looking at Yang Chen didn’t think Yang Chen unexpectedly bold to choose yourself.
Yang Chen’s face was dull, and Xia Qi’s eyes looked at each other. He felt a sneer in his eyes, and Xia Qi’s brow wrinkled slightly with an obliterating machine.
It’s obvious that this is a lynching of Yang Chen. He wants to take Xia Qi to the Taicang Sect ruins to find a chance to slay him.
"Yang Chen Xia Qi is an alchemist. Isn’t it inappropriate to let him go?"
Although Xia Qi lived or died, Wang Gen didn’t care, but at least Xia Qi personally sealed the elder Yang Chen, so he dared to question Xia Qi’s face at this time.
"Hehe, King Jing Huo Dan misunderstood what I meant. It was because Xia Qi was an alchemist that I asked him to follow me into the ruins. After all, so many of us are hard to get hurt. There is an alchemist who follows you around a lot, and Xia Qi ‘an can rest assured that so many of us can definitely protect Xia Qi ‘an!"
Yang Chen smiled very gentle mouth.
"I think there is something wrong with it," said Wang Dan, whose eyes narrowed slightly and looked at Yang Chen.