And with the passage of time, these innate spiritual treasures will gradually grow up, and in the end, they will be able to form a spiritual treasure!

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Some powerful Lingbao Yuanling are not inferior to monks in their spiritual wisdom!
The first Tianbao was born with the original Baoyuan spirit, and with the passage of time, they were able to grow up slowly through practice. They were born with the care of the avenue, and they were born with the strength of the earth and easily ran over the monk Luo Jinxian!
After several years of practice, it is comparable to Daozu!
Speaking of Yuan Heng’s two extremely innate spiritual treasures, in fact, the spirituality has already grown up rapidly with the increasing diligence of Yuan Heng’s realm. It is not far away to achieve Yuan Ling Day!
Compared with innate Lingbao, spirituality in innate spiritual roots is more powerful!
In the innate spiritual roots, except those born by innate ghosts and gods, the descendants are natural ghosts and gods, just like Sumi Mountain’s quasi-spiritual wisdom is natural, and other innate spiritual roots are not inferior.
We don’t know how many innate spiritual roots there are in heaven and earth, but it’s conceivable, but it’s definitely not too many, maybe just a little more than congenital Lingbao.
However, we want a white innate spirit root, but there is no innate spirit treasure, which is not easy to be immortal and can be destroyed!
Only in this way can we intuitively feel that innate spiritual roots will be so cherished!
Moreover, these innate spiritual roots have one of the biggest characteristics, which is also the biggest factor in the destruction and fall of these innate spiritual roots!
That is, every innate spiritual root has spiritual wisdom stronger than innate spiritual treasure, so their greatest wish in their hearts is to shed weight and shape their bodies!
It can be said that it is not a small amount to fall into this innate spirit root, but once it succeeds, the reward will be considerable
If you can successfully step through this pass, you can touch the Ganges River in one fell swoop by virtue of the accumulated heritage over the years to achieve the deity of Da Luo as a congenital great avatar!
Unfortunately, this is really too difficult!
It is also because the innate spirit root is too high, so it is difficult to find the innate spirit root with the ability to grasp the secret.
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Of course, if they can really be met by Yuan Heng, the first celestial fiend, it is actually the chance of these innate spiritual roots. With the care of the first celestial fiend, they can concentrate on their practice without being disturbed, and there are usually these great gods to shelter and guide their practice, which is also a great source of happiness.
And these innate spiritual roots actually mean that after losing some of them, they can suppress a fate by the way, which can be described as mutual benefit
Unfortunately, the innate spirit root is actually as arrogant as the first heavenly fiend, and many people prefer to practice alone rather than entrust others with their wings.
This has also caused many creatures to find these innate spiritual roots.
The poison king mountain range is located in the south of the central Zhoushan mountain range.
In fact, the area of the vast central area is much smaller than that of the vast square area of the vast mainland, but sometimes the area does not mean anything.
Not to mention that the central land sits on this pillar of heaven and earth, Zhoushan, which directly occupies a whole 10% of the fate of the universe, and the resources and products contained in it are actually not inferior to other four areas, which can be called concentration is the essence representative
Among them, Zhoushan Mountain naturally contains the most abundant natural materials and treasures, and even the innate Lingbao may have bred several pieces, but all kinds of innate magic weapons are even more unknown.
Unfortunately, these are all Yuanheng dishes.
At this time, there are several great talents in Zhoushan Mountain Range, even if there is something good in it, it is estimated that most of them have been searched, and those innate spiritual roots?
To tell you the truth, Yuan Heng doesn’t really recognize that there is a congenital spiritual root in it. Even if there is one, it is taken by someone, just like the glazed tea tree that Yuan Heng envied for a long time …
After all, congenital spiritual roots often choose to practice in a secluded place unless Yuan Heng first met polar ice crystal fruit trees, which just gave birth to the situation that Linghui was not high soon and there was no sense of security.
Or that kind of attribute is naturally suitable for those celestial fiends who belong to the type of symbiosis and win-win with double swords, so that they can choose their own masters.
Yu xiantianbao?
Forget it. I know it’s a delusion to find this thing there without looking for Yuan Heng!
When I left the Zhoushan boundary, Yuan Heng had some words. According to my previous life, I should be considered a traveler, right?
Those who have also made a fortune in Zhoushan are born with a lot of treasures, and even Tianbao can find three or two things. Compared with themselves, Gao Fushuai can be regarded as a dwarf, right?
Hehe, with this strange idea, Yuan Heng went straight to the poison holy land that Nu Wa said-the poison king mountain range!
Since the birth of Xian Tianbao, not only have great magical powers comparable to those of the Yuan Dynasty, Luo Jinxian and Tao Zuliu, but their responsibilities are also quite heavy, and they need to suppress each corner of the world.
Yuzhou Mountain Range?
That’s Zhoushan territory. Zhoushan body is almost equivalent to several pieces of Tianbao Weineng. I still don’t want to.
The poison king mountain range is one of the most dangerous areas in the central region, and the degree of danger in this place can be directly discharged into the top three!
According to Nu Wa, the environment here is full of great deities, so they are qualified to take risks here. They are in this vast territory, and a mountain range is widely spread.
Moreover, it is very rare to be remembered by several great powers and to maintain its own mystery.
It is said that during the Taiyi period, several celestial demons discovered that this area was accidentally involved, and even if it was the shortest, it was trapped for hundreds of yuan, and it would last for thousands of yuan.
It can be described as quite awkward.
And this is due to the lack of in-depth reasons of these first deities. It is said that at the core, it threatens the life ability of the God of Pick.
I’m afraid they’ll have to pay a lot of price if it weren’t for the fact that the first day fiend’s biological ability is a mess and just resisted the biggest threat here-the ubiquitous terrorist toxin.
The most important thing is that if it weren’t for the strong sense of danger and the ability to calculate the secret, it would be possible to find the right way and avoid the dangers in the core area. It is estimated that those people may still be in the cat now …
Therefore, since then, this poison king mountain range has become famous among the first heavenly fiends in the central land.
Gee, it’s quite rare for a place that can really threaten the first heavenly fiend in the middle of nowhere.
Danger, that also represents opportunity!