"It seems that I always bully you." Changsheng raised his arm.

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Modric did escape, and everyone around him burst out laughing heartlessly.
But after laughing, everyone looked at each other but didn’t know what to say.
After all, it is somewhat sad for the boss to talk about this topic.
Since the boss announced that he would leave Lazio next season, these old guys have deliberately avoided this topic when chatting.
No one is talking about it. It’s the tacit understanding of these old guys.
This topic is too sad. When we talk about it, the memory gate will hit, and the flood will surge out and drown them.
They don’t like this sad feeling.
So they simply don’t talk about it.
Just because they don’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t want to.
Master and apprentice who have been together for more than ten years always have feelings and deep feelings.
To tell the truth, they all hope that Changsheng will not leave and stay in Lazio, so that when they retire in Lazio, they will have their boss who will always win.
Then they have nothing to regret.
Now they envy those former teammates who have retired. At least they have the boss to accompany them when they end their careers.
And what about them?
When the boss left, they suddenly felt that their careers were incomplete …
At the beginning, they thought they could play a few more years and work with the boss for a few more years.
It’s really unpredictable. Who ever thought that the position of Lazio coach would be changed one day?
Changsheng saw that everyone was suddenly silent, and he guessed what this was about.
So he smiled and clapped his hands. "It’s no big deal. Come to me when you want to be a coach after you retire. I’m still with you, old guys. Everything must come to an end. Thank you for your support these years. I think it will be beautiful to remember the past years together when we are old, but now we all have to go our own way. I think you can go well on your own way."
With that, he got up and patted his ass and left.
Everyone looked at his back and didn’t know what to say at the moment
After a long time, the boss has gone completely. cavani bowed his head and said, "I still don’t want the boss to go anyway …"
The others didn’t speak, but looked at him.
So what if they don’t want to?
It’s time to leave, just as they will retire.
The boss said that everything must come to an end.
"I’ve also decided," modric turned his head, "to retire at the end of this season like Cesc!"
Everyone looked at him with some surprise.
Facing everyone’s eyes, modric smiled. "Anyway, I’m 36 years old. I didn’t continue to play because the boss was here. Since the boss is gone, what is the need for me to play?"
Cavani thought for a moment and then said, "Then I’ll retire, too. Anyway, I’ll be thirty-five years old. It doesn’t seem to make sense to kick again … I should take everything."
Handanovic raised his hand. "I will be thirty years old when I retire, and it’s time to retire."
Passareira has already announced his retirement.
These old guys, who are the only ones left in Lazio today, have made their decisions one after another.
They are not winners in their careers, but they are winners for most of their careers.
Cesar Passareira was excavated from the winning team. He won several seasons with Cesar Passareira, but they met again in Lazio soon. Since then, he has never been separated, and he is still the most important player in Lazio’s defense.
Modric’s career didn’t start in Lazio, but when he came to Lazio, he was still a pawn and a young man. He grew up in Lazio and became famous … It can be said that he dedicated his career to Lazio and won the game.