"Chen cold thank you …"

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"Thank you!"
Evelyn sincerely thanked the tens of thousands of elves who had just fallen, and many elves bowed deeply.
Even the big cyclops are shocked to make the arrogant and closed elves respect them so much. You know, the elves are not hierarchical, and people don’t give big gifts to the heads of families!
"Don’t be so cold and can’t stand you. I said this is what I should do."
"Chen Han, are you willing to be an elf patriarch?"
"I …"
"I have seen the elders!"
Unlike when the cyclops were promoted to the elders, the patriarch had to discuss with other elders Evelyn’s suggestion. Before Chen Han could react, all the elves had already given a gift to meet them, and they didn’t give him an opportunity to object at all, as if they were afraid that he wouldn’t want to.
Emperor Lulongka looks a little uncomfortable. Chen Han is the head of the cyclops family and one of them. How can the Elves poach?
It was his wise choice not to say anything, because he knew that the significance of Chen Han to the Elves was far greater than that to the Cyclops.
He opposes whether the Elves absolutely don’t mind falling out with the Cyclops without the necessity of racial reproduction and development.
"Elder Chen Cold next month, can you …" Evelyn, the nobleman, turned to him with an honorific face and begged.
"This …"
Chen cold some hesitation wanted to think and said, "chief of the fathers, in fact, I am the so-called key. Have you ever thought about the growth of people? When I spend more money next month, the number of ethnic groups will increase by 20 thousand, and the same will happen next month. In a few months, the whole ethnic group will be children, and the population ratio will be out of balance, don’t you think? "
Evelyn thoughtfully nodded and thought for a moment and said, "Do you think this is ok? You can help the family to increase the number of children by 100,000 first, but the number of our people can be taken care of. After 50 years, when their department becomes an adult, the number of adult elves in the family will be about 130,000, and then we can take care of 600,000 children less. In another 50 years …"
She is intoxicated with the dream of several ethnic groups growing, but she is cold with one head and two big ones.
In this way, at the end of the day, every time more and more children are born, he will not do anything, and he will simply be an elf nurse.
Besides, with this talent, there will be no other practitioners in the world after three or five hundred years of crazy racial development at most.
Imagine that the population will increase fivefold every 50 years. After this birth, it will be 130,500 years later, and then it will be quintupled. The population of the original adult elves will reach an astonishing 700,000. After three hundred years, after seven births, the number will be 300 million.
After 350 years, 300 million adult elves will definitely sweep the whole planet, and the impact of elves will become a worthless bubble in the tide.
When the voice stopped, Evelyn looked at Chen Han’s strange look and probably guessed what he was thinking. His face suddenly showed a look of apology.
Let an eastern fix true person help other races grow stronger and stronger, and then unify the sky. No one would do such a stupid thing.
"Chen cold elders, please rest assured that the number of clansmen will never exceed one million and will not pose a threat to mankind."
"Well, I’ll come back in a month."
"Why don’t you rest in the family? I’ll give you the best rest place if we can do it. "
"What if I let this little girl call me a handsome boy?"
"Chen cold … I suddenly found that you are not very ugly, and you are not a bad person. You helped our elves."
Someone’s words just stopped, and he has always been indifferent to him. Jill’s little face blooms like a flower and smiles at him with big dark green eyes.
In her simple to almost simple thinking, she can make so many people grateful and solve the biggest problem of the ethnic group. This person is definitely not a bad person.
It is precisely because of the change in understanding of him that the idea of recognizing him as an ugly monster has gradually changed. On the surface, he looks ugly, but if you look closely, it is not so ugly. It is less beautiful than those big guys, and even worse, he is so powerful that he can do things that others can’t do. Although he is not as handsome as the male elves in the clan, he is much more busy than those guys.
Women worship heroes, little girls worship heroes, and little elf girls?
There is not much difference in the way of thinking of intelligent creatures, so Jill’s perspective on Chen Han has changed, which has caught some people off guard.
"Grandma turned her face faster than turning it over?"
Chen Han couldn’t help thinking of my little girl taking the blame for him. It’s been more than 20 years, and my heart secretly laughs. "It’s better to take this opportunity to discipline the young master well. It’s not a vengeful person, but … I can’t just forget it after taking the blame for 24 years, can I?"
In Evelyn, tens of thousands of people tried their best to keep Chen Han as a guest of the Elves for a month …
"pour wine"
Lying in the ivy woven armchair, Chen Han stretched his legs and didn’t look at Jill. He drank the fruit wine brewed by the Elves comfortably, but it was very sweet and delicious.
After serving Chen Han for more than half a month, Jill quickly filled her glass with no complaints about how he made things difficult.