At that time, it was with two or six wings and dazzling feathers that ice silkworm was sensitive to yin and cold that he finally locked in the location of the ice king. Finally, Ziyi cast the five elements to refine the ice king.

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"Maybe ice silkworm with six wings and dazzling feathers can also sense the trail of this snow monster." Liang Yi’s mind will directly temporarily put it in the small world of Bilingtian, and ice silkworm with two six wings and dazzling feathers will please come out.
"Before" ice silkworm, two six-winged dazzling feathers, shook his wings as thin as cicadas and flew around Liang Yi with excitement.
This cold world seems to be their paradise, and the filar silk cold penetrates the white carapace and pours into ice silkworm, which is quickly absorbed and refined.
"It’s a pity that if you are in such an environment for a long time, even if there is no cold treasure to catalyze two ice silkworm, you can quickly practice and advance." Liang Yi shook his head slightly. In these hundreds of years, ice silkworm, with six wings and dazzling feathers, seems to have made great progress in spiritual wisdom, and there are signs of turning spiritual wisdom.
Ice silkworm, with six wings and dazzling feathers, is strictly a member of the demon family, but it is a kind of special monster beast. First of all, although Gucci worms have rich ancient and wild veins, the speed of spiritualization is very slow and far less than that of ordinary monsters. If you want to form an elixir, you will have almost as much wisdom as ordinary terrans. Only after entering the Du Jie period can you have the spirituality of children who are barely comparable to human teenagers.
These two six-winged dazzling feathers ice silkworm don’t know what happened, and the speed of intelligence is much faster than what he said.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world Chapter 631 Six-edged snow crystal
I don’t know if ice silkworm with six wings and dazzling feathers can find that there are dead horses as living horse doctors for the time being. If not, just think of some way then. Anyway, his life will not be threatened for the time being.
"Senior, did you collect that snow crystal to feed this six-winged ice silkworm?" Liang Yi, the seer of the jiaqi stone, carefully collected six-edged snow crystals and saw him recruit two or six wings to dazzle the feathers. ice silkworm even asked.
Liang Yi "That’s right. Why?"
"If this is the case, there are nine such snow crystals in the younger generation, and the younger generation will take them to their predecessors after they go out from this secret land." Qi Shi spoke that Qi Lingxiu’s face has a trace of dissatisfaction and seems to be very tight with these six-edged snow crystals.
Liang Yi feels keen and natural, and he can’t help but see that the jiaqi is clever and small. "Do you have such a snow crystal in the spirit jiaqi gens? Where was it received? "
"Back to the predecessors, the snow crystal in the younger generation is actually received in the magma vortex at the entrance. It seems that from ancient times, every hundred years, my family will find one such snow in the vortex.
Crystal is since five hundred years ago, the younger generation took over the spirit jiaqi gens, haven’t found this kind of thing again "jiaqi stone respectful way.
Ling jiaqi clan has been bred here for several years. Every hundred years, they can get a six-edged snow crystal. After several years of accumulation, it will not be less. Except for some consumption of the clan, most of them are taken outside.
I went to exchange the cultivation materials needed by my people, and left nine for supplies.
"I really need this six-sided snow crystal, but I won’t take advantage of you and exchange it with you." Liang Yi smiled and said that this six-sided snow crystal contains yin and cold force, although it is pure and pure, but it is overall.
The amount is not very large. It takes dozens of six-sided snow crystals for ice silkworm with two or six wings to grow up to the strength of Du Jie period. You know, this ancient insect is not easy to raise, and the energy required for their promotion is not only special.
It is extremely difficult to find, and the required amount is several times higher than that of human monks. Nine six-sided snow crystals in the hands of Qi Shi have just got two, but they can barely make two ice silkworm with the initial strength of refining body qualify.
It’s fitting time.
Ice silkworm, who is elusive and extremely good at attacking six wings and dazzling feathers, should be really good, which may threaten the early monks of Du Jie. Although it is extremely difficult to cultivate this ancient bug, its combat power is beyond search.
Often fierce
Obviously, this six-edged snow crystal is what the spirit jiaqi clan where the snow monster source is located can receive in the outside world, and the vortex channel before Gain is far from so deep, and the boundary of the land has not been formed.
I don’t know why this snow monster will flee to the outside world, but after going out, it met some kind of restraint. After being killed, it revealed its source form and was received by the strong spirit jiaqi clan.
"The elder is actually not my daughter who is stingy, but this six-edged snow crystal, which we have promised to sell to a Taoist friend." That jiaqi Lingxiu is a little embarrassed. "The man will come to get something soon.
However, since the elder wanted it, we turned him down. What is the treasure? If the elder doesn’t treasure it, he won’t leave. The elder is willing to help Honger and Frost, and we will report it to the elder who is just a snow crystal.
Just take it. "
"Oh," Liang Yi nodded slightly. "We’ll talk about it later, but it’s important to save lives first." Say that finish, with three people, he rose and continued to head for Tuoba Hong’s position.
"Tuoba Yi, you just felt the snow monster attack you and tell me what’s so special about it?"
Tuoba heard the words hurriedly, "This snow monster seems to have a mysterious force that can shock people’s souls in addition to the cold attack. The younger generation was almost ignorant of it."
Liang Yi-wen nodded slightly, and the mysterious force really disappeared after the snow monster was refined by the fire, except for the pure and extremely cold force in the six-edged snow crystal.
I haven’t found any special energy.
"There have been several ancestors in the elder generation who have been fed cold spirits by snow crystals. It is said that snow crystals feed monster beasts, and they are better than other yin and cold things in terms of intelligence and bones.
Spirit beast much many "jiaqi stone seems to think of what even speak explained.
"It seems that this mysterious energy really lies in the snow crystal, which is just perceived by our method." Liang Yi’s heart andao
Then the snow monster figure never appeared in a short distance, which made Liang Yi slightly disappointed with his intention to test ice silkworm’s ability to dazzle his feathers with 16 wings.
About half an hour later, Tuoba was wearing the corresponding inductor of Tuoba Hong, and the induction became stronger and stronger. It seems that Tuoba Hong will be found soon.
Just then, warning signs in Liang Yi’s heart rose again.
Live up to the expectations that ice silkworm with six wings and dazzling feathers seems to have found danger approaching unexpectedly, and some people are afraid to hide in Liang Yi’s side.
"Are you kidding?" Liang Yi heart in a surprised from six wings dazzle feather ice silkworm feedback information to judge that these two little guys have found more than ten directions different threats quickly approaching to the people.
"Be careful!" Liang Yi confessed that three people behind a wing armor wings a shock, instantaneous appeared in the baizhang outside, and then holding a mass of chaotic industry fire in their hands suddenly exploded the blazing flame for weeks.
Surrounded by more than ten feet, the department was shrouded.
In a series of strange cries of "Haw", three small emerald snakes appeared in the chaotic fire.
"Sure enough, I didn’t let me down." Liang Yi did Sarah laugh in my heart. Suddenly, two or six wings dazzled ice silkworm’s panic call came to my mind, and then I saw two little guys desperately shaking their wings and flying like poles.
In order to be afraid of children seeking parental protection.
"I really want to die!" Those who have never appeared are obviously staring at the two or six wings and dazzling feathers. ice silkworm is full of cold and wants to kill two insects and take the cold for himself
Liang Yi huffed a figure and went to ice silkworm with two or six wings and dazzled feathers. Then a ray of chaotic fire broke out in the palm of his hand and swept through dozens of fields around him.
"Haw" panic cries instantly around Liang Yi.
One or two, there is a snow monster figure in the chaotic industrial fire, and it is covered by another chaotic industrial fire. The three-headed snow monster is a wave of eleven snow monsters.
A lamp of tea kung fu and eleven snow monsters have been refined into six-edged snow crystals by chaotic fire
"Squeak" Two or six wings dazzle ice silkworm around Liang Yi’s side. It’s like begging for candy. Liang Yi, a child, keeps coming to his mind with two little guys eager to call.
"It’s improved. I don’t see things I like as before and come directly to plunder." Liang Yi smiled and nodded his head, slightly calming one or two psychic little guys at the beginning, and then snowing six edges.
Crystal department away.
Now, the people with uneasy environment have to rely on ice silkworm with six wings to warn them. If the two little guys directly condense into cocoons after eating snow crystals and sleep for promotion, they will lose a lot.